Superb Jessie is a versatile girl who enjoys role play and exploring the city’s night spots. She stays in shape through hiking and enjoys urban sports like GPS navigation. She collects elaborate dolls, the older the better.


Age 23
Height 5’20”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing it is that circling our planet right now are satellites that we can use to pinpoint our position, like, right down to a number of feet?” Jessie asks. “How crazy is that? We all have in our cars, and in our phones, or just carrying around with us like even on our bikes, these things that regularly talk to space, and these satellites up in space talk back. And they can tell us with an accuracy to within a few feet precisely where we are on Earth, and what stores and restaurants are nearby. And on top of all that, they would be even more accurate except that our government has to change the accuracy a little bit so that the GPS coordinates can’t be misused by criminals and terrorists. That’s just mind-blowing to me. I can’t imagine the kind of work and technology that went into creating something like that. A few hundred years ago, people lived half as long as they do now, and they had only the most primitive technology that everybody could understand. Now we’re all surrounded by things that none of us knows anything about. We use our phones, but we don’t really understand how they work. And everything we accomplish is therefore done standing on the shoulders of all the human generations that came before us. That really is amazing to me.”

Jessie goes on, “What I like to use the GPS for is to explore the city,” she says. “You may not realize it, but there is this whole navigation subculture out there. They use it for scavenger hunts and just for leaving clues and finding new things to do in the area. As a Vegas escort, I am very much into finding new night spots and new fun things to do. I want my date to have the best time of his life when we’re out on the town, and to do that, I have to have access to some of the most exciting and new locations. There are always the tourist spots, the places that anybody can go to, but I like to find new and exciting things, stuff that is a little off the beaten path. That’s part of why it’s so fun to go exploring. I like to be the one who introduces a man to someplace he’s never been before, especially if I can turn that into one of the most exciting nights of his life.”

Part of exploring the city, for Jessie, is hiking, and she likes to hike both on hiking trails and within the urban environment. “I just love anything that gets me up and moving,” she explains. “Whatever gives me the chance to exercise and keep the machine that is my body in good working order, then I’m happy. When you have a body that looks this good, you naturally want to maintain it. So I do what I can, not just to get exercise, but also to keep myself interested. If you’re bored, if your routine is just kind of dragging you down, you’re not going to put the work in. It’s going to be a drag and you’re going to find excuses not to do it. So the key to all successful workouts is to make them fun, so that you’ll want to do them.”

Jessie’s love for role play is one of her more intimate outlets. “I love to dress up in lingerie and different sexy costumes,” she says. “To me, lingerie is the ultimate expression of feminine sensuality. In some ways, it’s like you are gift-wrapping your body so that your man can unwrap his present. I like that feeling by itself, but the more elaborate and sexy and feminine the lingerie is, the better I feel about myself. I like to get in touch with my softer, feminine side. I like being the one who can show my lover just how sensual I can be. When you fully express your sexuality, you get a much more satisfying experience from whomever your partner is. You bring the best out in both of you. So being open and honest with your partner is in your best interest. And the sexier you are, the more alluring you can be, then the better able you are to engage with your lover and show them how much you care about them. There is no better expression of your affection for someone than giving them your body and saying they can pretty much do whatever they want with it.”

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