Foxy Mary is a self-proclaimed “girly girl” who first learned to put on makeup at a very early age. She is fond of “stunt kites” and likes to spend as much time in the nude as possible. She is very proud of her skill with nail art, and is known for her beautiful eyes.


Age 24
Height 5’30”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“I like to think I can seduce a man with a look,” Mary says. “I learned it from another escort, who explained it to me not so long ago. There is a craft to being a Vegas escort, and the smart girls will learn from other girls. You shouldn’t ever be too proud to admit that you don’t know everything, and every girl, no matter how little time she may have spent in the business, can usually teach you something she has learned. I try to always take that into account and to ask the other escorts I talk to what their best trade secrets are. And this one time, I talked to a girl who told me all about the art of seducing people with just a look, just a smoky glance from across the room. It sounds crazy, I know, or like something out of a movie, but I have to tell you that it is absolutely true. So she told me the story, and I guess I can tell it here.”

Mary goes on, “See, any woman can seduce a man with her body. She can give him a good, long look at her curves. She can run her hands up and down her body, or across her stomach, or even grab her own chest. She can lean forward seductively. Even waitresses in restaurants understand that one. You lean forward a little more than you need to so that the customer gets a nice, long look, and he’s going to tip you better because you turned him on. A man who has been turned on is always a little more free with his money. The smart ones even get that what they’re tipping for is just the pleasure that you gave them visually. But really, any woman who wants to use her body to get what she wants can work it like she means it. That’s the most primitive form of seduction. It’s one that every woman seems to understand on an almost instinctive level.”

“The next level of seduction,” Mary explains, “is when you use your voice. Maybe you’re talking to your man on the phone, or maybe it’s crowded and you can’t use your body the way you would like. So you start taking dirty to him. You tell him what you like about him. You tell him all the filthy things you’d like to do to him and, even better, the naughty things you’ll let him do to you. If you get just the right sensual tone in your voice, he’s going to be driven absolutely wild. He’ll get the idea pretty quick, but it is still a very primitive seduction. It’s not hard to do and it’s not subtle. Any woman can learn to dirty talk her way into a man’s heart… or into his bedroom. Again, it’s something that women seem to understand on an almost instinctive level.”

Mary goes on to explain that using the eyes alone is the most advanced area of seducing a man. “When you can impart real meaning with just a look,” she says, “then you really understand how to seduce a man with a subtle approach. This can work anywhere. You can seduce a man in front of his own wife or girlfriend if you know how to use this approach. You lock eyes with him, maybe you bat your eyelashes a little, and you let him know with just your gaze that you are frankly interested in him. You show him, just through your eyes and the intensity of the way you meet his, that you want him, that you’re his for the taking, and that he should move in an make that first critical move. This is the way you seduce someone with real style. It’s done through the eyes. Of course, you may have to get more forward if he still won’t take that first step. A lot of guys are so convinced that they can’t get a woman as hot as me that they’ll hesitate, figuring they must be imagining the look you’re giving them. So when that happens you have to kick it up a little. Maybe you lick your lips a little more than you need to. Maybe you suck your own finger. It’s all fair once you’ve put the time in with your eyes. As long as you start with a firm foundation of smoky looks, you’ll snare him, no problem. He’s all yours then.”

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