Was your ultimate fantasy ‘The Typical College Babe’ always with textbooks in hand, the oversized collegiate sweatshirt on with leggings, possibly with a messy ponytail and a pair of prescription glasses balancing on the top of her head always in a rush going somewhere? Or maybe it was ‘The Girl Next Door:’ That girl that you wanted so much… that was so close… all you had to do was walk out your door, walk a few steps to the next door and knock on hers.


Age 25
Height 5’6”
Hair Natural Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Well, we would like you to meet Zoe. This is the girl you CAN get without knocking on anyone’s door.

This beautiful twenty-five year-old natural blonde college-student who recently transferred to Las Vegas from Washington State would love to paint the town red with you.Taking a break from obtaining her Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine, Zoe wanted to get a taste of the wild life before settling down, and where is more perfect than Las Vegas?

This gorgeous vixen literally loves to do everything: sports, outdoor activities, days out, and also evenings out: Dinner, parties, nightclubs, events, or quiet nights in. She is ready at a moment’s notice. She looks great in a pair of cut-off jeans and a baseball cap on backwards or a tight dress to wear on the dance floor.

“I just feel I need to do this right now in my life.” Zoe says with a beaming smile. “Life is going by so fast. I want to experience more of it; get a few things from my ‘Bucket List’ scratched off before I continue on my journey. This is the time in my life I want to have fun. And I really want to have fun!”

Zoe has a sparkling personality to match her sparkling, firm body. Her green eyes glow with a hint of mischievousness, and you can tell by anything she wears that she takes extremely good care of her beautiful body.She says her passion in life is pleasing others, and sometimes it can turn into a curse because she is willing to do almost anything to make a person happy. She admits she will accept almost any dare, and has been that way ever since she was a kid in school. She can’t walk away from a dare. At times she can act like a tomboy because “I have an incredible ‘don’t want to be beaten at anything’ streak in me” she admits. She blames having three older brothers for being that way.

However, nothing makes her feel better than “dressing to the nines” in a beautiful outfit and going “full blown beauty… working every feminine charm I have!” Zoe quips. “I just love being a woman and how something as simple as dressing, putting on make-up, perfume, and earrings can make some men just go speechless. That, to me, is just the best reaction in the entire world. I love it.”

Zoe is ready and prepared to be an escort to any kind of professional function you need to attend to. She also is ready for any casual meet-up, and of course, any intimate date you would like to schedule with her. Zoe enjoys all that Las Vegas has to give, but she admits that she did her share of the hard partying in her very early college years, so heavy drinking and dancing is no longer number one on her list any more.

“Don’t think I don’t go out anymore!” Zoe laughs at the question. “It’s just I find that there is A LOT more things out there to do besides getting wasted each and every night. I did the each and every night thing the beginning of this decade. The brain cells are gone. Now I’ve cut down the bingeing to just a couple nights here and there.”

So you can see that Zoe is still open to parties, but she’d much rather actually participate in an actual activity that’s going on in Las Vegas, like finding someone who would be game to swimming with the sharks with her!Speaking of dangerous yet exotic things, Zoe admits one could call her that in the bedroom. Since she portrays such a squeaky clean demeanor on the outside, she loves to surprise those she brings back home with just how potentially naughty she can become!

Zoe actually a wickedly fun side and has a bunch of fun toys to prove it. “I am not an expert Mistress or anything.” Zoe confesses, “But I do know how to work feathers to make a person go wild!” If this College Babe/Girl Next Door strikes your fancy, she is ready and willing to take your call. (And you’ve got to admit… those feathers have your imagination going wild!)

“Green eyes are rare,” Zoe explains. “Men love looking deep into my eyes. I mean, nobody wears colored contacts to make their eyes brown if they’re not already, do they? People see my rare, green eyes, and they can’t help but be hypnotized by them. And I’m happy to help that process along by moving my body as sexily as I can. I like to make eye contact with a guy from across the room, open my lips up a little, and then lick my lips with my tongue. When he’s drawn in, I’ll walk across that room, holding his eye contact the entire time. I want him to feel like he’s drowning in my eyes. And then I want him to want me, to want to get closer to me. I want us to hit that dance floor and still be staring into each other’s eyes. If those are the windows to the soul, I want to share his soul for those few minutes. I want to know what makes him who he is. I want him to wonder the same thing about me. …Or maybe I just think my green eyes are kind of pretty.”

Of her wild life before she transferred, Zoe is also forthcoming. “You haven’t lived until you’ve been to the kind of college party where people are going absolutely insane,” she says. “No matter how many times I experienced it, I couldn’t get enough. Just the bodies, moving together, the colored lights, people taking off their clothes, stripping down one piece at a time. The music, the dancing, the alcohol, the incredible heat generated by all those people partying together. The lack of inhibitions they show, the way people lose control and start behaving in ways that just aren’t normal for day to day life. They say a sober man’s thoughts are a drunk man’s words. Well a person who has been partying for long enough loses all ability to be false. He or she just becomes completely honest, completely candid. You party with someone long enough and you learn all about what they think and what they want. You learn what their desires truly are. And if they want you, if they want your body, they are going to tell you that. Can you imagine what it’s like to have a person confess to you that experiencing your body is the thing they want most in the world?”

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