Legends come and go in life. In all aspects and in all walks of life, representing all sorts of trades and traditions, for us, the legend we consider is Jessica, also known in Sin City as The Queen.Jessica has a prestigious reputation around Las Vegas as being one of the most famous and one of the most well respected escorts of today. She has taught many things to the other popular escorts that are also known about town and is also credited for finding some of the most beautiful faces and bodies in our stables.

As for Jessica herself, who has been in the business longer than she will allow us to print, she still is going strong at age thirty-two. Her beautiful light blonde hair still looks radiant after her new makeover; her sparkling blue eyes still glitter with passion and playfulness.


Age 32
Height 5’5”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity White
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Her five foot five inch frame stands tall on her black spike heels; she still loves the spikes over the platforms and trends aren’t going to sway Jessica. Her taut rear lifts so perfectly from them, and her breasts look like they are just begging to be touched, caressed, and paid a great deal of attention to! Jessica has always been a world of class. With her signature black clothing, with the every now and again surprising white attire, her slow, purposeful sentence structure and the unwavering eye from the suitors, there is no doubt why this luscious lady has been practically the number one favorite since the word ‘Go!’

It has never been disputed that this beautiful blonde goddess could seduce anyone she wanted to. Rumor has it that she has been on the arms of well-known stars, but the classiness of Jessica will keep her silenced until the day she dies.

She has kept herself healthy throughout her teens, twenties, and thirties by doing the simple things. “I have not followed a single diet in my life. I don’t omit anything out of my life. I eat what I want to eat. But I eat in moderation. And I exercise every single day. And drink water every single day. There. That is it.” A fun fact about the sexy Jessica is she prefers to exercise… in the nude. Swimming. Pilates. Yoga. What an enjoyable sight that would be to see!

Of course, Jessica’s prowess for anything sensual just makes her more of a romantic and erotic figure when we think of anything to do with lovemaking. She can turn anything simple or basic into something we will evermore think of as something sexy. It is just something she can easily do: Have our brains remember something plain twisted now with something sexy. Brilliant!!

When you look at Jessica’s ageless face, she looks like she would be goddess from any era. Her features are flawless and timeless. By having such an almost angelic face with such a perfect, nubile sexy body is almost a crime.

This escort is someone who is blessed with physical and sexual beauty, but also intelligence, grace, and warmth. Jessica is blessed, and she knows it.Fortunately, this woman has not let her popularity go to her head, although she has said an overly witty or sarcastic comment or two in her lifetime. But then again, who hasn’t?She has enjoyed being a hit in our wonderful city, and has turned a shoulder from being in things like beauty contests and other competitions as such.Why does a biography need to be written about Jessica when it seems everyone knows her? Because we want to! Everyone loves Jessica!And remember, we are just so lucky that she still is on the circuit and still having dates with beaus! Don’t you want your chance to have a date with the gorgeous Jessica and hit the Strip with a goddess on your arm? A night of dinner and dancing? Schmoozing and perhaps romance? It would be a night you forever stay in your memory. It’s like getting a chance to hang out with a film star or a rock band.

A person like Jessica is a down to earth, real person who just likes to hang out with other real people who like to have a good time. The only difference is she is just an absolutely amazingly gorgeous woman who oozes sensuality out of every single pore. But she can’t help that, can she?So now is your chance to take the big leap and call the Ultimate Supreme Queen Jessica. Dubbed one of the most beautiful escorts available today. Don’t you believe you deserve the most beautiful creature, at least one time in your life? Fulfill this fantasy now that you have this one shot, this one chance, standing before you. The phone number is there. Call her number there before you lose your nerve. Good luck.

“When I talk to a man, when I share my fantasies with him, I can turn him on land drive him wild without ever laying a finger on him. I think it’s very sexy to have that kind of imagination, that kind of ability. Anyone with practiced fingers can make a man feel turned on and then make him feel good because she’s got her hands on him. But could you do that with just your voice? Is your imagination up to the task of figuring out, as you talk to a man, what he likes? Could you read his reactions and know if you were taking him down the wrong road, or if you were getting him revved up so that you can drive him wild? Men are pretty on and off creatures, pretty binary. They are either not interested, or they are interested, and if you can hook them, you will have their full attention. For a red-blooded American man, there is nothing more important than the world than the attention of a beautiful woman. And once he has that, once he is engaged in speaking to her, once he’s exploring her and thinking about her and fantasizing about her, that exchange between two people is one of the most powerful exchanges between two human beings.”

Nude pilates, yoga, and swimming are just the tip of the iceberg for Jessica. “The ancient Greeks used to compete in the Olympics naked,” she says. “They believed that you didn’t want anything like clothes to get in the way when you were pushing your body for its maximum performance. I admire that. I admire that devotion to the human form, and to engaging in athletic activities without shame of your naked body. I think that sums up my enjoyment of doing things like sports naked. I just don’t ever want to feel ashamed of my body.” Jessica runs a hand up under her shirt and across her stomach while she says this, nodding knowingly to our interviewer. “With a body like this, I have a lot to be proud of. I like to share that with other people. I like knowing they can fill their eyes full with the sight of me. Does that sound strange? I suppose it might. But it is such an incredible turn on. I never get tired of it. That is the essence of both sex and love, to me.”

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