Tania, the 31 year old beauty can steal your heart with her coyish looks. Her charming smile and athletic curves makes her extraordinary. You will certainly get enticed by her effusive personality. So if you are looking for a Las Vegas Escort, get ready to stir your imagination by making your first call to meet Tania, today.

Perhaps Tania’s quiet and calm nature is what makes her such a good poker player. Yes, playing poker at her favorite casino is Tania’s secret vice. Since she is a Las Vegas native, she has had years to perfect her technique and she considers herself to be a pretty good amateur player. Though she wins a bit of money here and there, Tania does not really play to win money. Instead, she loves the opportunity to outwit and outsmart the house and/or the other players. A shrewd poker player, Tania has her favorite casinos but she really loves them all.


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This blonde haired beauty will simply take your breath away as she steals your heart. A huge flirt, Tania is very skilled at what she does. She is not afraid to turn on the charm full blast to make sure that you have the time of your life.

At 31 years old, Tania uses her considerable experience to skillfully bring you to the heights of adventure as you have never experienced them before. As charming as she is beautiful, this Las Vegas escort prides herself on keeping her body in top athletic shape so that she has the stamina to keep you happy all night long. When you add in Tania’s bubbling personality, you will think you have died and gone to escort heaven. There is nothing that this gorgeous woman cannot do. Do not take our word for it though. Give us a call today and book Tania.

When you first lay eyes on Tania, you can’t help but notice her long, sleek legs that seem to go on for miles. She is five foot five inches tall, but the way she handles the heels she is wearing, she seems so much taller. Tania looks extremely well-toned; she has a slight tan. Her golden blonde hair tumbles down her back in natural curls, and her light eyes dot around the crowd looking for you; trying to spot the description of you she was given. She’s absolutely beautiful, even with a bit of “deer caught in the headlights” look.”

The truth is Tania is a bit shy, but take our word for it, that’s only at first. That’s just how she is. She warms up to you quickly. Her personality is every bit as attractive as her physical beauty. She immediately makes you feel at home in Las Vegas, like you are meeting up with a long-time acquaintance, yet she makes old-time schoolboy butterflies flap around in your bread box. When was the last time that happened?
Tania is up for anything. If you can’t decide for yourself, she can offer several options of fun and exciting activities you two can participate in, depending if you want to go out on the town, or if you want to stay in.
Being a woman who can adapt to pretty much any situation or activity (she a Pisces!), she knows how to make the most out of anything you may want to do. She is a native Las Vegas resident, so she knows the city like the back of her hand, so she has friends in places that others don’t; it’s almost like you have a the ultimate escort in the ultimate play town in the world! Lucky you! But don’t think that means you are pressured to have to go out on the town with Tania; she loves to stay in for a quiet night as well. If you have had a busy time in Las Vegas and need a little bit of one-on-one quiet company with someone to talk to. Tania is a wonderful listener. A college graduate in English, she is a fantastic person to confide in, share some champagne with, and de-stress and de-construct your worries with.

Tania knows and understands how to make you feel better, and she is ready to provide you with what you are looking for. “It’s human nature.” Tania says. “We feel…what we feel.” That is perfect wording, Tania. Does she seem like your type?

Being accused of being a poker shark doesn’t throw Tania, who never tires of the atmosphere on the Strip and in the casinos she frequents. “I know that casinos are supposed to be these great testimonies to manipulation,” she tells us. “How there are no clocks, and there are no windows, and everything is designed to get you gambling and keep you gambling. They give you free drinks to keep your judgment loose and they do everything possible to separate you from your money. After all, Vegas was built on people losing money, or the casinos wouldn’t stay in business. But I think when people blame everything on the casinos, as if they don’t have any control over their own actions, they’re kidding themselves. We play games of chance because they’re fun. If you just have the discipline to lose what you can afford, and you call that the ‘cost of doing business,’ so to speak, you can really enjoy yourself. And there’s a reason casinos are so popular. It’s because they’re incredibly fun.”

Being in her early thirties also means that Tania has some advantages that younger girls don’t. “I think a man likes a woman who doesn’t have to be shown everything,” she says. “I mean, yes, there’s a certain thrill in taking a virginal woman and turning her out, so to speak. That innocence is something guys like, and something that turns them on. But that gets old fast, and always being the teacher in the power-dynamic of the relationship, that can be a little boring after a while. A man wants a woman, deep down, who really knows how to take care of him. He wants a woman who has been around the block and knows how to use what she’s got to make him happy. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be able to lay back and let an experienced, sexy lady take control? No guy doesn’t like that. It’s one of the sexiest feelings in the world. And when you can do that for somebody, it makes you feel sexy. It makes you feel like the hottest woman in the world, which is a real turn on. The more pleased he is, the more turned on I get.” Tania also admits that it doesn’t take a lot to get her to come out of her shell. “You would think being naturally shy, that would be different,” she says.