Sophia, aged 22 takes pleasure in her life as a Las Vegas escort. Her sole passion is to please you so that you can have the time of your life. Sophia is an absolute stunner and has endless energy. Call Sophia today and let her drive you crazy. Sophia wanted to be a model – and we think she would have enjoyed a great deal of success with it – but she ultimately decided that she just could not be happy in the dog eat dog world of modeling. She did a little modeling on the local level and was surprised and saddened by the cut throat attitudes of so many of the other models and their managers. This is something that just goes against everything that sweet little Sophia believes in. At My Vegas Escort, we are glad that things did not work out for her in the modeling world because that means that she can bring her cheerful and upbeat attitude to all of her happy clients.


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Blonde, petite and young, Sophia is the perfect combination of attributes that really appeal to men of all ages. An elegant Las Vegas escort poured into a tiny yet curvy body, Sophia’s high cheekbones accentuate her facial features such as her large dark eyes.

Energetic and playful, Sophia prides herself on ensuring that you have the best time of your life. Completely open to being directed on which areas of your body she should concentrate on, she is also very comfortable with taking over and discovering for herself those places that make you a quivering mass of energy. If you are like many men, you envision a night, or two or three, with more than one beautiful Las Vegas escort. If this is your ultimate fantasy, give us a call today and book an night of heady excitement with Sophia.

Sophia is a beautiful blonde with a very passionate disposition. Although she looks like a fallen angel, she is all about earthly pleasure.She is a soft, supple body that begs to be stroked, touched, and felt, and she loves to explore others. She appreciates both the male and female form, and tends to appreciate the saying “the more, the better.”Sophia’s attitude is upbeat and happy, putting anyone she meets into a relaxed and positive attitude. Her glow is infectious. She may only be five foot two inches tall, but her upbeat personality makes her the center of attention.

Sophia is classy and sophisticated. Her natural attitude and the way she carries herself makes people naturally flock to her. Sophia has the ability to make everyone feel special, even if there is a crowd.
If you are ready to try new things, Sophia is the type of young woman you want to try them with. She is an excellent teacher; and she is a wonderful partner. Not only is she extraordinarily beautiful, she is patient, she is passionate, she is experienced, and most of all, she is FUN! She knows how to make sure everyone is have a great time!

Sophia loves to take the lead in finding the fun zones on her beau, but if you like to take the lead, don’t worry, she can easily switch to what you are more comfortable with! And if you feel like going out and exploring Las Vegas, the city is open to what you love to do, because our Sophia loves it all! “Las Vegas literally is a city that has everything you can think of to do. Every kind of food, dancing, shopping, films, adventures, gambling… you name it, Las Vegas has it. I love this city so much!” Sophia exclaims.

You cannot go wrong with a Las Vegas escort like our darling Sophia. She has literally everything you could ever desire. Her physical appearance is completely out of this world, her personality is second to none, and the world with her is your oyster. This is your chance to fulfill fantasies you have locked away for a while to finally come to fruition. This is your chance to realize that –YES- you can indulge in your fantasies, and you have a playmate that is ready and waiting to play right along with you! And once you meet Sophia, maybe you will realize you will want to visit her more and more often with your creative fantasies! It starts with you dialing her number!

“People ask me sometimes to tell them about the cutthroat world of modeling,” says Sophia. “I’m happy to tell them the stories. I mean, the industry is pretty much what people think it is. That is, unless they watch a movie like ‘Zoolander’ and think that’s the reality of modeling. In the real world, modeling is hard work. It isn’t just looking pretty, or getting to wear pretty dresses and being photographed while you’re looking your absolute sexiest. There is this incredibly cynical side of the business. There’s drug abuse and other things, including girls sleeping with the right people to get the right advances to their career… and of course there are plenty of girls with eating disorders. But the really shocking thing about the modeling business is how commercial it is. I know, that sounds silly. Complaining that a business is commercial. But what I mean is that people are always willing to sacrifice the talent, the health and wellbeing of the models, to the almighty dollar. I had to leave. The career I have now is much more honest, much more real.”

Sophia applies this cheerful optimism to every aspect of her life. “If I wanted to look back and be bitter,” she says, “I could be. I could just curl up into a ball and blame everybody else for my problems. It was my agent, or it was my family, or it was this, or it was that. Do those kinds of complaints every solve anything? Does being miserable all the time ever help anybody? You’ve got to be cheerful in this world. You’ve got to hold your head up and be proud of who you are and what you do. Nobody is the boss of you. Nobody can make you be anybody you don’t want to be. Some people claim they have no choice. Well, everybody has a choice, about every single thing they do. It’s just that not everybody wants to face the consequences of their actions. When you are willing and able to do that, to embrace it, you are truly an empowered human being, man or woman.”

Through it all, Sophia is all about keeping it classy, even when she may encounter people who aren’t. She prides herself in maintaining her composure no matter how rough the road gets. “That’s all you can do,” she says. “Just hang in there day by day.”