Ruby, aged 26 is a stunning Las Vegas Escort. Her striking beauty and elegance makes her the favorite escort of many. Ruby has been the most preferred escort in Las Vegas for many years. Ruby’s exquisiteness and outgoing persona makes her your ideal escort in Las Vegas. Pick up your phone and make a call to meet Ruby, now! As a very young child, Ruby showed her great passion. She always knew that her passion was helping people and she wanted to be a doctor or a nurse when she grew up. Unfortunately, while she was still in college Ruby discovered that it simply pained her too much to see people in such great distress. Seeing them in pain and upset made Ruby physically ill and more than once she had to leave class early to head home to deal with her overwhelming feelings of sadness.


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Mixed
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Tall and elegant, Las Vegas escort Ruby exudes class and sophistication. At 26 years old, Ruby’s reputation precedes her. For many years, this escort has been THE most requested escort in the entire Las Vegas area. There are many reasons why she is such a favorite of the crowd.

With her long and dark tresses spilling down nearly to her waist, Ruby’s finely boned facial features highlight her classic good looks. Her outgoing personality makes it easy to talk to her while her elegant fingers and hands make it obvious that knows what she is doing. Ruby delights in showing men how easily and quickly she can them excited. Ruby embraces her femininity and is not afraid to use her womanly assets to help you as well as her own self realize sensual pleasure on a scale not yet seen in the city.

One of our most famous (and most favorite) escorts is Ruby: as gorgeous as the sparkling gem ever was! This twenty-six year old raven haired beauty is professional, classy, and is the epitome of perfect when it comes to how to treat a beau! Ruby’s sinewy body is long and firm with taut breasts and buttocks. Her skin is naturally a beautiful hue thanks to her Italian blood. Her face is reminiscent of a goddess: classic features, deep eyes, sharp cheekbones, kissable lips, timeless looks. Her personality is always upbeat, confident, and lively. She is an excellent listener and is able to put anyone at ease in seconds. When anyone sits down to visit with Ruby, you immediately feel like you have known her a lifetime.

Knowledgeable with an eagerness to hear what you have to say, Ruby makes you feel important because she knows you are important. She loves to show you that she feels honored to spend her time with you. As for activities, Ruby loves so many activities that there are too many to list. She loves to go wine tasting, go to a sports game, or out for a hike. Alternatively, she will be proud attending a business function or company convention with you. Evening time you can see her at a candlelit dinner or grabbing a To-Go Order to eat at an off-the-wall place that will stay in your memory forever. Afterward? Dinner and dancing? Maybe going to the top clubs and hot spots? Or does a hot tub for two with some delicious champagne sound more to your liking? Whatever strikes your fancy sounds good to Ruby as well.

So if you are a ‘going out’ person or a ‘staying in’ person, it doesn’t matter. Ruby is literally content either way. She can find fun and enjoyment in either situation. We asked Ruby what she thinks about life. “Life is all about enjoyment.” She gushes, full of passion. “Life is about indulgence. I am all about experiencing what life has to offer and meeting great people along the way. Finding passion with them… and sharing it. So far, it has been a wonderful journey.”

It is easy to see why Ruby is so popular. She’s thoughtful, caring, and very, very passionate about everything she does. Everything she undertakes in life, including meeting new people, she gives everything she has to offer, and still gives even more, in order to give a person the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. Ruby certainly shines.

“I love to listen to a man,” Ruby tells us. “I like knowing that he’s opening up to me, because a man who opens up his deepest desires, his innermost secrets, is giving you a part of his soul. That’s a much more incredible gift than any gold or diamond jewelry. It’s something so much more personal than just a present, just something that you buy in a store. It’s like the difference between a greeting card you buy in a drugstore and something that is hand-written with real sentiment. I don’t know about you, but when someone takes the time to really personalize something for me, really invest it with a part of themselves, I completely melt. I just want to be held and to give myself to that man. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Ruby is also very honest about what she thinks about being a woman. “There is a lot of talk to about empowering women, and feminism, and everything that this is supposed to mean,” she says. “Like you’ve got to be a woman in the same way that every other woman is being one. If you don’t agree with all the right ‘feminist’ causes, you’re somehow betraying your whole gender. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I believe the key to being a woman is sensuality. That’s the way our bodies are designed.” “Helping people is a way of life for me,” Ruby says. “I remember reading recently that once again, the nursing profession was determined to have the highest ethics of any profession. That means that nurses are truly committed to helping people, and anyone who has ever stayed in a hospital knows that. Nurses are devoted to their patients in a way that blows away all other professions. Helping people is its own reward. That’s why people become doctors, too. I used to picture myself as a doctor, helping to heal the sick. I wanted to make the world a better place. I still believe in making the world a better place, because you can’t ever give up on your hopes and dreams. Sure, what you choose to do with your time may change, and the course you take may have to be altered depending on the obstacles that you go over, or go through, or go around, but really, what you dream is what you dream, and what you hope is what you hope.”

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