Understanding the Evolution of the Sexes, Part 3

Men choose women who are physically attractive. They care about almost nothing else. They don’t care if a woman has power or influence. They don’t care if a woman has a great job. They don’t care if a woman is intelligent. They don’t care if a woman has other skills, on the job or in the home. All they care about, fundamentally, is whether that woman is attractive, and whether she seems likely to be enjoyable to have sex with. A woman who looks good and who enjoys sex can pretty much write her ticket if she is beautiful enough. She can be with almost any man she throws herself at, and she can stay in his good graces for as long as she is willing to treat him right. This is based solely on the fact that men don’t care about most other factors. Their genetic heritage drives them to choose the attractive women no matter what. This is why rich, powerful men sometimes choose strippers or other nobodies, pluck them out of obscurity, and make them their wives. It is also why men of royal bloodlines often pick “commoners” to be with them. They base their choice on attractiveness alone.


Women are very different, and they, too, owe their decision-making process to their genetic heritage. A woman can only bear the child of one man at a time. While she is pregnant, she is generally helpless. She can only have so many children over the course of her life. When her biological clock runs out, when menopause hits, she will be unable to produce more offspring. So she must be extremely selective in her choices of partners. She must choose a man who can protect her while she is helpless. She must choose a man whose genetic heritage will ensure a strong offspring. In other words, she must have a high-value man, a man of power and prestige, a man who is worthy of having his bloodline occupy her womb for nine months while leaving her totally helpless. That means that women will always choose a man who has power and influence, a man who is both attractive and strong and who commands respect. They will always be drawn to men with resources, men who command respect. They want alpha males, in other words. And if you want to draw and attract as many women as possible, if you want to be seen as valuable by as many women as possible, then you need to become an alpha male.


What you may not realize is that between ancient times and now, there has been an interesting shift in how male-female politics work. Given how men and women are genetically programmed to see different qualities making men or women desirable, this is very important. Men want attractive, sexy women. Women want men with power, influence, and resources. This is their genetic heritage and it is what drives them. Men want to be with as many women as they can be with. Women want men who are as high-value as possible. Well, in ancient times, this meant the alpha males impregnated multiple women. They got the best of the tribe all to themselves. The beta males were denied access to attractive women. They either had to make do with less attractive women, or they were denied the ability to procreate at all. They were left out in the cold, so to speak, if they were not alpha males. But things began to change when society adopted monogamy. When even high-value males were expected to take only one mate, this left more of the eligible, attractive females available for more of the men in the tribe. This meant that over the years, a greater number of men had access to spreading their bloodlines.


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