Stacey, the 29 year old brunette beauty is familiar with all the hot places to party in Las Vegas. Her smile and sexuality work like a charm to allure you. This beautiful Las Vegas Escort is not only outgoing but also playful and classy, Stacey knows how to melt your heart and make you happy. Call now to meet this exotic feminine mystique. Even though Stacey was born and raised in Las Vegas, she seems to have a huge streak of the type of uninhibitedness that is more often associated with European girls. When it comes to changing her clothes, do not be surprised if you find Stacey whipping off her shirt right there in your hotel room so that she can slide into something a bit more appropriate for going out and partying.

A bit of a voyeur, Stacey loves having her picture taken. She loves being able to chronicle her life by taking selfies nearly everywhere she happens to be. A happy go lucky woman, Stacey is also quite the people person as she makes friends quickly and easily no matter where she finds herself.


Age 29
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Meet Stacey, our resident party girl who simply loves dressing up to the nines and going out to all the hippest and hottest clubs in town. As an adrenaline junkie, Stacey thrives on the excitement of being a Las Vegas escort. Instead of being exhausted after she goes out on the town to shimmy and dance, Stacey is wired and raring to go for hours on end. At 29 years old, Stacey has the experience to know how to show you a good time, every time. Her 5 feet 5 inches high height makes it easy for her to bend, kneel and stretch into just the right position so that all your pleasure spots are hit.

Uninhibited and ready for her next exciting party or event, Stacey prides herself on knowing where the latest high class dance club or restaurant is located. She is eager to show you all the glitz, sparkle, and glamor that makes Las Vegas the most exciting city in the world.

You will never meet a friendlier, more eager woman ready to please every want you have than Stacey. Being originally from Las Vegas, she can show you all the sights you want –and then some- while you are with her! Her lithe body will be able to please you in every way possible, and afterward she will happily show you her favorite hot spots to party and dance.

She is known around the Las Vegas party spots and nightclubs, and rumor has it, if Stacey’s there, then that is the place to be. Being long-time friends of quite a few of the restaurateurs and DJs in the city since she grew up in Las Vegas, Stacey knows quite a few more influential people than most. She is on top of her game when it comes to fun and excitement. And we mean this in terms of in and out of the bedroom.
You will find quite quickly that this beauty loves to wear tight clothes that showcase her well-toned frame she takes very good care of, her personality is very forward, friendly and up-front, and Stacey’s presence can make anyone’s shyness disappear in a moment’s notice. She has the magic about her to make everyone around her feel at home and have a wonderful time.

One of her favorite things to do is dance. She loves to party hard on the dance floor, but she can put Ms Deeta Von Teese to shame the way she can perform the slow, exotic removal of clothing that can make men go wild.“It all comes down to having a great time with whoever you are with!” Stacey exclaims with a big smile. “There’s so much to see and do in Las Vegas. It’s impossible to not have a great time when you are with me!”

Whether you go out to dinner, a rocking party, or somewhere else, it will just be the start to a fantastic time with this beautiful babe Stacey. With her alluring dress showing off her toned legs, gorgeous bust, and shapely rear, it will be difficult to focus on anything while Stacey flirts with you and keep getting drawn back into her smoldering dark eyes and kissable ruby red lips. Stacey is one in a million. You will never meet another escort like her. So, aren’t you ready to start your adventure with her? It all starts with one phone call. She is waiting…

Knowing where to find a hot party at any given time of the day or night is something Stacey takes for granted. She’s pretty philosophical about it, too. “When you want to party, when the urge to get down hits you, you just have to do it,” she says. “Truly, there is no other way to live your life. I believe in giving in to the storm of passion whenever the wave hits me. That’s why I’ve made it my business to get to know all the people on the local party scene. If there’s something going on, I want to find out about it. I want to be connected. I want to be the girl that everyone thinks of when they think of a good time.”

Stacey has another not-so-secret secret when it comes to partying and getting down: She is an exhibitionist. “A voyeur is somebody who likes to watch others,” she explains. “Somebody who finds it incredibly erotic to watch without being seen, or to watch while being watched right back. Can you imagine walking in on two people making love, and just hiding there, enjoying the experience, feeling their passion from across a room or through a pane of glass? Well, now imagine that the people who are doing it, the people who are naked together, feeling their bodies move… imagine they know you’re watching. They want you to watch. They get turned on knowing that somebody sees them. It’s an incredible feeling for everybody involved. Well, I like to be watched.”

Stacey especially likes to be photographed when she’s naked. She makes no effort to hide that fact. “There’s something incredibly sexy about being watched when you’re naked, sure,” she says. “You picture the person watching you getting more and more turned on. Maybe you run your hands along your body, feeling how incredibly toned and taut you are. Maybe you picture him doing it. And best of all, you picture him picturing himself doing it. Well as big a turn on as that is, having those moments committed to pictures, to film or to video… that’s such a turn on it blows my mind just thinking about. I adore being photographed naked. I like thinking about what might be going through my photographer’s head. I like to make his job as difficult as possible by being as drop dead sexy as I can be.”

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