Isn’t it funny that redheads still get a bad rap in this day and age? But yet, they are still secretly lusted after in an extraordinarily large number. Moira knows this better than anyone. This tall, statuesque scarlet redhead probably knows this better than anyone. She gets the endless stares and bedroom eyes from plenty of men and women, yet so many are scared or intimidated to approach her. Could it possibly be because of the hair color only? Well, what else could it be?“I blame it on my red hair.” Moira laughs in good nature. “It has to be. I mean, because I have changed my hair to brunette and also to blonde and things changed in that aspect. I was approached easier by people. I was asked out by men and women both. But then when I went back to dying my hair dark scarlet, which is my favorite shade in my hair, the longing looks and no approaches came back with no people approaching me again! We are in the 2010 decade and I can’t believe it!”Well, as you can see by her comment on her hair, Moira is a young woman who is confident in her choices and her opinions.


Age 27
Height 5’7”
Hair Redhead
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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She is direct and honest, but she loves to hear others opinions and views on everything, too.

She is a woman of the world. Moira has spent her teenage years through her early twenties touring the world with her parents on a missionary/Help the World project. She is a very kind soul who sees the best in people and loves to hear stories of others and meet new people.

By helping people over the years with her parents, going continent to continent, the result gave her a rocking body without trying. Her tall, sultry body gave her curves in all the right places and firmness where it mattered.“I have never been one to appreciate the sun. I never liked to get a tan even before it was ‘uncool’ to get a tan.” Moira admitted. By doing so, she doesn’t show a line or a spot on her flawless translucent skin of hers. With that, it makes the hue of her beautiful hair even more dramatic.

She walks and swims to keep fit, but admits that she refuses to lose her ample curves.

“I love to have curves that are very dramatic. I don’t want an athletic build.” Moira admits.

She can fill out a T-shirt and a pair of shorts easily. Her skin is very supple and she keeps it very moisturized so it is very tempting to want to stroke and touch. (That is what Moira was going for.)

Moira is someone who enjoys a free spirit that can make a plan for one thing, but then the plans change to something completely different, they just go with the flow. That is how she is, anyway. Moira is very caring, and very passionate about everything she does. She does everything she can to make sure whoever she is with that they are having as wonderful a time as she is to. Just like her beautiful, intense hair color, Moira stands apart from all the other women you may have experienced. Her sultry, curvaceous body, her classic, beautiful face that can give a ‘come hither’ look that melt someone to their knees.

Moira likes to be a bit of a tease, like a kitten with a ball of string. The pleasure she loves to bring behind closed doors can only be hinted at in her bio here. She is a simple girl with simple pleasures, but the way she can make men feel after they have been with her seems so intricate one can be at a loss of words to explain.

She is a popular Las Vegas escort to spend time with, because she is comfortable with anything you may have planned for the evening. Moira is never one to complain, and her companionship has always been beyond reproach.Moira will happily greet you in any way that may spark your fancy. If you love a girl in lace and frills, she will do her best to please. If you are a sucker for leather and heels, she will aim to please. Or maybe you love a gal who looks perfectly presentable on the outside, but underneath her outfit she has some of the raciest lingerie that has ever been created! Well the, Moira is the perfect escort for you!

Moira is a woman the needs to be experienced in the flesh. Once you meet her, you know she will be the one who will bring your fantasies to life.You know you want to pick of the phone and get to know this gorgeous redhead. Time is ticking by: Now is your chance… Call her!

“I like to say that I can seduce a man without a word, using just my eyes,” says Moira. “It’s kind of a game to me. When you have a sexy body, you can get a man’s attention, sure. There isn’t an attractive woman on the planet who doesn’t know that. And when a guy walks up to you and starts talking to you, the more seductive you are with your words, the deeper hooked he will be. Picture that. You chat up that beautiful girl at the bar and she’s interested, so she starts talking back. And when she does, she is saying some dirty, sexy things to you. She’s running her tongue along her lips. She’s making bedroom eyes at you. Her eyelashes are batting up and down. But it’s the sexy words she uses, the way she employs that dirty talk, that really goes deep down to what most men want. Men are used to having their desires secret inside their heads. They don’t expect women to talk about sex and about women the way men do. So when they meet a woman who’s willing to talk dirty back to them, to engage in verbal fantasy play, they get very excited. That’s seduction, yes, but when you’re pretty and you’ve got a man listening to the fantasies you share with him, that’s easy to accomplish.”

Moira goes on, “Much harder is doing all that seduction, getting a man to turn completely to your attention, without speaking to him at all. Imagine that you want to get across to a man that you’re into him, and that you’d be willing to go home with him. There are plenty of other willing ladies around you, and he’s attractive. He could have any of them that he wants. Could you lock eyes with a guy like that and make him understand, just with the smoky look you give him, that you’re his for the night? I’ve perfected that technique. I know how to make a man think the dirtiest thoughts just by looking at him. You might think I’m exaggerating. I’m not. It’s an art, and it’s a pleasure to perform. I love what I do and this is just one of the talents that helps me do it.” Of being a free spirit, Moira says that she can’t imagine being any other way. “How else would you live if not free?”

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