Scintillating Skye is a dominant woman who enjoys any sport that pushes her body to the limit. She loves cardio kickboxing and is a bisexual, although she prides herself on being willing to try anything. She enjoys the fact that every day as an escort is something different, and every day gives her the opportunity to explore something new.


Age 22
Height 5’15”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“I’m not really a bisexual,” Skye says, laughing. “I’m a try-sexual. I’ll try whatever challenge you put in front of me. It isn’t a question of wanting to be wild for the sake of wild. I love new sensual experiences, I love pleasing the lovers that I’m with, and I love being fearless and adventurous at the same time. I’m also naturally dominant, so when it comes to role play and sexual power game, I’m happy to turn dominatrix on a man who is into that sort of thing. You have to be careful about telling a man something like that, because he may not be into it. Some men really enjoy being able to give up their sense of control and let a dominatrix have her way with him. But some men are very much alpha males who like to be the one doing the dominating. Those men are happier with naturally submissive women. A naturally dominant woman like me is a better match with a guy whose kinks lean toward being taken and being shown the way, sexually. I really like being able to do that for a guy. My personal life can be pretty interesting.”

Skye is equally passionate about pleasing her clients. “I take my job very seriously,” she admits. “I’m a fun girl and I believe in having fun when I’m out doing things with my clients, so I don’t mean seriously in the way that makes it sound like I’m just stuck up or stern. But it’s a very big responsibility to give a client the night of his life. I have to be different things to different people. Our company makes a very good effort to match a personality with a client and what he’s looking for, but every girl who works here has to be adaptable. That’s the task that every Vegas escort has, to adapt to the client and his needs, within reason. We aren’t door mats, and we don’t let anyone walk all over us, but we do our best to make sure we’re giving the client what he’s after.”

Extreme sports are something that let Skye revel in the gorgeous muscles of her body, which she keeps toned and lean through vigorous exercise and a devotion to a healthy lifestyle. “Especially because we spend so much time out and about, drinking and eating things that are anything but health food, it’s important to eat healthy and take care of your body the rest of the time,” Skye says. “Whenever possible I get plenty of rest, I eat right when I’m not out with a client, and I exercise regularly. That way I know when I do step out on the town that I can have fun without worry. The man I’m with never has to hear me complain about having to pass up dessert or whatever the house special is, because I’ve been good the rest of the time and I can handle a little splurging. It just makes for a far better, more relaxed atmosphere. Guys, when they take out a Vegas Escort, want to have a good time. They don’t want a lot of extra baggage, drama, or female complaining. And oh boy can females complain when they set their minds to it!”

Skye loves variety, so the non-stop party that is being an escort is something she has adapted to very well. “I love spontaneity,” she says. “When I get my assignments, when my bookings come in, it’s always a thrill as I wonder what my clients will have me doing today. Will I go to a reunion? Will I be out at a fancy restaurant? Will I spend the evening dancing in one of the city’s hottest night clubs? Or will my client be the sort of person who likes to get to know me in a quieter, one-on-one setting? I like all of these things, so It’s always a win-win situation. And that’s why I love my job so much. Escorting lets me have plenty of free time while making my work time as exciting and varied as possible. It’s stimulating and fun, and I never feel like I’m bored or that I should be, I don’t know, reevaluating my life. These are all things bored people in offices think. At least, I assume they do. I’ve never been an office worker, so I can only guess from what I see on television and movies.”

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