Violet aged 25, is a gorgeous Las Vegas escort. She is blessed with amazing looks that can instantly capture your attention. Her sensuality and elegance makes her the ideal companion that you have always dreamt of having by your side. Get ready to enjoy the time of your life. Call now and meet Violet!

While all of our escorts are outgoing and very comfortable in their own skins, Violet takes these welcome personalities traits to a whole new level. Wherever she finds herself, you can count on Violet to be right in the middle of it all. This is one escort who has plenty of intelligence and who is well read. She has lots to say on a wide variety of subjects. She is never rude about it though. Violet uses her knowledge to help her talk to anyone about nearly anything. While Violet around, no one is ever left out of the party.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Are you the type of man who loves exotic looking women? If so, you are in luck. Violet is one of Las Vegas’ most stunning escorts. This Latina beauty has waves of long dark hair that spill down her back. Her curvy body invites you to envelope yourself in her ripeness.

With her ample body, slim hips and curvy bottom, Violet is the perfect package poured into a leggy 5 foot 6 inch feminine frame. Elegant and classy, this Las Vegas escort simply oozes sensuality. To make things even better, Violet swings on both sides of the fence!

Many men jump at the chance to have Violet’s attentions on them as well as watching her intrigue with other women. We can make this fantasy a reality. All you need to do is give us a call and tell us all the details of your fantasy. We will do the rest.

Violet is as striking as the amethyst-hued flower itself. Her lush, soft translucent skin is almost incandescent, and paired with thick, dark hair and eyes; she is an eye turner in any crowd, that’s for sure. This lovely lady is someone who is keen to have a very good time, and loves the wild side! If you are someone brand new to stepping out into the wildlife that Las Vegas embraces and promotes, Violet is the kind of hostess you want to have as your guide for fun! She can be the kind of escort to introduce to the kind of thrills and nightlife that songs have been written about and movies have been made about here in the middle of the desert! You are guaranteed the time of your life here with Violet. Men and women are both invited.
“You always experience something new in Las Vegas, no matter how many times you’ve visited. Every night is a brand new night, and you never know what it will bring!” Violet remarks enthusiastically.
She couldn’t be any more right on the mark.

Violet loves the nightlife. She is a creature of the night, and you can just by how light her skin is. Although she loves the heat, she loves to venture outdoors at dusk and visit all her favorite hot spots of Las Vegas in the dark hours. Violet would love to show you some of her favorite places she especially loves, and where they serve some really great drinks and play some really great music. Her exotic look will keep your attention, and men and women alike naturally flock to her. She naturally puts people at ease, and her body just begs to be touched and explored. She loves to play with new people, and loves to make fantasies come true. She is not shy, and urges her beaus to come forward to what really turns them on. She will coax it out gently to make sure you get exactly what you’ve always wanted.

She loves looking forward to meeting new people. Violet believes her best quality is her personality and how she can put anybody at ease because she genuinely enjoys knowing new people and hearing stories about their lives and what they do. “My grandfather always told me a day was never complete unless you learnt something new every day. I always keep this in mind.” Does she sound like the type of girl you want to meet tonight?

Violet knows that while some men may be intimidated by an intelligent, well-read woman, there are plenty more who are incredibly turned on by a beautiful girl who can make conversation about things besides the weather. “I used to haunt the library,” she explains. “Some days I would go there and just pick out a subject that interested me, then spend the day pouring over whatever I could find. We live in an amazing time where access to information is the easiest and most complete it’s ever been. You know that joke: I carry a device in my pocket that is capable of accessing all the world’s information, entertainment, and art. I use it to argue with strangers and look at pictures of cats. Well, we’re lucky to live in the information age. I can’t imagine ever living any other way.”

One of Violet’s favorite books is “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. “I have always liked stories that get their points across through allegory. Animal Farm is, of course, a cautionary tale about the evils of Communism, but there’s more to it than that. If you wrote a book about how a group of Communists took power and used the people for their own purposes, it wouldn’t be nearly as vivid as seeing the story told through the ‘voices’ of talking animals. I think on some level we all respond to imagery like that. It’s the kind of thing you just can’t let go of once you’ve seen and heard it. I like Orwell’s more famous book, ‘1984,’ and the warning it tells about a world in which Big Brother is everywhere and the government is always watching. But honestly, that hits a little too close to the mark of where society is headed these days. I think I’ll stick with the talking animals.”

Violet’s rule is always to be polite and to conduct herself with a sense of elegant dignity. “I can be fun and carefree too, of course,” she admits, “but I like to hold myself to a certain standard. I think if you are always polite to people, even if they are rude to you, then you set yourself up for success in everything you do. Having that kind of discipline also helps propel you through life. It’s a way of preparing to meet your goals, a way of training yourself so that you’re primed for success.”

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