Lily is one of our newest escorts, and we are so proud to introduce her to you. She is just as fresh and cream colored as the flower that is her name. Standing at a very statuesque five foot, six inches tall, this young woman, just barely out of her teens yet still not unable to drink, Lily will knock your socks off with her strong, athletic body and beautiful, clean face. Her skin is flawless with just a kiss of a tan. Her blonde tresses fall to her shoulders in loose curls and her light green eyes stare deeply into the camera with a lively gaze.


Age 20
Height 5’6”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Part Scottish, part Irish, Lily loves to stay fit with all sorts of sports, and she is a natural exhibitionist. The less clothes the better when it comes to Lily’s philosophy! She loves when she plays hardcore sports, because the sweatier you get, the more clothes you get to take off. Although she keeps an athletic build, it doesn’t mean her delicious yummy parts, her breasts, her parts, her hips, are not just as desirable as ever. You can see by her photographs that you just want to just jump into that she oozes sensuality and femininity.

Since Lily is young and free to do what she wants, she is trying anything and everything. She found that she has the liking to other females, and really enjoys it when her male suitors watch her with them. In addition, she loves to dance. She truly loves to wear the smallest, shortest, skimpiest thing imaginable on the dance floor. As you see on her photographs, she loves to walk on the wild side with her sexiness. Although Lily is still one of the newest escorts in Las Vegas, her reputation is growing fast, and the demand for her is become more and more each and every day. Her popularity is skyrocketing.

Even though Lily can’t legally take a drink yet, that doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of the evening, and for her that means dancing, dancing, and dancing! Lily needs to learn all the ‘ins and outs’ and all the little special things that makes an escort the one men always ask for. Of course, she already has a few tricks up her twenty year old sleeve, but she is a very eager student ready to learn from a teacher willing to teach her!

Even though Lily is a Las Vegas native, there are many sites of the city she has yet to see. Because of that, she hopes she will get an opportunity to go to different places with some of her potential beaus. She is so excited to meet different people from different places! In addition to loving exercise, dancing, and just enjoying life as a fresh, new adult, Lily loves caring for her two new dogs, Casper and Georgie. She seems to be in the parks whenever she gets a chance walking and running around with them.But she is ready to go and meet a beau at a moment’s notice (without the dogs and without smelling of dogs, of course!). She will be happy to join a beau on any sort of date; Lily does not have any preference. Just remember, she is only twenty, so it won’t be too much fun for her if you want to meet her at a wine bar.

Lily requests if you want her to dress a specific way, or have a specific activity in mind, please let her know so she can dress appropriately. Sometimes Lily gets a little bit shy, but that is because she is still new to this world, but she warms up quick. Just give her a few minutes; she is actually a very personable young lady.

Lily also has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She is very easy to get a giggle out of!

She is available to accompany you any time of the day, afternoon, or evening. She is open to new adventures, and loves all kinds of physical activities, indoors and outdoors. Lily is a bit of a daredevil; she’s the type of girl who would take a dare and follow it through. So think very, very hard if you dare her to go bungee jumping; she will be expecting you to be right alongside her when she is getting those cords strapped on!

Lily is a lovely, beautiful, and fun girl. She is a type of girl everyone needs to meet in life to realize how much there is to experience out there. And with Lily, you can experience it with a drop dead gorgeous babe. Call her and have an amazingly fun time now!

Lily may come across as innocent, and that’s just the way she likes it. She knows, though, that she is anything but, having learned her way along, and learned the ropes of her profession, on her way to becoming so popular. “I enjoy fooling a man,” she admits. “I don’t mean anything bad by that. I mean I want to surprise him. I think the reason a lot of men get bored with their women is that their women fail to keep surprising them. Things become routine, and when a woman is totally predictable, a man’s interest wanes and his head can be turned by the next pretty thing. I mean, it’s bad enough if things get stale in the bedroom. Most men will find somewhere else to spend their time and interest if their lady starts just going through the motions in bed. But it’s the same in relationships in general. A man wants a woman who has opinions of her own, who has a life of her own. That way, he knows he’s with someone who is more than just dependent on him. Most guys want a woman who’ll surprise them now and then, who’ll take the initiative, not just be a passive participant in the relationship.”

Lily goes on, “I like to keep my man guessing for this reason. When I first meet a man, I want him to think of me as innocent, sure, so I can completely blow his mind when it turns out that I’m actually a very kinky, very dirty, very naughty little girl. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy dressing super skimpy and sexy when I take the dance floor. I want people to see me, and have their eyes rove all over my body, as I show them how I can move. Dancing is like sex without the sex. It’s like…vertical sex, you know? When you’re dancing, you’re showing the people you are dancing with, the people dancing with you, how much control you have over how you move. Does your body move in ways that make the person watching want to make love to you? Do you spark desire in others? Do you stoke the fires of their lust? That’s why they call it a ‘torch song,’ you know. When a woman sings, all sexy and sultry, and her voice and the way she’s holding herself make a man want her, that’s a torch song.”

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