Places to Take Your Dates in Vegas

Earlier this month we talked about one of the benefits of hiring a beautiful, professional, Vegas-area escort.  When you step out on the town with a beautiful, classy woman on your arm, you are declaring to the world your value as a man.  Other women will see you with that beautiful escort and understand that you are the sort of desirable fellow who travels in such company.  They will immediately want to know what you’ve got, what makes you special, and they will take notice of you.

The whole point of establishing and increasing your value in the eyes of other women is that you will be the sort of fellow who can choose to hire an escort or who can chart his own course and make his own romantic future.  And whether you’re out with an escort or you’re out with a date you’ve met almost anywhere, you need some interesting places to go.  You need to know where to take your dates, places that you’ll enjoy and have fun and that your date will enjoy, too.  So where do you go?

Well, the Vegas area is one of the world’s most amazing tourist attractions.  If you’re from out of town, you might be thinking that Vegas is all casinos and the Strip.  But there is so much more to Vegas, and so many tourist attractions you could choose to visit!  Once you’ve selected some that look good to you, you’ll be poised to take your date or your escort out for a night that both of you will not forget.  And if you happen to be out doing this with an escort, well, you know she’s going to turn heads and make you look that much more amazing as a man.  That’s just how these things work.

What, then, are some of the best “date night” locations in the Vegas area? You have your choice of several, and these locations just scratch the surface.  There are many other tourist destinations you might enjoy, but we think this list will give you a few ideas to get you started as you get ready to paint the town red.

The Bellagio Fountains

Imagine jets of water that dance and move in time t0o music.  Now imagine that the music you’re hearing isn’t just some frilly flute nonsense or some classical business, but fun and light-spirited pop music.  That’s what you’ll get at the Bellagio Fountains.  Once the sun goes down, the fountains put on their music show roughly every fifteen minutes.  The show lasts for a little while.  Just keep in mind that if the wind picks up, you and your date could end up wearing the water as it blows around.  The show might even not happen if it gets very windy, so keep that in mind when you make your plans.

Chapel of the Flowers

This is one of those double-edged locations.  The Chapel is beautiful and it offers anything you could want for one of those notorious Vegas Weddings… and then some.  The only problem is that it has to be pretty clear to your date why you’re going there, and you don’t want to send the wrong signals.  Still, the Chapel of the Flowers is worth seeing, and the place has won all kinds of tourist-destination awards.

Gun Garage

This is another one of those locations where you really have to gauge your date before you suggest it.  If she’s afraid of guns, or she has a thing about violence, or she’s just easily scared, you may want to choose something else.  However, if your date is up for some real adventure, Gun Garage is the place for you both.  There’s a full-service retail store and reservations are also available, but the whole point of Gun Garage is that you can rent handguns and long guns and even full automatic weapons.  If your idea of a fun time is a gun time, the Gun Garage is just the place for a date that your lady won’t soon forget.

Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area

This is best for a day trip with your lady.  Take in the beauty of nature and go for a hike if that’s your thing.  This is the kind of date that requires somebody who enjoys being healthy and active.  It’s very special, though, if the glory of nature is what you’re into, and it can be extremely romantic.

Magic and Comedy

People sometimes joke that Vegas is where various entertainers go to die.  The fact is, though, there are a LOT of entertainers working Vegas shows who delight countless fans every day.  Whether it’s a comedian like Carrot Top or a magician like Mike Hammer, there is no end to the entertainment you and your date can take in.  A good comedy show is a great way to break the ice with your lady, too.  Get her laughing and in a good mood and there’s no telling where the evening will take you.

Celine Dion

Look, there’s no way around this: Most guys aren’t into Celine Dion.  But part of making a great first impression on your lady is taking her to something that you know she’ll enjoy… and that you won’t find too painful. Celine Dion has been a fixture in the Vegas area for a while, and her show never fails to entertain.  Most women will enjoy the hell out of it, and you’ll enjoy the fact that she’s happy.  It may require you to grit your teeth a little and deal with it, but the investment is well worth it.

Cirque du Soleil

The Cirque du Soleil is another of those Vegas fixtures that the place is famous for.  Just as popular with the ladies but perhaps less painful than Celine Dion, this is another great venue for breaking the ice.  You’ll be amazed by what these performers can do.

In future blog posts we may revisit the tourist destinations that you will find most helpful in showing your lady a good time.  Vegas is nearly endless in its capacity to entertain. If you’ve come here for a night out, you’ve come to the right place.