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Welcome to™ – Your Las Vegas Escorts Premier Site

Welcome to™ – Your world class provider of escorts in Las Vegas, right in the heart of Sin City. Our Sin City escorts are just one phone call away from the time of your life. Whether you’re in Vegas for fun or business, it doesn’t matter, our beautiful babes are here to provide you the absolute time of your life. No matter which hot Sin City escort of ours you’re into, our Las Vegas girls will gladly meet wherever you want in Vegas and they will make sure that the time you have together is absolutely unforgettable. Check out our directory of hot fantasy babes today and give us a call to set up a time to meet with any one of them. Maybe you don’t see a particular hot escort here that you like. Not a problem…Just call us and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find the hot woman that’s perfect for you. It’s that easy!

At, we are focused on one thing, and one thing only: pleasing you. Our entire staff – management, customer service and escorts – work diligently to offer you the best experience when it comes to enjoying the company of a beautiful woman as well as the perks that come from such an event. One of the ways that we do so is by being extremely flexible and knowledgeable when it comes to men and what they want, need and desire.

Welcome to™ – Your Las Vegas Escorts Premier Site

If you had thought about hiring call girls in the past, you may have wondered how you will know if the one you pick will really hit it off with you when your date arrives. There are a few steps you can take to ensure the woman you pick for your special time together will be your perfect match. Here are some tips to consider.

Take a look at the profiles offered on the escort company’s website. This will have plenty of information about each of the call girls available for hire. You can usually get a sense of how someone acts in real life from the wording they use in their profiles. Intellect can often be felt and someone with lower inhibitions will be projected through the way they convey their profile message. Browse the phones on the profiles as well. These will give you a pretty good indication as to whether a woman is of the stature you prefer or if she has the eye or hair color you desire. You can also get a sneak peek at what she looks like when scantily clad with minimal clothing, which is always a plus!

Call the service to let them know about what you are looking for in a date. Escort services are seasoned in matching clients with an escort that suits their fantasies. You simply need to let the person answering the phone know what type of woman you prefer and they will find you a date who matches the personality and appearance you are looking for. Take the time to do your research in advance of your date if you have specific preferences. This can make the difference in a date you enjoy and one you will remember forever!

In this day and age, it is really hard to enjoy the girlfriend experience without a lot of strife and drama. Compounding this is the fact that – at least at this period of time – the world seems to be set up so that being in some type of relationship is the only way to that men are able to engage in this type of experience on a regular basis.

Not every man wants – or is geared toward – being in a relationship though. While it is true that there are plenty of advantages to being in a relationship, there are also some serious disadvantages to being in any sort of relationship with a woman that can really hamper what a man is trying to accomplish with his life. There are a number of men who have found this out the hard way when they were in previous relationships – or even marriages – that did not work out in many cases due to expectations of both parties that did not line up with one another. Another issue is the time factor. To put it bluntly, your time is limited. It is a precious commodity that constantly has competing issues at work on it. If you are like most men, you are very goal oriented so you want to invest your time in those pursuits that will allow you to reach your goals. However, you want your goals to be reached fairly quickly so that you can move on to the next goal and so on.

When it comes to a relationship, though, there is no quick and easy answer if you go the traditional route of finding the right woman, convincing her that you are worth her time and investing the time to get to know her before moving forward into a more serious relationship. Once the two of you are in a relationship though it is not smooth sailing from there on out. There is often such conflict in a relationship that neither party is able to obtain what they want and need. makes it easy for you to get what you need and on your own schedule. We provide an assortment of delectable women that are hand picked to be packed with sexiness and personality. They are simply waiting for the word from you as to what you want them to do and when. You can enjoy the ultimate girlfriend experience without any of the red tape or time consuming steps that many other men seem destined to take.

Las Vegas seems to have a higher proportion of beautiful women compared to other cities in the country. Therefore, you would think it would be easy to find one that would provide you with the girlfriend experience that you want. According to our research though it is not as easy as it seems like it should be. This is why My Vegas Escorts does all the hard work so that you can reap all the benefits. Not only do we search out the most beautiful of women in the entire city but we make sure that they are geared to provide you with the type of girlfriend experience that you want. We ensure that all of our escorts are fun girls with lots of charm and personality. You will not find a sullen and unhappy woman who is pouting over a perceived injustice inflicted by you among our escorts.

Carefree, fun loving and always ready for a new adventure, our escorts are the type of woman that wet dreams are made of. Eager to help you realize your fantasies, our escorts can be meeting up with you in just 30 short minutes. All you need to do is so the word and make the contact and the rest is easy and exciting.

With our unique girlfriend experience model, you are in complete control of your time with your chosen escort. Our sexy babes know that each man is different from the next and they fully embrace those differences. For example, you might like to see one of our escorts parade around your hotel room while wearing fishnet stocking, a pair of stiletto heels and little else while your co worker might find the image of one of our escorts dressed up as a nun more his style. In either case, our escorts do not pass judgment on what comprises your fantasies. Instead they try to tease out the details so that they can make the entire escort experience one that you want repeated again and again.

Our escorts are like no other women you have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. They are exceedingly beautiful – that is a given. However, they also have a willingness to please and an eagerness to be with you that cannot be beaten. You will not find any women in the area who has this unique combination of great beauty and stunning personality. This is because we only chose the very best of the best to populate our escort agency. We believe that the men of Las Vegas – whether you are only here for a few short days for vacation or work or you live here – deserve the very best. We at My Vegas Escort do not think it is too much to expect that a woman be both extremely sexy and full of personality as well. We want to provide those basic needs for you, our client.

In order to fulfill your fantasies, though, we do need your help. We need you to communicate with us. Even if you are shy or nervous about not engaging the services of an escort before, we can help you feel more at ease. We encourage you to speak with one of our customer service team members to give them an idea of what you are looking for when it comes to your ultimate escort encounter. They can then help you build that experience and fantasy as that you are finally able to be fully satisfied. If you are the type of guy who would rather spend only an hour or two with one of our lovely escorts, that is perfectly fine as well. We are set up to cater to your needs – whatever they might be.

We structured our business following a different model than many of the other escort businesses in the industry. This is because we saw a definite void in the way communications were handled. In addition, we thought the delivery of the escort services that you want could be improved upon. If you have used other escort agencies in the past, you might have seen some pretty girls but then been disappointed at their attitudes and/or personalities. You will not find that problem with any of our escorts. We hire only sweet and caring women who will treat you with non-judgmental kindness every time you see them.

Real Las Vegas Escorts

Check out our beautiful selection of Las Vegas escorts here and give us a call as soon as you decide which sexy babe you want to spend the day or night with. Whether you want to watch her strip, give you a massage, or spend the night out on the town, it doesn’t matter. Just give us a call now and we’ll set you up for the time of your life!
When is the Best Time to Book an Escort in Vegas?

The best time to book your escort is right now. Don’t risk disappointment by putting off making that call or email to us so that you can book your favorite lady from our ample selection of the city’s hottest women. Don’t worry if you can’t make up your mind in time or don’t know what escort to choose, we will still accommodate your date for you and are always here to help you choose the best escort for you. Don’t Be Shy!

Some guys get shy when it comes to booking their first date with a hot Vegas babe but that’s just natural and normal for many guys. But don’t worry, we make sure to not only protect your privacy, but we make sure that you’re connected with a sweet and professional woman on the phone or via email who will set you up on a date you’re definitely not going to forget anytime soon. Feel free to pay with cash when she arrives, or securely over the phone with any major credit card. Then sit back and relax for the next 20-30 minutes while you wait for your beautiful Las Vegas escort to arrive. Or better yet, take a shower, get ready, and put a plan together for how you want to spend your time with your awesome new date for the day or night. Maybe you’re feeling a little extra lucky than usual, so why not book two Vegas escorts at once? Sure it sounds like a fantasy, but we can make that happen for you. For just a little extra cash we can turn an extravagant night with one escort into a night with two Vegas escorts that you will definitely remember for a really, really long time.

Not sure what to do on that first hang out session with your awesome new babe? Well you’re definitely in lucky considering you’re hanging out in Vegas aka “Sin City” with tons of awesome and fun things to do. Check out the awesome pool parties during the day, walk Las Vegas Blvd aka “The Strip” or at night you can check out one of the world class Vegas night clubs with your escort or maybe you just want to spend the night in and watch a movie, eat dinner, have a few drinks, get a massage, or whatever else you have in mind. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Las Vegas escorts so make your time worthwhile!

How Simple is it to Book an Escort While in Vegas?

We make the process for booking your very own Vegas escort simple and easy. Either send us your information using our quick contact form or give us a call. We know how valuable your time is, so we are standing by to take your call. In the unlikely event that we cannot take your call right when it comes in, we promise to return it within minutes. Check out our about us page to learn more about who we are!

The Basics of Men

We understand two basic principles when it comes to men: they are the same yet they are very different. While this can sound paradoxical, these two principles actually form the basis for what is all about. We know that men are the same in a number of particular aspects – particularly when it comes to women – and strive to deliver women that meet those needs and desires. We also understand that men are different and we aim to be as flexible as possible so that those differences can be delivered as well.

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Men Are the Same Around the World – and Right Here in Las Vegas understands – and supports – the basic fact that on some level all men are the same. What we mean is this: men are visually stimulated and they have the desire to enjoy the company of a beautiful and sexy woman as often as humanly possible. When we hire an escort for our business, that is the first thing we look for. We make sure to choose only those women who are stunningly beautiful. In addition, these women must have the poise and charm to appeal to the intelligent man who has great taste in women.

Emphasizing Their Differences

While we set the foundations of our business in that basic premise that men want – and need! – the attentions of a sexy lady, at, we also leave plenty of room for each individual man to have his unique desires not only acknowledged but supported. You might wonder how we do that but it is not really that complicated or even a trade secret. Instead all it involves is us being open and willing to listen to the man and find innovative ways for him to obtain what he wants.

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It Starts With Contact

On our website, you will find an array of gorgeous women. These women are all part of and are able to provide you with the attention and companionship you desire. Simply browse our selection of fabulously sexy and horny young women and choose your favorites. Send off a quick email using our short and quick contact form or give us a call and we can set you up with a date with one of these charming ladies.

Adding to the Experience

It does not end there though. Maybe you have looked through our catalog of luscious ladies but just do not see exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps you have a particular fantasy that you have been hoping to experience for years but you have not had the opportunity to do so. Maybe there is an unusual circumstance that just does not seem to fit into any particular category.

If you have any questions whatsoever, we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email via our contact form here. Do not be shy about this. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the unique experiences they have always wanted to engage in. So things such as wanting to have two lovely ladies keep you company are something that we can help you experience. If you want your escort to be well versed in massage, have a preference for wearing micro skirts that barely brush the cheeks of her ass or role playing, we can help you out.

No Request too Large or Too Small

The above are just a few examples of the kind of experience we can offer you, our clients. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about what you are seeking in your next experience with women. We even have many other women that are available to spend time with you. If you do not see a woman that really gets your juices flowing on our website, let us know what you are looking for and our experienced and knowledgeable customer service team will help match you with the woman of your dreams.

The Bottom Line

What we at want to make perfectly clear is that we provide the experience of having a girlfriend on your own terms. That is, we give you all the great aspects of having a girlfriend – the gorgeous girl, the adoring attention, the singular focus that is on you – and none of the headaches that so often come with having a girlfriend. There are few men who have not experienced the jealousy, drama and constant desire to see you that so often come with having a girlfriend.

Save You Time and Money

Besides, if you are like so many men today, you have a serious lack of time to spend looking for -and wining and dining – a woman in the slim hopes that you will get lucky and get what you want. In addition to taking a great deal of time that you probably do not have to devote when you do not know if you will be able to get the payoff you desire down the road, building and maintaining a relationship takes lots of money.

Brianna 702 478-1555

The Choice is Yours

At, you decide how long you want to spend with your particular escort. We have an entire range of different time frames that you can choose from. These differ from just a few minutes to as long as a few days. The best thing is that if you decide that you want to spend more time with your escort, you can negotiate that with her. There is no need to go through the customer service team if the two of you are able to come to an agreement.

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Relieving Stress

The world you live in is a stressful one. It surrounds you and pervades you and there is nothing whatsoever you can do to change it. …or can you?

Getting In Touch With Your Desires

What if you could escape all that stress into a world where your fantasies were fulfilled? What if, instead of being surrounded by people who are always criticizing you, demanding things of you, and making you do what you’d rather not, you could be surrounded by those whose job it is to see to your enjoyment and to your happiness? What if you could live out the fantasies you have always had, but which you thought you could never attain?

One way to escape from all this stress is to avail yourself of the services of a beautiful, professional escort. An escort is a highly trained professional. She understands the stress you experience because her business is what pleases men. To do that, she’s got to understand what her clients are going through. She understands the stress you deal with every day. She understands the burdens you contend with. She wants to help you and, what’s more, she is paid to help you. That is her business, her stock in trade. If she doesn’t understand how to make a man feel better, how to ease his mind, how to give him an enjoyable evening out on the town or even a quiet evening at home, she doesn’t succeed. Our escorts are immensely successful for that reason. They are trained to understand what stresses you out and to do everything in their power to de-stress you. They want you to be relaxed. They want you to be happy. They want to give you an escape from the every-day, from the world outside. When you get up and when you leave the house, you are coping with an incredible number of attacks on you and your person, on a mental and emotional level. Your escort is there to be in your corner. She is there to help you. She is there to show you that there is a benefit to spending your time the RIGHT way, in a way that can help you recharge your batteries.

When you engage with your incredibly attractive escort, you will immediately understand what stress relief truly means. Just her presence, just the intoxicating smell of her perfume, will start to put you at ease. Why do men value the company of beautiful women? It’s because every man wants to know that he is the sort of man who can command the company of a beautiful woman. He wants to know he is valuable enough, interesting enough, desirable enough, that a beautiful woman will spend time with him. And that is why the presence and company of such a woman will immediately ease the mind of any man who gets to be close to her.

Men find women comforting. Men enjoy just being in the same room with beauty. Sitting next to a beautiful woman, having her on your arm as you hit the town, sitting down to a quiet dinner with her… these are all things that will help your stress melt away. She will get to know you because it is her job to get to know you. She will help you because it is her job to help you. But there is another level on which our escorts operate. Deep down, they all want to help you. They want you to be happy. When a client is satisfied, our escorts are satisfied. Pleasing men, making men happy, making men comfortable… these are the things that reward them. Our ladies enjoy their profession and they understand just how important they can be in your life. They will do what is required to help ease your troubled mind and recharge your batteries as you face a new day.

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Are you reluctant? Are you concerned about the judgment of others? Let’s talk about that right off the bat. There are a lot of potential customers who hesitate when it comes time to “pull the trigger” and actually engage the services of an escort. They are nervous for several reasons. One of those is that they wonder if they’ll be judged negatively by their family, by their friends, and by society in general. Well, escort services are entirely legal, so you needn’t worry about the society part of things. As long as you follow the law and you engage a reputable escort service like ours, being negatively judged by society at large simply isn’t an issue. It won’t come up. But society is an abstract concept, and for most of us, as long as we’re not breaking any laws, that’s not what worries us. What worries us is our friends and family.

If your friends and family might judge you negatively for using an escort service, out of ignorance of what that service is all about, you could try to explain to them the advantages of the service we offer. We make dating simple. We make it possible for you to spend time in the company of a beautiful woman without any of the negatives that accompany traditional dating. There are no strings attached, so you don’t have to worry about getting mixed up with someone who you really don’t like, for the long term. There’s no pressure to move in with her, no pressure to meet her family, no pressures and no expectations at all. You don’t have to worry about her baggage and you don’t ever have to put up with any of those traditional relationship games, because what you have with an escort is not a relationship at all. It’s a simple business transaction, one that is mutually beneficial to you both, and one that allows you to spend time with a beautiful woman who is professional and discreet.

Mallory 702 478-1555

Your family and friends may not understand, of course, and that’s okay. That’s because they have been taught to believe, falsely, that monogamy is the key to happiness. You, too, many have been sold this bill of goods that is monogamy. Healthy men are told to deny everything their bodies have ever told them and settle down with one woman. They’re told that to want to sample the delights of all the beautiful women that are out there, if they find a passing attractive woman to be desirable, if they even turn their heads to look at an attractive, sexy women as she goes by, they are doing something wrong. They are doing something offensive. They are being “misogynist” or they are being “sexist” or they are simply being bad husbands. And we’ve taught our men that everything they do that gratifies them is some kind of sin, some kind of offense to that single woman they are supposed to be with until the end of time, that woman who has become more of a jailer and a keeper than she has become a partner. Is this not the reality of marriage and monogamy in the United States? For too many men, they can relate only too well to this scenario.

Well, why then would you want to get yourself tied down? You wouldn’t, and that is the beauty of using a professional escort. But where the denial of pleasure is concerned, there is another thing you should consider, and that is porn.

A lot of men will tell themselves they don’t need to book an escort. They don’t need to live the fantasy of spending time with an incredibly beautiful woman, even a woman who is dressed in the fantasy outfit of his choice, even a woman who has been told to act out a scenario for his enjoyment as he spends time with her that day or evening. This is because, the man will rationalize to himself, that he can simply look at pornography on the Internet or even on a DVD. Why, it’s so much cheaper, too. Why would he need to go through the stress, the risk, the potential judgment, and the cost of hiring an escort, when he can just look at porn and get his jollies that way?

Well, this is a lot like saying, “Why would I want a college degree when I can just go to a free encyclopedia on the Internet?” Or maybe even, “Why would I want to eat in a fancy restaurant when I can follow along to a cooking show on television?” There simply is no substitute for the real thing, and yes, in this life you truly do get what you pay for. You can choose to “cheap out,” to find low-cost alternatives that sort-of, kind-of approximate your desires and your fantasies, but they won’t be the same thing. And what’s worse, you will know they are not the same thing. You won’t be satisfied with that kind of poor-man’s substitute for living out your fantasies. And there is something to be said for direct human interaction, which is not what you get from viewing pornography. You want someone who can talk to you, who can respond honestly to your questions, who can put their hand on yours and reassure you that you are not alone in this world.

You might next say, “Well, sure, if interactivity is what I want, I can get that in other ways.” And yes, you can. You can look at webcam girls and you can call phone chat lines. Both are enjoyable ways to talk to a real human being. She can listen to your fantasies. She can act out your directions. If you’re looking at her on a webcam, the two of you can engage in activities that are mutually enjoyable. The cost is relatively low, and the risks are pretty much nonexistent. You just fire up your computer, do what you’ve got to do, and then call it a night. But is that what you really want? Is that really good enough? While some men may supplement their desires with this type of service, deep down, this isn’t “real.” It isn’t the experience of actually being in the company of a beautiful woman. You are, on some level, “playing pretend” until you step out on the town with a woman on your arm. You know it and, to be honest, other women know it too.

That is the one advantage of hiring an escort that other means of adult entertainment and erotic gratification will never be able to do for you. When other women see you out with a beautiful woman, they will automatically estimate you to be a better, more valuable, more attractive man. Their reasoning is that if another woman, especially an attractive woman, is with you now, there must be a reason. You must have qualities that made it possible for you to attract that woman who is now in your company. Even if you aren’t the most handsome man in the world, you automatically become more attractive in the eyes of all women when you are seen with hot women. That’s why smart men put pictures of themselves with other women, especially attractive women, in their online dating profiles. You might think that’s counter-intuitive, but it works. Not only do women want what they think they can’t have, they want it that much more when somebody ELSE has it and tells them they can’t!

Kristi 702 478-1555

Really, though, the fundamental and most basic reason you should think of using an escort service is that your life is short. Do you really want to go through life and never live out the fantasies you’ve always had? They may be fantasies you’ve never told anyone, and that’s okay. We are here to listen, and we won’t judge you. We won’t make fun of you. We won’t act like you can’t have what you want. We want you to get everything you’ve ever desired, and we will make whatever arrangements we can to get you close to that goal. We want you to live out your fantasies so that you will feel more fulfilled.