Whoever made up the adage ‘Youth is wasted on the young,’ they have never met Vivian. Vivian is a twenty-two year old who seems to be on a mission to explore everything life has to offer in as little possible time she can. Vivian always is on the go. If you ever catch her, she always is talking on the fly because she is on the way to do something else. Fortunately if you are lucky enough to get to be her escort for the evening, she is all yours and she concentrates fully on you.


Age 22
Height 5’4”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Vivian is a perfect name for this young woman, simply because she is about as vivacious as a person comes. Just in her early twenties, standing five foot, four inches tall, this petite beauty seems to glow with energy. Her body is healthy and taut with shapely arms, legs, a flat tummy and shapely assets.

“I really don’t take time out to exercise.” Vivian admits. “I’m just busy all the time.” What does this attractive brunette with the long, thick curly brunette hair do that makes her so busy? Well, Vivian does like to spend a lot of time on her outer appearance. She has a degree in cosmetology, so she may be doing some friends’ hair for a special gathering (she doesn’t do it professionally or on the side for extra money).

Vivian is a big time supporter of the local arts. She has friends that participate in local theater houses and she loves to lend her help behind the scenes wherever she can. In addition to that, she’s a big animal lover, so a lot of her time she is babysitting her many friends different animals, from dogs to cats, and even potbelly pigs! But when she has an escort that has viewed her classy and sexy photographs of her with her beautiful hair tumbling down and her posing in some of her sexy clothing, she is ready at a moment’s notice to put on some of her beautiful jewelry, put on her make-up, do her hair lovely and smell delicious for her awaiting date.

Vivian loves to do all sorts of things, and if you don’t have anything planned, well, she keeps a short list of ‘Things that always go well for something to do’ that she claims will cover something for literally EVERYONE, even someone who claims they do not have any kind of hobby.

And afterwards, well, she claims she does not need to carry any kind of crib notes or highlights on what to do next. “I have never been caught off guard with ‘Oh no! What should I do next!’ or ‘I’m doing something that’s horrible!’ I know what I’m good at and I think I am improving each and every day, thank you very much for asking!” Vivian laughs hysterically.

Did we manage to fit in that Vivian has one of the best senses of humor around? She laughs at everything, she can find humor in all things, and even gets the giggles from the dark jokes as well!

Vivian will admit she can swear like a sailor, but can easily curb that so she only shows that side when she’s with her friends. In fact when Vivian is with her beau, she is a total lady, although she can get a bit wild on the dance floor if her favorite song comes on, that’s true, but she is someone you will be proud to have on your arm.

Now when it comes to ‘alone’ time, Vivian will be something completely different. Will she turn into a kitten? A tiger? A vixen? Who knows? That is totally between her escort and Vivian. But one thing is completely agreed upon: they make the decision on what she will be or how they will act. So as you are reading this, can you imagine talking to this beautiful girl with her beautiful eyes and her kissable lips, deciding what will come up next on your menu of activities of delights that night? How exciting! This must be what a millionaire must feel they order something and don’t even have to worry about the cost; they just know they are going to be fantastic and it’s going to be sumptuous!

So now it’s your turn to play the millionaire! You’ve found a gorgeous girl that is going to make you feel more than like a millionaire! Look at her face and think of spending an evening with her! It’s almost too unbelievable to think about! Don’t lose your nerve now! Get some excitement into your life today! Experience Vivian tonight!

“Animals are the only truly innocent creatures on the planet,” Vivian goes on. “People always have motives. Some people are good and some people are bad. People are motivated by good feelings or bad feelings. A person can be motivated by greed, or by lust, or by hate, or by love. But an animal? Animals don’t know any of these things. They are just what they are, doing their instinctive, natural activities, until someone like a human being interferes. And then, yes, it’s possible to make a ‘bad’ animal, by conditioning it. People who do horrible things like make dogs fight, they condition dogs to be vicious and brutal. But a dog isn’t like that naturally. A dog isn’t born that way. He’s born with a set of instincts. All animals are like that and, if left alone in nature, they just live their lives according to their instincts, the way nature intended. It’s only when human beings start interfering that you could even begin to say an animal is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’”

Vivian’s love of the local arts and theater has led her to seek out some of the more unusual shows to be had in the area. “The weirder, the better,” she explains. “And by weird I mean something weirder than the Blue Man Group. If you’ve ever been to one of their shows, it’s this eclectic mix of rock music, performance art, comedy, and even magic. It’s weird as hell, sure. But the type of theater I like, the type of cutting edge performance art, is weirder still than any of that. I really like seeing the most unusual, most unique stuff I can, like when that movie star from the movies about the giant robots did his performance art show, which I hear was weirder than what most people can imagine. I mean, he was appearing with a bag over his head and refusing to talk to anybody who spoke to him. And sure, you can make fun of that kind of stuff because when actors do it, it probably isn’t serious. I mean they probably don’t feel passionate commitment to what they are doing. They are just imitating what they think performance art is supposed to be, with different results each time. But when I find a legitimate artist, in the theater or in any other arts avenue, then I’m really happy. I like genuine artists. I like honesty.”

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