Sasha, the 25 year old Las Vegas escort believes in enjoying the little as well as the big things in life. She is an interesting person who knows how to have fun in life. Sasha is an ideal partner who guarantees a great time. Call Sasha now and enjoy some precious moments with this seductress. Sasha goes sashaying through life looking for her next thrill. An adventurous soul since she was a young girl, Sasha is the type of escort who would love to go swimming with the sharks down in Australia or sky diving out in the deserts of Nevada. If you need a partner in crime who is hugely sexy to boot, then Sasha is your number one pick for an escort.


Age 25
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Mixed
Orientation Straight
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At 25 years old, Sasha has made it her life mission to enjoy all that life has to offer to its fullest. She is the type of Las Vegas escort who embraces all the life throws at her and comes up smiling every time. You will not find a shy bone in Sasha’s svelte and curvy body.

Instead, you will find 5 feet 3 inches of hot-as-a-firecracker bedroom behavior from an escort who knows exactly what kind of effect she has on men. Striving to constantly feed her sense of adventure and fun, Sasha is always seeking out her next thrilling event.

Bursting with an abundant personality that matches her perky breasts and perfectly proportioned body, Sasha is always willing to do what it takes to make you happy. She simply loves to put on a short and frilly nightie or skirt because these pieces of clothing accentuate her endlessly long legs.

Meet beautiful Sasha, another new addition to our growing stable to our gorgeous fillies. At twenty-five, Sasha stands at five foot three inches, but in heels her legs look like they go to the sky. She sure knows how to accentuate them with the most darling little frilly skirts.

Her entire body is flawless. Her slim, long legs are toned and strong. She has a super tiny waist, shapely arms, but very shapely breasts, hips, and a perfect rear. Her beautiful hair color, eye color, and especially her perfect tone skin color are because of a very beautiful blend of her parental lineage. (If we all so lucky!)
Sasha has a wonderful, bubbling personality and it’s hard not to see her flashing her beautiful white smile. She can find a great time out of almost anything.

She recently received her degree in Fashion Design, so she always appraising what others are wearing and thinking up new concepts for what could make a great new look. She moved to Las Vegas to specifically do this, but found that escorting was a very tempting way to earn money and meet some fascinating people too.
Sasha can sometimes appear a bit shy at first. She will appear friendly and flirty, but it is when she and you return back into the bedroom is where she will really turn the heat up and you will truly see her smoking hot personality.

If you are lucky, Sasha may even give you one of her ‘World Famous’ Private Fashion Shows with some of the lingerie she has designed. Nothing looks more erotic than the lingerie she designed specifically for herself. The way the soft fabric hangs off those drop dead curves… those natural breasts… How the finest silk runs down the curve of her back to meet her rounded bottom… Sasha’s so talented and a priceless beauty…

Sasha wants to know your fantasies. She is hoping that she can help them make them come true. She is really looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas so you and she can really have a great time out, and in.
She would love to plan some kind of fun adventure in or around the Las Vegas area that would be to your liking that would go with your time allotment, then that would lead you two back to your hotel. If not, she would love to meet you at your hotel and get to know you. She is anxious for your call if you are ready to meet this stunning beauty. You know you will not be disappointed. Give Sasha a call now. She’s waiting so patiently for her phone to ring…

“I adored Australia,” said Sasha. “It’s wonderful to visit a foreign country where they speak the same language. Sure, the accents take a little getting used to, but I found the Australian men to be incredibly sexy, especially when they said things in that accent. I met this man there, Jeff, and we spent a wonderful couple of days together. He showed me all the sights. I would walk along in my tightest, tiniest dress, and I knew he was watching my ass. It was a real turn on to know I had just met this man, and he was transfixed by what he was watching. He had this hungry look on his face. The whole time we were together, the whole time he was showing me a good time in Australia, he was thinking about getting me into bed. I liked that feeling. I liked knowing that was what he was thinking about during all the time we spent together. It was really sexy and fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Sasha’s degree in Fashion Design was the result of a great deal of hard work. “People don’t think of fashion as a ‘real’ job,” she says. “I don’t know why. I guess because when you think of fashion culture you think of a bunch of pretty people walking down a runway, wearing outfits that normal people never buy, and you associate all that with wealth and privilege. So you figure that the people involved in that, they can’t be working all that hard. But getting my degree required a lot of work. And of course you have to have some talent to get through all that. If what you design isn’t good, you’re not going to go very far.”

Sasha enjoys another kind of fashion, and that is, of course, lingerie. “When you dress in lingerie,” she says, “you’re preparing yourself for something very specific. You’re giving yourself up. You’re tying a bow on your body and saying to your lover, ‘Here is your present. Have fun. Do whatever you want.’ I can’t get enough of that feeling of submission and trust. When a man holds you while you’re wearing nothing at all, that’s sexy. But when he holds you while you’re wearing just enough to be teasing, to be tantalizing, that’s even sexier. Lingerie makes everything better. Lingerie is the best thing there is.”

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