Beautiful Traci is a lovely young lady with a secret: She loves to bowl. Among her more conventional tastes are a love for exercising, including aerobics. She likes to pose nude for photography and is proud of her portfolio as a nude photo model. She has tried her hand at doing some nudes herself and plans one day to photograph her own coffee table book.


Age 22
Height 5’22”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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“People look at me funny when I admit that one of the things I like most is bowling,” she says. “Although in some ways it was really a good thing when that game system came out that has all the bowling in it. People suddenly started bowling in their living rooms and in front of their game system consoles again. When that became popular, it was a little more socially acceptable for me, a young, attractive woman, to be as obsessed with bowling as I am. Although I don’t know if it ever got, you know, mainstream, or anything like that. Some things bowling will just never be, when it’s bowling for real with a real ball.”

Traci goes on, “I love the physics of bowling. I just don’t know why. Well, no, that’s not entirely true. You see, I had this uncle who really loved to bowl. He took me bowling several times. My parents didn’t bowl, so this was something just my uncle and I did. It was kind of our thing together, and it was very special. I really liked being able to connect with my uncle like that. He died relatively young, and when he did, he left me his bowling ball and his bowling shoes. The shoes were too big for me, but I still have them. I had them bronzed so they would last forever. I think of him often. And whenever I bowl, although it’s been long enough that I don’t still use his ball, I think of him and what a great guy he was. So I guess that’s why I like bowling so much.”

Traci’s uncle would be surprised to see the stunning young woman she’s grown up to be. “I remember the first time I agreed to do some nude modeling for college students in art class,” she says. “It was just a way to pick up some extra money, at the time. I didn’t think much of it, apart from feeling a little embarrassed. But I told myself that people pose nude for art classes all the time, so it couldn’t be that awkward, could it? What I didn’t realize, though, was that I was going to cause such a stir. I guess this was really the beginning of when I realized I was very attractive and very desirable. I walked into that class, took off my robe, and at least half of the guys in there gasped. A couple of jaws dropped. The professor wasn’t too happy, but he was a straight man, and I caught him looking me up and down more than a few times.”

As for how she handled the situation in that art class, Traci is frank. “I started flirting with the professor,” she said. “At the time I did it because I was hoping he would use me again for more classes, and I would get to make more money in modeling fees. After a while, though, I started doing it because I wanted to. He was a relatively new professor, so he was pretty young, but still older than the college students taking the class. We flirted pretty hard with each other for a few weeks before, late one night after the other students had left, he finally made his move. I think the first time we got together was right there in the classroom. I guess the students missed their chance to paint that.”

Traci stays in shape through exercise and has developed a real love for aerobics. “It sounds so 1980s when you say you do aerobics,” she says. “I feel like I should be wearing leg warmers and an off the shoulder sweatshirt when I say it. But the fact is, it’s really good for my body, and it’s a lot of fun to do. The best part is that sometimes you get some guys who take the class, and they aren’t quite sure what to do or where to find their place. So they’ll typically hang out in the back of the room, figuring that if nobody can see them from behind, they won’t obviously make mistakes. I like to go back there so I’m right in front of them, and then I work out in my tight little yoga pants where they can call get a good, long look. I know that tempting them is probably kind of mean, but oh well.”

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