Met Pepper, one of the spiciest girls you will ever meet. She is someone you will always remember with her gorgeous honey hued skin and curves abound, once you get her in your sights you won’t be able to forget about her no matter how hard you try.Pepper is only twenty-three years old, standing five foot three inches tall, but she herself has a presence about her that makes her a whole lotta woman. Her sleek, smooth toned legs are absolutely perfect, and her rounded booty and breasts are amplified by how toned the rest of her body is.


Age 23
Height 5’3”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Mixed
Orientation Straight
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Her round face has beautiful light hazel eyes, rounded cheeks and ample cheeks. When she smiles, her beautiful eyes nearly disappear and her beautiful dark lashes replace them momentarily and emphasize her beautifully groomed eyebrows.Pepper styles her hair a number of various ways, so you never know which way you will see her. In her current pictures, where she is so eager to pose for you, she has beautiful spiral waves in a deep brunette hue with highlights of blonde, red, white, and honey. Being half African-American and half Caucasian (of French descent), Pepper enjoys changing her look from time to time.

One thing about this exotic beauty is Pepper loves to keep a style that is clearly her own. Since she takes such intricate care of her body and face, she takes the same type of care when it comes to pick out her fashion style.Not one to follow the trends, but definitely one to know what looks amazing on her, Pepper picks classy items that were once in style that never really went away. She is not one for following trends. You will not find Pepper wearing platform heels to your encounter, nor will you find her wearing plastic non-prescription glasses when she has no problems with her eyesight.“I love stuff that never goes out of fashion.” Pepper admits. “If we are going to a club, I will dress sexy, but I may not wear heels. If we’re going to a function, I will be classy; I don’t put myself out like I am a piece of meat. There is a time and place for that type of thing.” Time and place, indeed. Pepper knows that well. Because she is one of the most popular escorts not only because of who she is, but also because of her professionalism, class, and all business are behind closed doors. Pepper has always held privacy in very high regard. She has never been one to be a loud party girl, nor one who has enjoyed large displays of affection in public.

If she has a spark for someone, she has always said it should be further explored in privacy, not with a couple dozen drunk party goers slobbering around you.“I have standards, and there are some things I can and cannot tolerate.” Pepper says in a matter of fact tone.Her voice is light, creamy. A voice that resembles how you would expect a delicious summer fruit salad should taste, with great homemade vinaigrette. Pepper’s eyes will linger on you a bit longer than you will expect. This is something that will make you excited and nervous at the same time. You can either ask her what she is looking at or ignore her. It doesn’t make any difference. She is not going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you what she’s really contemplating.

Whatever it is, Pepper has you on her mind, and since you’ve booked her, you are all that is on her mind. Rest assured that something extraordinary is going to take place this evening that will stay in your memory banks forever. But no matter what you would give to find out at that moment what she is thinking about you, Pepper will never tell you.She is a gracious girl. Even-tempered, passionate, exotic, and intensely erotic when you least expect it. Pepper is a bit unpredictable too, and she is a deep feeler. She keeps her cards close to her vest, and she watches you like a cat. You almost think she has her guard up, but you are free to ask her anything and she seems to answer you honestly. She makes you feel very comfortable with her.

And when your date is over, you will be in need for a few days rest from some intense exercise, but you will be saying to yourself you have never felt better before in your life, and also that you have never met a girl in your life as lovely.Plus you will never look at another Pepper grinder again without thinking about this girl. So lose your inhibitions. Call the girl now.

“I think if you can’t be bold, you might as well be dead,” says Pepper. “I have built a lifetime on just going after whatever I want. I’m never afraid to tell somebody something. I remember in highschool, I had one of those friends who was always mooning over some boy. She would write his name over and over again in notebooks. She would follow him around like a puppy and laugh at all his jokes, whether they were funny or not. And ultimately he took another girl to the prom. I talked to him about it because I wanted to know how anyone could be so cruel. I mean, he honestly could see that she was into him, couldn’t he? Why would he deliberately snub her?”

Pepper elaborates, “She was intelligent, she was beautiful, she was fun. But a funny thing happened. When I talked to him, his face fell. He said that he never knew that she was into him, and if he had, he would have done something entirely different. He would have taken her to the prom but, in all honesty, he thought she thought of him only as a “friend,” and her steadfast refusal to indicate any kind of attraction for him is what made him think he didn’t have a chance. I look at something like that and I realize, the course of two people’s lives could be forever changed if only they had known about how each other felt. What if they were destined to fall in love at that prom and be together forever? Except that they weren’t… because she wouldn’t talk about it. Would that be an awful tragedy?”

As a result, Pepper formed the philosophy she has now. “I’m completely uninhibited,” she explains. “Whenever I see something I want, I just say, ‘Okay, this is my new goal.’ And I invest as much energy as possible into getting there. People see that and they give that a lot of respect. That’s the dirty little secret about boldness. Everybody thinks about being bold, and everybody wishes they could be. Sure, a few people resent boldness in others out of generosity, but really, deep down, everyone admires the person who is bold. Everyone says, ‘I wish it could be me, going for it, doing what I want to do when I want to do it.’ That’s what being bold means to me.”

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