Understanding the Evolution of the Sexes, Part 2

You see, men are driven to have sex with as many women as possible. It’s in their genetic nature. Men are able to have sex, and able to make a woman pregnant, well into their advanced age. There is one man, a journalist, who is seventy and who famously has recently fathered a child. Men, and their sperm, remain viable well into old age, and provided their hearts are healthy enough for sexual activity, even very old men are perfectly capable of having sex and fathering children. A man with access to multiple women will typically impregnate those multiple women, becoming the father to many different half siblings. This was more common in ancient times than it is today (although there are places where it is quite common even in the modern world). Men are genetically possessed of the desire to have as many children as they can because this passes their bloodlines on to as many women as possible. Everything that men desire in a woman is based on this genetic line to see their offspring born, cared for, and raised to be adults.

What this means is that men, since ancient times, desired the most attractive women in the tribe because these were the healthiest, fittest, and most likely to survive women from among the available partners. The healthier the mother was, the greater the chance the child would healthy, and the lower the chance the child would die during childbirth (or the mother, for that matter). Men are therefore genetically preprogrammed to find toned, fit, healthy women very attractive for this reason. They may not realize when they are looking at a sexy girl, but this is the same reason that men of all ages are attracted, not necessarily to women their own age, but to women in the prime sexual years for young women, say from eighteen to nearly thirty (but not much older). No matter how much you preach at men in modern society to think these women aren’t the sexiest, you will fail. No matter how much you preach body image and body positivity, no matter how many times you tell men they are sexist or shallow for liking sexy, fit women, you are going to be disappointed. It’s not about culture and it’s not about sexism. It’s about genetics, which backs up century after century of genetic evolution in programming what men want and what they find attractive.

So women who are fat, out of shape, and generally not healthy will always been seen as unattractive, even if they have otherwise pleasant facial features. And women with unpleasant facial features generally have genetic flaws (which express themselves, most overtly, as unattractive facial features among other things, if not outright defects like a cleft palate or some other issue). So when a woman rejects an ugly woman for being ugly, he is not being shallow. On some subconscious level his body is recognizing that this woman has a lesser chance of giving him a healthy baby. Now, please understand, it’s not that every man looks at every woman in terms of having children. He doesn’t make these evaluations consciously. He makes them subconsciously, because that is how his brain is programmed. When you look at the sexy Vegas escorts on our bio pages, when you look at their long legs and their toned stomachs and the curves of their hips and their rear ends, why is that sexy to you? Why do you look at those pictures and get turned on? It’s because those images, those expressions of the healthy female body, are talking to your genetic heritage. They’re speaking to what is preprogrammed in your brain, telling you what is sexy even if you’re not aware of it.

A healthy sex partner, therefore, gives a man, who is driven to propagate his bloodline with as many women as possible, the best chance to father healthy children. And men are likewise genetically programmed to want to be with multiple women because this also increases their chances of spreading their bloodlines. The more partners they have, the greater the likelihood of success. That is why no matter how happy a man is in his current relationship, no matter how many beautiful women he sleeps with, no matter how content he is with his current romantic life, he will always be open to new and different partners who are also sexy women. It is for this same reason that a man who is with a stunningly beautiful woman will eventually feel the drive to be with a different woman for the sake of variety. It is his genetic preprogramming speaking to him, telling him on a subconscious level to spread his seed. The more times he is a father, the more pregnant women he creates, the better his chances.

So where is the connection between all this and our Vegas escorts? What do Vegas escorts have to do with how your genetic evolution has programmed you to want to be with as many attractive, beautiful women as possible? Well, in ancient times, it wasn’t the weaker beta male who got to be with as many sexy women as possible. It was the alpha males, the dominant, high-value males who commanded more respect, who got to have sex with as many women as possible. And of course in ancient times you had to fight for dominance, which is why traditionally in the animal world, male animals also fight each other to see whose bloodline will survive and whose will die out. They fight each other to see who will get access to the most desirable females. If you fail, if you are a beta male, your bloodline dies out because you do not get to propagate your seed. A man who is seen as being of high value is a man seen by women as worthy of their time and attention. He’s a man that those women will be willing to sleep with. And this brings us back around to evolution and how our bodies work, because it has to do with how women make the choice to be with a man.