Madison is a young, beautiful woman that is full of life and ready to paint the town red!Raised in the Midwest, this attractive twenty-three year old with stars in her eyes was attracted to the lights of Sin City. Originally coming down to Las Vegas with the thought of trying out to be a show girl, Madison realized that the city was too much fun to keep a rigid routine as a nightly dancer. She wanted to taste every aspect our wonderful city had to offer, and she is still doing so, and enjoying life to the fullest!.


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As you can see by her lovely collection of photographs, Madison treats her beautiful body well, with her lovely tanned skin, toned body and shapely legs. She says her downfall is heels (she collects them!) so she has an array to select from whenever she goes out on the town.Because of that, you would never guess this beauty is a petite five foot, two inch tall in stature! She goes to the gym daily, her favorite activities being running, jogging, and swimming. Her firm curvaceous body and perky breasts speak for themselves!

Pair that with her seaming less boundless energy and you have the perfect escort to venture out into the Las Vegas area with! She is just as anxious as you are to explore both the city and each other!

Madison is a well-educated, friendly, optimistic woman with a very open and optimistic personality. She loves to laugh and smile. It is hard not to pull away from looking from her absolutely gorgeous face.

Madison has a face of an actress: She has a perfectly proportioned face with dancing dark sapphire eyes that sparkle with life. Her nose is perfectly proportioned with her face, and her lips are large and supple, which she feels is one of her best features, and she loves to wear striking colors like ruby red and electric pink to keep all eyes on that specific feature.

Another personality feature Madison admits is one of her best qualities is her sense of humor. She loves jokes and she adores someone who can look at life in a lighter view. Comedies and pranks, she believes, are something everyone needs to embrace on a daily basis in life in order to make life a little happier. You must have a lighter, happier outlook to life order to face another day. In addition, another personality feature Madison is proud of is she is very ‘hands on.’ She loves to use her hands. She loves to touch and explore with everything she does.

She is an expert when she comes to giving a full body warm oil body massage that can last an hour. She is playful and a bit of a tease, but she can also relax muscles and tension and make them melt away like a stick of butter on a hot stove.

Madison can work her sinewy body all over yours, and wrap herself around you like a snake. She can wrap herself around and give you passion and excitement on a caliber you have never experienced before.

When you decide on Madison as your escort in Las Vegas, you are making an excellent choice. You are bound to have a great time with this young lady. Anything you want to do with her she will be a great companion. Adventure is always more fun when there is two people involved! Madison loves being a sidekick when it comes to going out and have a great time!

If you need to go to a professional affair, Madison can definitely accompany you with all the class and skill needed to create an impeccable impression upon others. Afterward, when it is time to play, Madison will make an impression on you that you will never forget. We are talking parties, clubbing, dinner, dancing, events, or anything else you may want to do here in Las Vegas. If you are up to it, so is Madison.

She has the looks, the youth, and the stamina to do everything to turn you into your dream girl forever. Her looks and personality are truly out of this world.

We cannot reveal too many secrets about what happens after hours, but if you look at Madison’s beautiful face and figure, you can see that we have not implied anything on her biography. What we have written about her is the truth. Madison is an open and honest woman with a wild kitten flare and a wonderful sense of humor and exotic, erotic beauty. She resembles a screen goddess that has lost her way back to the studio lot and decided to go out with you instead. Reap the rewards! Call now!

“I love to play practical jokes,” Madison explains. “I think we’ve really gotten away from the spirit of what that means, though. Like, on April Fool’s Day, the day we most associate with practical jokes, people have stopped doing funny, playful things, and have just started to lie to each other. It’s like all these news sites right now that just make up fake news that isn’t even funny, and then they act like you should be impressed when they fool you. But there’s no fun in that. It’s just telling lies and hoping people don’t bother to check where you got your facts. And on April Fool’s Day, people have stopped trying to make other people laugh and they’re just being mean, just trying to get people to believe things that aren’t true, so then they can go, ‘Ha ha, I owned you and pranked you because I lied to you and you believed it.’ And the lies aren’t so ridiculous, so funny, so stupid that only a fool would believe them. The lies are just things that could be true.”

Madison prefers to the traditional approach to practical joking. “For me, a joke has to be funny, or it isn’t a joke at all,” she says. “And what is funny? It has a good sense of playfulness. It’s the kind of joke or prank that both people, when they look back on what happened, can laugh about it. There’ a sense that you’re laughing and having fun together, not that one person has put something over on the other. It’s never mean-spirited. That’s what I like about practical jokes. That’s what I like about having fun with other people.”

Madison is equally enthusiastic about her warm-oil body massages. “Giving and receiving physical pleasure is very important to me,” she admits, “but I think I like giving more than receiving. That probably sounds strange. I think a lot of people pay lip service to the idea that it’s better to give than to receive. And of course I like to feel someone’s hands on me. But when it’s you putting your hands on someone else, something very different happens. You get to feel their body through your own skin, yes, but you also get to see what you are doing to them. You get to feel the power you have to make someone else feel good. I like that.”