Sandy, the 19 year old Las Vegas escort, is a sweet, young teenager who knows how to satiate your desires. she is young enough to try new things and, certainly knows how to excite your senses. To make your fantasies come true, call now and meet this blonde beauty at Las Vegas. Sandy has that delicious girl next door look that so many men seem to crave. Her sweetly innocent look hides her treasure trove of bedroom techniques that seems to grow each day. This does not mean that she is not eager to learn all that there is to learn about pleasing a man though.

Even though she is still very young at only 19, Sandy understands how men are so different from each other even though they do share some of the same qualities. She is a quick and eager learner and loves to study the techniques that her clients find pleasurable and then implement them into her own routine that she can pull out when a client wants her to surprise him. Enthusiastic, bright and deliciously gorgeous, Sandy has a great deal going for her. This makes her one of our most popular escorts of all time.


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If your ideal escort is young, blonde and willing, you will simply love Sandy. At only 19 years old, this Las Vegas escort is still young enough for you to mold to your every need and desire. She is, however, old enough to be a willing participant in nearly anything you might want to try. She is blessed with a sweet, innocent looking face and a freshly scrubbed girl next door look that is accentuated by her luscious blonde locks. Sandy’s long and smooth blonde hair simply begs you to run your fingers through it.

As one of Las Vegas’ freshest and newest escorts, Sandy is in high demand every night. Eager to satiate your sensual desires, her loves to try new things in an effort to build up her repertoire of techniques that have been proven to be favorites with the men who travel to see her and envelope themselves in her sweet blonde goodness.

Utterly gorgeous with a bedroom eyed- look, this nineteen-year-old tanned, platinum haired blue-eyed babe-in-the-wood wants to make sure you have an amazing time in Las Vegas. After all, she a native to this beautiful city, she can show you some pretty unbelievable sights. However, Sandy still conveys a clean, virtuous look under her smoldering stare. How she can look like an angel and a devil at the same time we don’t know.

In addition to being one of the newest escorts, she is also one of lovely escorts who welcome both men and women into her evening time trysts. Sandy is eager to build up her expertise in being one of the best lovers in Las Vegas. Sandy has a very firm yet incredibly soft body. Her legs are long given she is only five foot three inches tall. Her tummy is nice and flat and she sports a shapely C cup. She regularly jogs and performs Pilates to stay in shape.

Her personality is very sweet. She’s direct and laughs a lot; she’s inquisitive and likes to ask a lot of questions about a lot of things. Many things she has already mastered and needn’t be asked.
She loves to give pleasure and knows some secret spots to release tension and stress when someone has had a particularly hard day. But there are still things she’s yet to learn and is eager for a teacher to give her some lessons! She a quick learner, but she does love to practice, practice, practice! “I plan to become a professional masseuse later down the road.” Sandy states eagerly. “I know my life is about making people feel so much better.” Sandy is caring, understanding, and reliable. She has a wonderful personality, and she really can make a great time out of almost any situation. She can find the humor in almost anything, and her laugh is contagious.

Sandy loves to dance and go out to parties (no drinking! She’s not twenty-one yet!). She loves dressing up in various ‘girly’ clothes, tight dresses and high heels being a big weakness for her. She loves wearing ultra-feminine things, and anything sparkly or shiny, especially in dress form, Sandy has to buy it! Sandy is the newest little filly in our stable, and is one of the most popular. If you would like to get to know her better, do not hesitate. Give her a call now and set up a date to meet her. Don’t miss out on your chance because you weren’t quick enough! Believe us; you will be kicking yourself later for taking too long!

“People ask me what I think about being bisexual,” admits Sandy. “For a lot of people, it’s still something… titillating, something that makes them think of lurid movies like ‘Wild Things.’ I know a lot of women pretend to be bisexual because it’s every man’s fantasy to be with two women, or two watch two women make love. And that’s my fantasy too, so I can completely understand! Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy men. There is nothing I like more. But there is something I like just as much, and that is women. When you can be with women and men equally, I don’t want to use the phrase ‘best of both worlds’ because I’m sure so many people do. But there are things you can get from a man you can’t get from a woman, and there are things you can get from a woman you can’t get from a man.”

Sandy is candid about how people view her young age. “I know that I’m young enough that my age alone fulfills some men’s fantasies,” she says. “That’s okay. But I’m more than just my age. And a lot of men expect me to be sweet and innocent. They don’t realize that the lifestyle I lead, and the fact that I like both men and women, has led me to learn a lot very quickly. I’m not innocent at all. I’ve lived and I’ve loved. I’ve been with all kinds of people, and I know how to please a man.” What’s more, Sandy is very focused on the different needs that different types of men have, choosing to spend her time practicing everything from her conversational technique to her dance moves.

“Is there anything sexier, for a man, then when a half-naked girl gives him a private performance?” asks Sandy. “I don’t mean in like a strip club. I’m not talking about lap dances or that kind of thing. I mean when you’re with a man, and you dance, just for him, where only the two of you can see. He watches you move your body, and thinks about all the things he wants to do to you. Doesn’t that just blow your mind, just picturing it? It’s always been one of my fantasies, and I act it out whenever I get the chance. Life is too short not to indulge yourself in these kinds of things.”