When she lays her giant almond shaped mahogany eyes on you, you are hooked. Her young, round face and youthful body is ripe and ready to be explored and tasted. Her fresh, twenty-one year old nubile body is eager and ready to gain the experience she craves.


Age 21
Height 5’5”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

She has many faces. She can give you a coy and innocent look that has the beginnings of a blush forming on Lana’s cheeks. But yet on another, her innocent eyes can turn to two smoldering bedroom eyes with an unwavering ‘come hither’ look, her luscious mouth pouted in a way that it is silently begging to be kissed, highlighted with the most attractive flaming crimson on it.

Lana can mask into whatever you want her or need her to be. If you need her to go somewhere professional with your first, she will. If you need her to punish you because you have been a very naughty boy, she can do that (she even has an outfit for that too!). She has a woman that can wear many different hats. She loves a challenge. If you have one, bring it to Lana!

As you can see from her variety of different lingerie and underthings, Lana has lots of things she’d love to put on and model for you. She wants to look her best for you and be exactly what you want when she escorts you out for the night. She wants you to be open with her and tell her up front what you want her to look like.

For Lana, she finds it quite a turn on to appear for a meetup wearing and looking exactly what her beau was requesting. She states it starts the evening out perfectly, which almost always guarantees a wonderful experience to both. “It is a silly superstition I have always followed.” Lana admits, laughing. “But I swear to you, doing this, it always ends in a great evening!”

Well, whether you are planning an escort for an daytime or evening meeting with Lana, we know that you are going to love her charm and personality, even at the tender age of twenty-one. Lana has many interests in many things, and you will never find a lull in your conversation with her. In addition with conversation, if things progress to a more adventurous, physical activity, you will find Lana to be very hands on, and is a very passionate, spirited young woman that does not take many ‘time outs’ once proceedings start.

With Lana’s youthful playfulness and openness, of course this escort is open to other women joining in your date if that is something you yourself are into. Lana is someone who looks at life as half-full with possibilities, everything is new and a challenge or something to be celebrated. The exuberance of life, it’s impossible not to feel some of it rub off on you thanks to Lana!

We know Lana we satiate all your wants and desires with her beautiful face, figure and personality. She is great escort and just an overall awesome person. She will easily meet and exceed your expectations!

If you want to go out on the town and go dancing at the best places on the strip, you have one of the best hosts in the city! If you maybe want to find a couple of rockin’ parties, our girls can find the hottest ones happening in Las Vegas! And if you just want your own private ultimate party with you and a special guest, you are on the right path: You are reading our ad and you are getting to know our girls. The only problem is, how do you choose just one? (In that situation, then, you’ve got to pick two!) Lana makes an explosive party on her own, and she has also has recently gotten into making some really creative drinks we are sure she is going to ask you try.

“The great thing about my delicious, fruity cocktails is they are really awesome to drink AND, they make amazing body shots AND if you want to create them a bit thicker….Hello?!? You have just made awesome homemade body butter!” Lana brags. We are very proud of all our girls. They are not only beautiful, unbelievable escorts; they all have their own special talents outside of their skills mentioned here. They are all amazing women and we are so proud to represent them.We asked Lana if she had any parting last words for potential clients: “Yes! I am really looking forward to meeting you! I love to party and meet new friends. We all have a great time down here and we truly, honestly, have so much fun. Don’t even think twice about it. Give us a call. Give ME a call! I will be ready to meet you in a heartbeat! PLEEEASE?” Now don’t let this gorgeous young thing be kept waiting!

“I don’t like to choose just a single, fun thing,” said Lana. “I was always the kid who rejected multiple choice questions. I don’t want to be told, ‘It’s got to be only this way or only that way.’ I don’t think our minds are wired that way, either, which is why I think it’s always appropriate to question authority, to ask why something is the way it is. Who gets to say that you must do this or you must do that? Who sets those rules? What if more of us just did what we wanted to do? Wouldn’t we all be a lot happier? Wouldn’t we all live in a better world? I wonder about that sometimes. Like, if everyone just agreed, everyone everywhere, that they were going to let go of things they didn’t like and follow their dreams, and to hell with all the rules saying otherwise.”

Lana is philosophical when it comes to applying this idea to the rest of her life. “Let’s say they passed a law that you weren’t allowed to have any fun. Certainly a lot of the laws that do get passed seemed geared toward telling a group of people, people who like a certain thing, that they can’t have fun. You know, a law that makes pot illegal, that’s saying to everyone who likes pot, ‘Sorry, you can’t have fun that way in this place at these times.’ Well, that’s every law, when you come right down to it. Every law tells someone they can’t do something that they think would be fun or just what they want, and if they don’t obey that law, they get punished. Well what would happen if we all just agreed that this system is stupid, and we’re all just going to enjoy ourselves? What if we told the people who make the rules to go to hell? I think we would all be happier if we did that.”

Lana’s love of dancing revolves around the physical fitness aspects of the activity. “Gyms can sometimes get boring,” she says, “no matter how much you like to work out. Why not spend some time exercising doing something you enjoy? Dancing can be solitary or it can be something you do with other people. It can be super strenuous, and you can engage in these dance marathons, or you can just do it for a little while to get your blood pumping.”

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