Sexy Simone is a shapely stunner who enjoys cooking for her man. She is also an aspiring actress who takes easily to role play games in the bedroom. She likes to be different people for different things, and she is always happy when she is partying. She has embraced the party lifestyle that is the life of a Vegas escort.


Age 24
Height 5’15”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“When I first came aboard here, I thought there must be some mistake,” she admits. “I thought to myself that there was absolutely no way a girl could be paid as well as I am to do the things that I do, which are the fun-loving things I would probably already be doing anyway at my age. This is a game for the young, sure, and we do our best to keep our clients supplied with a steady stream of some of the area’s most attractive women, but it’s still a shock when you’re confronted with the reality of it. They tell you that you’re going to go out with a different group of men each day, and wherever you go is going to be different. These men are going to take you to fun spots in the city, great places to have dinner, fascinating business conventions, and everything in between. And they’re going to pay for the pleasure of your company. I couldn’t believe it at first, although of course I was also grateful. Then I got a taste of what it’s really like to work as a Vegas escort for a few weeks.”

“It was eye-opening,” Simone admits. “It took a lot more stamina than I thought it would. But you can imagine my delight when I discovered that I could party day and night, keep up with veteran escorts, and also manage to be fresh and exciting for each and every one of my bookings. It’s a natural talent for some people. It’s a stamina that you’re born with, for others. I don’t know if you could teach yourself or practice to be ready for the drain that is doing this job over time. Maybe you could. I was lucky to have a natural talent for it. But I do, and it’s wonderful.”

Simone applies this experience to her acting career. “As you can imagine, being an aspiring actress is kind of a grind,” she says. “It will wear you down if you let it. You have to be constantly on the move, going to auditions, getting updated head shots and portfolio work done. You also have to go to lots of auditions. It’s like you’re a piece of human property being examined, a horse whose teeth are being looked at. The people looking to cast you have something very specific in mind. If you don’t correspond to just exactly what they want, they won’t pick you. It isn’t personal, but tell that to anyone who has gone on ten interviews and gotten zero parts. You do start to take it personally after a while, and it can really be a drag. It helps if you learn early on to keep it in perspective. Very few people hit it big in acting, but it’s possible to make a comfortable sideline of it while I’m doing what I truly love, which is escorting.”

Simone explains that her love of acting and of role play comes from her ability and desire to pretend to be other people. “I love to fall into different roles,” she says. “I like to be able to be someone different every day. You could say it’ a fantasy, always able to change identities, never having to pick and choose. So many of our decisions in life define us. Every time we make a decision, that’s one choice we can’t make in the future, and it’s one less option we have once we choose it. When you can select different roles, you don’t have to reduce your choices, because you don’t actually have to stick with a choice. You can bounce around and do different things.”

Role play in the bedroom comes easy to Simone, who has always been very comfortable with her sexuality. “I was raised in a very liberal home,” she says. “I have very few hang-ups when it comes to sex, and I like to be honest and open with the men that I date. There are lots of things I’ll say yes to, and plenty of things that I could happily try if I’m asked. I’m open to being persuaded on a few other things, too. I think that’s the most open and honest gift you can give anyone, sexually, and that is the willingness to be persuaded if there’s something he wants that you have never considered. We are all products of what we are willing to try, after all.”

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