Comely Jolene is an avid bicyclist who spends her free time writing poetry and thinking up her next big adventure. She is a firm believer in being spontaneous and staying outside your “comfort zone” whenever possible. She admits she is obsessed with the idea of the next, great thing, whether that is being discovered or discovering something herself.


Age 25
Height 5’30”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“In some ways,” Jolene says, “it would be untrue to say that I am always thinking about my next great adventure, because life itself is a great adventure.” She adds, “The day that I signed up to be a Vegas escort was the greatest day of my life, because it was on that day that I banished boredom forever. I this recurring nightmare, you see. In my nightmare, I’m working in this horrible, dull office environment, and I’m thinking that I’ll never get to have any fun again. And I always wake up from that nightmare thinking that this can never be my life. I can never let that happen to me. I don’t ever want my existence to be defined by four cubicle walls and a boring computer and maybe some sad little radio playing in the corner. The idea of standing around a water cooler talking about your weekend is the worst part. I couldn’t imagine only having fun on the weekends, if that.”

Jolene explains that the “working for the weekend” culture is part of what she’d like to change about society if she had the chance. “How many people who work regular jobs spend all work week thinking about the weekend?” she asks. “When they go home at night, they have just a few precious hours to do anything before they have to try and get a few hours sleep so they can get up too early and do the whole thing again. They’re trying to squeeze their whole lives into two little days out of every seven, and those five working days are like completely wasted. That’s terrible! That’s no way to live, trying to get in all your fun in just those two days.”

Jolene goes on to say that it is for this reason that she takes her job as an escort so seriously. “The time that am an books with me,” she says, “is part of the precious free time that he has. He spends most of his life working. He has chosen to spend some of his time off with me, and that’s very special. I would be doing us both wrong if I didn’t give him precisely what he needs. If I can’t make his life as happy it should be, even for those few precious hours that he has booked with me, then what am I here for? When he’s out with me, he’s going to have a little slice of heaven. He’s going to be able to put all his cares and concerns aside for just a little while. I don’t want to fail him. I want to make sure that he gets what he was expecting when he booked with us. It’s the least I owe him. I pride myself on my client satisfaction and I’ll never do anything to betray that confidence that our clients place in us.”

Bicycling not only helps Jolene stay in shape, but also helps her stay connected to the outside world. “I don’t like to do stationary biking, like a spin class,” she explains, “because while it’s great exercise, it’s no fun. You’re just in this little room and you’re pedaling away, but the view never changes. How does that old bumper sticker go? If you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes, and in a spin class, all you do is stare at the backs of the people in front of you. That’s not what I want out of my workout. When I work out, I want to stay connected to the outside world. I want to have some sense of what’s happening out there. You can go your whole life never really connected to the outside. That’s the sanitized and antiseptic world in which we live. Well, when I exercise, I want to be able to breathe fresh air. I want to see new sights. I want to hear the noises of the street. And yes, I’d like to occasionally hear a catcall or a wolf whistle, because when a guy checks me out while I’m bicycling, he’s letting me know that what I’m doing is working. He’s paying my body a compliment, and it is that body that I’m bicycling to keep in shape in the first place. I never resent that kind of attention, and to be honest, I have never understood women who do seem to have some kind of problem with it. That’s just inappropriate complaining.”

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