Study: Women cost the taxpayers a fortune!

A new study from the University of Oregon is raising eyebrows when it comes to the war of the sexes. Apparently the federal government paid for a silly study involving glaciers, men, and women. It’s a ridiculous filtering of science through the lens of feminism, and it’s yet another reason that people — normal people who just want to have a little fun in life — hate feminism.

The idea that hard science and gender studies could or would be combined is, of course, ridiculous. But then, so is the study itself, which talks about feminized glaciers, climate change, and other silliness that has nothing to do with feminism. You have to wonder who thought “merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology” was a good idea. The study has been called “gibberish” by at least one real scientist. And this is brings us to why people hate feminists so much.

Feminists are those people who claim to be standing up for women’s rights. They frequently speak out against services like ours. Stop and think about just how insulting that is to the lovely ladies who work here at Each and every one of our girls works here because she wants to. She values the freedom. She values the free time. She values the fun and the party lifestyle that is being an escort. Our girls know that when they are in their sexual prime, when they are young and lovely and tight and as sexy as they’re ever going to be, they have a beautiful window of time in which to use those attributes to make a living. Our girls are paid to spend time with men who desire the company of beautiful young women. That’s it. That’s as far as it goes. It would seem a pretty elementary equation, really.

Yet every time you turn around, some feminist is complaining that somebody else is having a good time and saying that society has to put a stop to it. Feminists are basically ugly women. Think about it long and hard: An attractive woman doesn’t need feminism to tell her she’s not equal. She knows she’s not equal; she’s knows she has an unfair advantage. A beautiful woman can write her own ticket in this world. She has countless opportunities opened for her because men desire her company. It isn’t even about sex. All men are kinder to very attractive women because they’re genetically wired to value them. They can’t help themselves.

Think about those silly talk shows where people put on “fat suits” to try and make some point. I remember seeing one in which a professional model, who was very pretty if something of a moron, take the time to go through the makeup chair treatment in order to put on a fat suit. She went out to a store and asked people for help, waddling through the aisles like some kind of human blimp. Because she looked ridiculous, people aren’t very kind to her. They tolerated her, but they didn’t bend over backwards to help her.

When she went back to the same stores as herself, she was of course sexy and beautiful, and people treated her differently. They were eager to help her and always solicitous of her well-being. I might cynically point out that when you encounter a woman who makes you hot and horny, you are of course more likely to treat her well than when interacting with a fat, slovenly uggo. But of course this was, in the eyes of this model turned talk show host, some kind of evidence of… I don’t know, institutionalized sexism, or fat shaming, or some nonsense like that.

People hate feminism because it constantly tries to force us to think things we don’t think. If you don’t agree with the stupid things feminists say, whether it’s about glaciers or sexism or “street harassment” or anything else, then you’re a bad person. They’ll be happy to tell you so. They’ll go out of their way to harass you and even endanger your job if they can, if you express ideas in social media that aren’t acceptable to the politically correct feminists. Well, you know what? We’re tired of being treated that way. Whether you’re a guy and you actually like attractive women, or you’re a woman who doesn’t support feminism, you’ll be attacked.

And male sexuality is under attack right now. Men like sexy women, and they’re told they’re bad for thinking so. Sports Illustrated puts a fat chick on the cover and we’re supposed to say that she’s just as beautiful as sexy women who actually take the time and effort to have respect for themselves and their bodies. We’re also told that if you’re not a heterosexual man, how you were born is how you are, and that happens to be true. So why is that we can’t magically make someone not gay, but we can magically make a straight man not like sexy women if we just yell at him enough? Feminists want us to yell at men and tell them it’s wrong to “objectify” sexy women and they should think fat women are beautiful too. They talk about “body positivity” and they say we’re fat shaming or whatever if we actually believe fit girls are sexy girls. Well, the reality is, no amount of political correctness can change what a man likes! He likes what he likes and we make no excuses for that.

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