Andrea, the 31 year old Las Vegas escort believes in living life to the fullest. She enjoys those who love having a good time. Andrea is bold, friendly, and spontaneous and knows the art of surprising you. Her graceful ways can turn you on instantaneously. Call Andrea now and get ready to explore her exotic ways of seducing you. Whether it’s an awesome night on the town that you’re looking for or just a simple night in your hotel, Andrea is ready to go at a moment’s notice. At 31 years of age, Andrea has a lot of tricks up her sleeve that she likes to pull out to make sure that her clients leave completely satiated when she is finished with them. Never satisfied to simply give them the bare bones of what is expected, you can always count on Andrea to provide you with a great deal extra. Expect her to take your small germ of an idea and expand it until it mushrooms into something that almost has a life of its very own.

Andrea has been working for us for a long time and she has taken a leadership role in our organization. When we hire some new escorts, it is always Andrea who is right there, ready to make them feel welcome and getting them used to the ropes of the industry.


Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Andrea loves offering a professional side when you prefer, but also is ready to act as a wild child at the snap of your fingers. Andrea truly behaves like all Las Vegas escorts should which means she is open to whatever you set your mind to for the day or night. Early to bed, early to rise is definitely not one of Andrea’s traits as she says out well beyond the crack of dawn until you decide that enough is enough, if that actually happens. As a truly fun loving blonde, Andrea is such a sexy blonde bombshell that the only problem you’ll find yourself facing is wanting more.

Andrea is about as fun-loving as you can get. She can literally be anything you want her to be. She is like a chameleon. But you are forewarned: If you do not come armed with a plan of what you want to do with Andrea on the night you take her out, she will happily make the decisions for you!

This thirty-one natural blonde had to have been class clown and most popular growing up in school. She is mischievous and beautiful, and although it is true her nickname is “Wild Child,” she can amaze you at how she plays the role of the upmost, most diligent, professional you ever laid eyes on. Just recently she was an escort to a very prestigious assembly. Her hair was pulled back; she was in a fitted black expensive pantsuit with minimal jewelry. Her make-up was understated and immaculate. She made the escort very pleased. What made him even more pleased was when they were back in his hotel room she was in a strapless netted bodysuit in Day-Glo colors that glowed in the dark, something he muttered in passing he wished she could wear to this convention instead of what was expected. He was over the moon! (And don’t worry, this gentleman gladly allowed Andrea to share this story with us and allowed us to print this in her bio, since he is STILL pleased by her sweet surprise!)

As you can see just by this short story, Andrea is very giving and thoughtful. If you had to put a color to her personality, it would have to be a huge splash of all the colors of the rainbow! She loves action, adventure, movement, excitement. Night or day, it doesn’t matter to Andrea. If she finds herself staying up all night, well, that just means she’s going to be a nocturnal animal the rest of the week. Fun is her middle name, and she will make sure you will have an awesome time with her.

No matter what you suggest what you’d like to do or try, in two seconds, after looking at you with her beautiful eyes, she’ll clap her hands and respond and say: “Let’s DO IT!” and you’re off! Just make sure you weren’t kidding because she’ll be already making plans on completing what you suggesting (and that goes for bedroom ideas). A wild child she is, but she is a caring, carefree spirit too. You will find you get along with her immediately. She will have you forgetting about any problems you have and living in the moment. And it’s an amazing feeling. Call her and catch that feeling now.

“Most people don’t understand what it means to be a truly wild child, to be dedicated to that as a lifestyle,” says Andrea. “I live life on the edge, all the time. I like to be spontaneous and I like to be unpredictable. When I’m with someone, I want them to wonder, every minute, where things are going. I want them to ask themselves, ‘How can this end up?’ The more curious and interested my date is, the more curious and interested I become. I think it’s incredibly sensual and erotic to be with someone who makes you, not afraid, but just at the edge of fear with anticipation. There’s a fine line. If blondes have more fun, I’m the blondest. I like to walk right up to the edge of something amazing and scary, then back off just enough. I want always to live like that. I love the electric feel that goes through every inch of my body.”
Andrea admits that she is fascinated with her own nude form. “I have a full length mirror,” she says. “I like to stand completely naked in front of that mirror and just explore every beautiful inch of myself. I like to run my fingers from my calves to my thighs and then up along my stomach. I like to feel my own breasts, play with my nipples. It’s wonderful to look like this, and to be in this kind of shape. I want to explore myself so that when someone else is exploring me, I can help them find all the best places. We all have favorite curves and spots. Mine are my shoulders. I like to wear dresses and shirts that leave my shoulders bear. I want my date to be picturing putting his hands on my shoulders as he pulls me into him. It’s a fantasy and I admit it.”

Andrea can look classy whenever the moment calls for it. “I’m an expert at ‘cleaning up,’” she says, laughing. “I can put on a suit with a skirt and look like the most clean-cut businesswoman you ever wanted to meet. I can play any role, really, because what I do, at the end of the day, is all about fantasy fulfillment. It’s my job to make people comfortable and to understand their desires. I have to get into their heads to do that. That means opening up to people.”

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