Tami, aged 28 is a party animal. So if you are in Las Vegas and love partying, she could be your ideal Las Vegas Escort. Tania loves meeting new people for fun and adventure. Like a true Vegas girl, Tami knows the best places where you can enjoy nightlife in Las Vegas. To meet Tami, call right away! Tami loves to show off her taut and fit young body. She is quite proud of how in shape she is and she is not afraid to dress in a way that allows her to flaunt it. Whether that means a cute little schoolgirl skirt that barely covers up her ass cheeks or it is her favorite lacy nightie, you can be sure that all of her most voluptuous feminine attributes will be emphasized.

Since she is a total party girl, Tami loves to go out on the town all night long. From hitting the hottest dance club on the Strip to bar hop all across town, Tami is the escort to choose if you want a lady who is not afraid to party it up all night long.


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With her smoldering dark eyes, Tami beckons you to join her on an adventure of a lifetime. Eager to embrace all that a vibrant city like Las Vegas has to offer, Tami thoroughly enjoys stepping out on the town every night of the week if possible. No holds barred would be the ideal motto for this party girl as she keeps the ultimate little black book of hottest places for nightlife in Las Vegas tucked conveniently in her bra.

With her petite, 5 foot 4 inch tall body, Tami’s long, dark hair and big, dark eyes add to her look of sweet innocence. She prides herself on being versatile enough to party hard with you all night long, then being able to come back to your hotel room and play the naughty schoolgirl while you teach her a much-deserved lesson into the wee hours of the morning.

She keeps herself very fit by going to the gym every day of the week and working hard keeping her muscles toned so she can spoil herself in the nighttime hours of Las Vegas. She is one of the best guides to have in this town, and one of the best vixens to show you some of the most fascinating moves behind closed doors!
Tami’s secret little pleasure loves to play dress up. “It is a bit of a fetish of mine. Role playing can just be so innocent and naughty at the same time…it is so much fun!” she admits.

She is definitely a creature of the night. Tami knows where the best night spots are and where the ultimate party locations are. If you love the hot scenes with the best drinks, the loudest music, and the best dancers, you are most likely to find Tami there, among the thick of them all, usually right in the middle of the dance floor, stealing the spotlight. Tami studied Advanced Dancing Techniques when she attended college, so she is not afraid to use her knowledge to get the attention! (Not that she needed it to get any attention!)

This is a young woman who loves the taste of life and is ready to try anything… at least once. She is an escort that wants to hear what you want to do and make it come true. She has special ties in the city, and with a wink and a smile, she can part the waves others cannot. She is the fantasy woman that here to give you the pleasure you have always wanted! Her personality will instantly make you feel at ease, and if you confide in her something you may want to try, and she has done it herself, she will confess to you her take on it so you will feel more comfortable. Tami loves to smile, and loves to laugh, and her laugh is contagious.

Just brace yourself for an unbelievably wonderful time with Tami. Her stamina is second to none, and she is a girl who loves to party and enjoy every drop she can squeeze out of every day. She will make you feel comfortable and excited at the same time. You’ll be ready-to-go and over-the-moon with Tami. She will guide you down the road to pleasure. Enjoy the journey! You will have an absolutely fantastic time!

Of her passion for dancing, Tami is happy to elaborate. “I completely lose myself when I’m on the dance floor,” she says. “The louder the music is, the better I like it. I like to feel the music vibrating in my chest, feel what it’s doing to my body. The more I dance, the more free I feel. I like to lose my inhibitions completely, and when I dance, that’s a good time to approach me. I wish I could tell you how often I’ve driven men wild from across a dance floor. That’s one of the reasons I love to wear the little skirts and dresses I do.”

Tami admits that she’s always pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in public when it comes to her short dresses. “I’m always searching for the perfect little black party dress,” she says. “You know what that looks like. I’ve seen entire galleries online, on those time-wasting picture sites that people look at when they’re relaxing at work, and there are whole sets of pictures devoted to who can wear the tightest, skimpiest dress. I like that kind of thing a lot. I like the idea of having a piece of fabric so tight, so sheer, that it clings to every curve of your body. I think what we don’t show off is at least as important as what we do. To me, a tight skirt that is just short enough to be barely okay… that’s what sexy is. Seeing that hemline on your thigh and watching a guy’s eyes rove right up there, as he’s looking you up and down like a dessert he wants to eat. It’s an incredible feeling.”

Tami is also very frank about her party lifestyle. “Look, I know that I can’t be a party girl forever,” she says. “Everybody settles down when they get older. But right now, I’m young, I’m beautiful, and I’m full of life. I want to party like there’s no tomorrow. There will be a tomorrow. We all learn that. But when you’re partying, you’re building memories. I like to build those memories. I want to look back at my life now, when I’m older, and be grateful for all the memories I’ve forged. That’s the whole point of partying hard and getting out of my system now. I suppose there are things I’ll forget along the way. But not many.”