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If you have ever entertain any fantasies that involve Barbie, then we have the escort that is perfect for you. Kristi is our vivacious and luscious Scandinavian Barbie like beauty. Tall with high and rounded breasts with generous nipples that stand erect and at attention more often than not, Kristi has an affinity for very short micro skirts and very tall stiletto heels. Just like the doll, our real life Barbie has an entire closet that is filled with glamorous clothing that is designed to accentuate her nearly perfect figure.

We have heard from some men that they have a fantasy about having a night of fun with an escort who looks that the perfectly proportioned Barbies of their childhood. Fortunately, due to her stunning good looks and her zest for life and willingness to accommodate so many of her client’s fantasies, many of the men who choose My Vegas Escort are able to fulfill this fantasy.


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At 24 years of age, Kristi is a true lover willing and ready to have a good time no matter what it is you have in mind. When in Las Vegas aka the Sin City there are so many things to do, but booking a Las Vegas escort is by far the best and most exciting and pleasurable experiences that you can take advantage of, and beyond all that, Kristi is one of Las Vegas’s prime time escorts who never leaves a man unpleased. Originally from Sweden, Kristi moved to Las Vegas with one goal in mind which was to have a good time, so if you’re looking for a good time then it’s probably best to stop wasting time and to pick up your phone right now and give Kristi a call. Why wait any longer? Whether it’s a simple night in your hotel room or a hot date night out on the town, Kristi promises to do as you wish.

Everyone knows that Swedish women are known to be ultra-passionate lovers, and Kristi stays true to her heritage! This Scandinavian beauty bubbles over with what seems to be unquenchable sexual desire and energy. Kristi’s limber, supple body is yours for the taking. She is so very eager to please, and she loves to try all kinds of fun and games that other people just talk about. If there is something you have heard of that you want to try, Kristi is your partner! She loves to laugh, and believes trysts should be fun, exciting adventures, no matter how off-the-wall or crazy they may sound!

She can appear quite wild and experienced, but Kristi is a very patient and kind teacher if you want to learn a few new skills. She can find erogenous zones on a partner they never knew even existed! What’s more, Kristi loves to play with men and women, and has a wonderful time with both, alone or together with her!
Toys, dice, fuzzy handcuffs, soft blindfolds, cat o’ nine tails, feathers, beads, whips, chains, oil, cream, vibrators, masks, rings, clamps, teasers, paints, ropes, inflatables… these are just items people use when they talk a walk on the less conservative side of physical pleasure. If you have used some of these items before, or if you haven’t and are curious, Kristi is someone you would want as your companion to introduce, or reintroduce you to this world.

She is very active in this type of play, and she can gently bring the novice into this type of play if they want to, or she can keep up right up with someone who only lives in this world. Your pleasure is guaranteed.
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This woman has a face of a goddess with a statuesque body, shapely hands that never stop exploring, and a tongue that will lick, lap, poke, and explore to no end. Kristi has boundless energy, and seems to never have an “off” button. She is truly one of the world’s ‘perfect’ escorts. If you think we’ve over spoken about Kristi’s talents, call her now and find out for yourself. We double dare you. (And after you meet her and you finally regain your strength, you can call and apologize.)

“People talk about unrealistic standards of beauty,” explains Kristi. “Every time that subject comes up, it’s always Barbie dolls that get blamed. Like your kid is going to buy a doll that is obviously not in proportion to a regular human being and decide to have body issues as a result. It isn’t Barbie dolls that are giving girls body issues. It’s the twenty-four hour a day cycle of news that shows them nothing but emaciated models with eating disorders that makes girls think they’re not pretty enough, or not thin enough, or not good enough. It’s the photoshop stuff that every girl knows is being done in the fashion and entertainment magazines, but that nobody admits to until a particularly bad example hits the news. So a magazine puts some woman’s head on some other woman’s body, and that’s a big deal. It shows that even people we think are attractive aren’t good enough for the media and the magazines. It’s no wonder girls grow up thinking they aren’t pretty or thin enough. But who gets the blame? Barbie dolls.”

Kristi explains that she isn’t really a very political girl, but it bothers her to see a perfectly good toy blamed for a societal ill. “Looking like a blonde, sexy Barbie doll isn’t a bad thing,” she says. “It’s also not something everybody’s going to be able to do. But blaming a doll, or a woman who is tall, blonde, with big, beautiful breasts, just doesn’t accomplish anything except to make everybody in society all riled up. They start pointing fingers and blaming, and nobody’s life is better off.”

On a less serious note, Kristi admits that the games she likes to play in bed can range from naughty to nice… and a few things in between. “I’m all about sex toys,” she admits, blushing a little. “The more powerful, the bigger, the better. It isn’t that my man isn’t good enough for me, or that I need more than he can provide. I just like to tease myself. I like to see how many different ways there are to experience pleasure. It’s a great thrill. There’s nothing like combining the use of toys like that with the kinds of games two couples can play in bed, teasing each other and pleasing each other all at the same time. I get so turned on by stuff like that I can’t stand it.”