Meet Lizzie, a true Vegas girl that can party from sunrise to sundown! This gorgeous brunette, who originally is from Paris, France, moved to Las Vegas in her early twenties because she felt the City of Lovers was a bit “too slow paced” for her spirit. She wanted to experience life at more of a “race car speed” and she feels Las Vegas is keeping the pace she is desires… at least for the time being.


Age 29
Height 5’4”
Hair Light Brunette
Ethnicity French
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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This beautiful, classical French beauty has it all: The heart-shaped face, the full lips, and dimples, giant blue eyes full of expression, thick brunette hair and ample assets. Her spirit is vivacious and outgoing, and her personality is incredibly sincere and honest.

Lizzie makes everyone instantly smile and she has that instant appeal that makes people flock to her. But when she is on your arm, she stays true to you and never wanders from your side. Lizzie believes heavily in romance; remember, although she left Paris, she still is French through and through.

Lizzie is one for action and adventure. If you are looking for a great escort to show you the best clubs, parties, and concert venues in Las Vegas, Lizzie is definitely the right choice!

If you are one who loves crowds, nightlife, parties, trying new cocktails and lots of dancing until the break of dawn, you have met your match with Lizzie. She has the stamina to party all night, then bring you directly home to your hotel room and REALLY get to some partying.

How? Well, Lizzie has the stamina to be the last one dancing on the dance floor. Blame it on her dancing classes she took while she was in college. That was the professional path she was deciding on taking until she sustained an ankle injury. But it does not stop her from knowing all the current moves on the dance floor in the clubs.

So what does Lizzie do when she’s not partying the Las Vegas night away? She laughs and responds: “Sleeping. Then I train my body (at the gym). And I get ready for the evening.” It’s not hard to see that this beauty is passionate for the night. And being young and free, why not?

And laying eyes on her unbelievable figure, just by dancing alone she could maintain those sleek, strong legs, flat tummy, high, perky breasts, and strong arms and back. But she insists on swimming and light weights to keep her healthy all around.

Now when it comes to Lizzie’s ultimate favorite activity, sharing her physical exercise with others, she has the stamina to last longer than most. “I am not bragging, but I do not think anyone has lasted longer than me when it came to the act to sharing physical pleasure. I am still trying to find someone who ‘one ups’ my game.” Lizzie says, laughing in a kidding way. I think she says it very jovial, but in the same vein, I think she is lightly challenging someone out there who is brave enough to take that challenge.

Lizzie loves to try all sorts of new things. The important thing is that all persons involved are relaxed, comfortable and have fun. Lizzie loves to have women involved too. She is neither intimidated nor jealous at all when she has female friends invited into the mix.

She has plenty of methods and tricks she loves to try on her beaus when she gets them behind closed doors, but if she gets someone who prefers to take the lead, so will gladly follow his course. She can follow the leader. Lizzie believes it’s all about give and take, and having respect for one another. Once you meet Lizzie, and you have the opportunity to get to know her and how charming she is, you will find how quickly smitten you are with her. She charms so very easily, and her personality is one that just puts you so at ease. Everyone should be so lucky to meet such a wonderful friend like Lizzie.

But fate has brought Lizzie to you. And you get the opportunity to experience first-hand, the fun and excitement of going out on the town of Sin City with the captivating, sexy beauty of Lizzie. You can go out to dinner with her. You can go out and go out and go dancing, go to a few parties with her on your arm. Maybe catch a show. Then head back to your hotel. Have Lizzie model some of her beautiful lingerie for you while you order some room service. Look… Lizzie has found the stereo…it’s one of her favorite songs… she’s swaying closer to you…

It is time for you to continue to the story. To do this, you have to pick up the phone and give Lizzie a call. Make sure to tell her what color lingerie you want her to wear. Have fun!

“There’s no way to deny that people find me especially erotic,” admits Lizzie. “When you’re French, and you have this accent, men desire that. They associate you with something unusual, something outside their day to day experience of women. They want to be with what they haven’t been with before, because we all desire variety. And I love that just the sound of my voice drives men wild, makes them think of sex, makes them feel like I’m the only person in the room. That’s power and sexiness in one package. That’s so much fun.”

Lizzie says her favorite car was probably a Ferrari. “There is nothing more thrilling to me than riding in a fast car. I love to hear the growling of an engine in a performance automobile like that. Knowing that you are moving faster than you’ve ever gone in a car before, that’s a thrill too. You know those videos, where they take a super hot girl in a tight shirt, put her in the passenger seat of a race car or some other super hot sports car, and then film her as she’s being driven around? In the best ones, a few buttons pop on her shirt, or whatever. I love those videos. I love pretending to be the girl in one of those videos. And if I could have a car like that, I think I would drive in it all the time. Racing along with the motor purring, the wind whipping through your hair from the open window or a drop top… is there a better feeling? Is there any way to be more free?”

Lizzie is also frank about her incredible stamina. “You don’t just wake up one day and have stamina like this,” she says. “You have to work at it. There’s lots of physical conditioning and aerobic exercise involved. You know, cardio work. Fortunately for me, the practice required to develop stamina like mine is also very enjoyable. In other words, the very thing you’re practicing to be good at is the thing you’re doing to practice. It’s a good thing I like what I do. It’s a better thing that enjoy seeing and experiencing other people liking what I do. When two people are on the same wavelength like that, they feed off each other, drawing power and pleasure from each other’s experiences. It’s a mind-blowing way to have another person.”

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