Mallory, the 21 years old Las Vegas Escort enjoys what she does. You will certainly enjoy some of the most memorable moments in her company. Playful, friendly and talented, Mallory can make your fantasies comes true. Stop daydreaming and dial our number to meet Mallory right now! Sweet and a giant flirt, Mallory is still getting used to be legal here in the Sin City. Since she recently turned 21, Mallory has taken to exploring some of the dance clubs that have always been off limits to her previously. Due to her affection for dancing, Mallory has been itching to get out on the dance floor and show everyone what she has.

A fan of the hit tv show, “Dancing with the Stars,” Mallory’s dream is to find her dream partner and develop a dance routine to one of her favorite tunes. Full of sexy moves that really show a lot of hip action and butt wiggling, Mallory loves to show off her newest dance routines. Her favorite way to dance is in the nude in front of a mirror so that she can see how her body really looks as she is bend and swaying to the music.


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Young Mallory has a long and lean figure that accentuates her curves. Smoking hot with flawlessly smooth and soft skin, this 21 year old is a Las Vegas escort favorite. Though she is young, she is very talented and knows how to use her body to make you feel amazing. Mallory’s long dark hair sets off her olive skin complexion and smoldering dark eyes. Full of personality, she is friendly and playful. She is eager to show off both her perfectly toned body and her skills in the bedroom.

Well-versed in all those little details that make a man feel extra-special, Mallory is always willing to try something new. She puts your pleasure first and delights in bringing you to new heights of satisfaction by using any body part she can. Do yourself a favor. Call us right now and line up an evening with Mallory. You will not be disappointed.

If Mallory was a sign she would be: ‘Dangerous Curves Ahead.’ This twenty-one year-old hot-blooded female oozes sexual energy and charm with her super slender but curvaceous figure. Mallory is quite tall, five foot, six inches, but she is small framed, making her sinewy like a snake. Formerly a trained professional dancer, she knows how to move her beautiful body in ways other women can’t. And speaking of women, they are more than welcome in Mallory’s bedroom, she says!
Her sexy body is paired with a face that can appear quite innocent when she wants to. But that innocence seems, at times, to be just a cloak to fool you in order to hide her mischievous side. Mallory has beautiful walnut colored shoulder length hair, high cheekbones, and gorgeous hazel eyes that always seem to sparkle with naughtiness. What naughtiness? She seems like she may be eager to tell you, but will not give up that information up without a fight.

She will give you a bit of a hint, though. “Okay, I will admit it. I LOVE to play games. I am a bit of a tease, but it’s all in good fun. I love to spice things up by playing around a bit. I act this way in everything I do. It’s to enhance life a little bit. Everyone needs a little bit of fun and games in their life. And haven’t you ever noticed… if something is dangled in front of you for a little while, you tend to want it more than just having it handed it to you? Like when you have run a marathon: You see water up ahead. Doesn’t that bottle of water someone is dangling out in front of you look more appealing than the tepid water you are carrying on your hip? That’s my philosophy anyway.”Although admittedly she is a bit of a tease, Mallory really is a genuinely sweet and caring person. She has a heart of gold.

She loves comedies and making people laugh; she cares about people’s feelings and what they need, and she aims to make her new friends always remember her in fantastic memories when they visit Las Vegas. Mallory is up for anything, and she is ready to escort you around for a time you won’t soon forget! Remember: she’s just turned twenty-one. She’s free, she’s wild, and she is so full of energy that Mallory has boundless energy and she will keep up with you in whatever you’d like to do!

“Dancing nude has to be the most incredibly freeing sensation in the world,” says Mallory. “I can’t get enough of how it feels, the open air on my skin, my sweat beading up on me and pouring down my belly. I’m not sure why anyone would ever need to turn to alcohol or drugs. It’s not that I care or that I’m against drinking or anything. It’s that this is the most complex, fulfilling natural high in the world, moving your body with nothing between you and the sky but your own skin. I’m not afraid to say that I’ve pushed the boundaries with my dancing.”
Mallory goes on to explain, “I set a goal for myself one day. I wanted to see if it was possible to get completely naked, or to see how close to completely nude I could get and still have everybody be okay with it. I picked one of hottest clubs, a place that is known for its dancing, and for the incredibly sexy people who go there. I started with the tightest, slinkiest dress I had in my closet, one of those black sheath dresses that makes every guy stare at you because he can see all of your curves on display for the world. But then I wanted to take it a step farther. I started hiking the dress up. I wanted to see who would notice. Would the bouncers step in? Would they just watch? I started to push the dress down from the top, too. Then I went out and got a smaller dress. Then a smaller, tighter dress. Then I started wearing boy shorts and a bikini top.”

The results of Mallory’s experiment were interesting, to say the least. “By the time I was showing up to that club in heels and little more than a thong bikini, people were really talking about me. There were a few who wanted me out of there, sure. And there were a few who wanted to take me home. But finally, I locked eyes with one the bouncers. And he just stared at me. He just stared at me, looked me up and down, and gave me the hungriest look I’ve ever seen on a man’s face. Like he wanted to devour me. I was incredibly turned on by that. I’ve never seen a man become so close to an animal in that way since.”