Are Most Women Bisexual?

There are a lot of girls in the entertainment industry, even in the escort industry, who may pretend to be bisexual because of the attention it develops for them. We can all relate to the fact that women making out with each other, at least if it is hot girls making out with each other. Every straight man is turned on by the sight of two incredibly sexy women doing something forbidden between the two of them, especially if he thinks he might have a chance of joining in and having a threesome. It doesn’t always have to be the promise of joining in that turns him on, though. Some men just enjoy watching the fairer sex getting on. This has been true for as long as there have been men and women, and porn movies featuring just women doing it have been a staple of the industry almost as long as there have been porn movies.

So what is the reality of bisexuality among women? Our society, traditionally, has long encouraged bisexuality among women. Bisexuality among men is looked down on as something that makes men less manly. Our culture does not accept that a man can be manly and also be with another man sexually, and that makes perfect sense. There is definitely a double standard in our culture when it comes to men and women, and one of those sets of double standards says that masculinity requires heterosexuality, whereas femininity is not at all endangered y bisexuality. In other words, as long as a woman is attractive, both women and men have absolutely no problem with that woman making out and having sex with another hot woman. Most of us would love to watch and most of us are very turned on by the experience.

What is the reality of bisexuality among women versus bisexuality among men? Well, the study that was done most recently had nothing to do with men or the nature of heterosexuality in the United States, but a study done by the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex looked at a total of 345 women. These women were shown pictures of both women and men and then tested as they looked at the photos for physiological signs that they were aroused by what they saw. An amazing 82% of the women were aroused by pictures of men… and by pictures of women, too. Fully three fourths of the women who said they were heterosexual were found to be aroused by pictures of other sexy women.

We caught up with one of our lovely Vegas Escorts, Paige, who is new to our staff and also considers herself a bisexual. She had this much to say:

“As a bisexual woman, I’m aware that some of my fellow escorts in the industry, nobody here, but people in the industry will pretend to like women because they know it turns men on. Personally, I see no problem with that. As long as the girl is comfortable doing what she’s doing, nobody is hurt, and if it turns everybody on more, then so much the better for everybody. Personally, though, I would never want to limit myself to just women or just men. I think the world of sensuality is far more exciting and interesting when you double your chances of making a connection with someone… and you can get close to them and experience all the pleasure you have ever wanted.”

She goes on, “I like men because men are so strong and masculine. When a man presses his chest up against you, when you press yourself against him, when you feel your skin on their skin, and their breath is on your face, and they touch your hair and stroke your body… that’s the greatest feeling in the world. When a man wraps his arms around me I feel safe, and special, and desired, and of course there is something to be said for when a man just pushes you down and has his way with you. There’s this passionate feeling you get when a willing man just rails you, and it’s wonderful to experience that primal passion. I love that very much. Men are the ultimate thrill ride and I can’t imagine a world without them.”

She counters on the topic of women, “Women, on the other hand, are soft and sensual and wonderful. When my lips brush against another woman’s lips, when I feel her hot breath in my my mouth, and when I can run my hands across the curves of the landscape of her body, I am so turned on. I love being close to a woman. Women smell so nice, and their bodies are so familiar and yet so different. And there is of course the element of it being taboo, of it being forbidden love, even though bisexuality is very much accepted among men and women these days. I think we’re very lucky to live in a day and age when people’s sexuality is embraced, and when it comes to bisexuality among women, men are winning all day long. That’s because it’s very much accepted for them to be with women who also like to be with other sexy women, but nobody expects men to be with other men. For my clients, that’s what I consider a win win situation.”

Paige points out that being a bisexual woman affords her the best of all possible worlds, which she is happy to share with her clients. “I think every man is looking for an adventure,” she says. “When he books my time, he’s going to get a date unlike any he’s ever had in the past. I think that’s pretty special. I think it’s wonderful that I can give him an experience like that, something new, something he’ll remember for the rest of his life. Every man deserves a chance to change his life for the better, and very few of them ever really do. Booking my time… that’s one way to do that.”