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    Have a question about one of our amazing Las Vegas escorts or maybe you’re ready to book? Great! Give us a call at (702) 478-1555 or just fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you right away.

    We offer two convenient ways to get in touch with us: Use our contact form or give us a call at (702) 478-1555. We strive to provide all of our customers with the same high quality customer service. We aim for you to be completely satisfied with your experience using one (or more) of our Vegas escorts. In addition, we know how important your privacy is to you and this is why we take great care to keep everything private and provide you and your Las Vegas escort with complete confidentiality.

    At My Vegas Escort, we look forward to talking to our clients. Whether your circumstances are better addressed giving us a call or shooting us an email, we stand ready to provide you with the top customer service in the industry. Our phones lines – which can be reached at (702) 478 – 1555 – are available 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. If you would rather shoot us an email, simply fill out the convenient contact form that is located on this page.

    Regardless of what time it is or the time of the year, you can look forward to someone from our customer service team getting back to you within just a few minutes. In addition, our excellent customer service team is known for taking your calls and answering your emails instantly.

    Here are just a few of the many tasks that you can take care of when you contact us.

    1. Arrange for an escort to meet you
    2. Obtain help with your special requests
    3. Pay for your sessions using one of the types of credit cards we accept
    4. Finding that unique girl to fulfill your own particular request
    5. Answer any and all questions you might have

    At My Vegas Escort, we love getting to know our clients and look forward to chatting with you so that we can help make your experience fit your expectations – no matter what those expectations might be.

    At My Vegas Escorts, we want to hear from you! We want to change your perception of the infrastructure that exists behind the scenes of an escort business. While we set out to provide a much needed service for the men of Las Vegas, we wanted to go about it a different way. We decided that the current model was not working out in the best interests of our clients.

    Previously the escort industry has been plagued by a lack of a good customer service team. We are here to raise the bar for the entire industry. In order to make the cut and be a part of our customer service team, you need to be helpful, pleasant and non-judgmental. We want – and encourage – our customer service team to go above and beyond to help our clients realize their fantasies.

    In addition to the above stellar qualities that you will find in our customer service team, you can also expect us to be highly responsive. We sincerely value your business and strive to either answer your call or email right away or get back to you within just minutes. We know how busy you are but we also know how important finding the right companionship from a sexy female is to your overall happiness and health.

    From the minute you make contact with us, you set in motion a process that is designed to put you in charge of your Las Vegas escort experience. Whether you simply want a few hours respite from your busy day or you want a companion for a long weekend, we are poised to help you realize your objectives. Our entire staff possesses a can do attitude that caters to you and your desires.

    Our enticing escorts are dedicated to providing you with the type of girlfriend experience you want. Whether that is just an hour or two in the presence of a hot babe or a long weekend enjoying the sensation of waking up next to one of the most beautiful women in all of Las Vegas, the choice is yours and our escorts eagerly await the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies.