Jen, the 21 year old beautiful Las Vegas Escort moved to Las Vegas from New York. Jen is a fun loving person who believes in living life to the fullest. This gorgeous and impeccably well-groomed brunette beauty is no less than a goddess. Once you meet her, you will never forget her. If you thought you you’ve seen a hot sexy brunette before, then look again because Jen is by far one of the hottest brunette babes on the planet. A stunning beautiful and amazing professional Las Vegas escort ready to please, give Jen a call today and create an experience that will leave you begging for more. Jen loves the way her body feels when it is in shape. She has a special love for horseback riding and chooses to stay in shape that way. While she would love to be able to own her own horse right now, Jen is instead, content to simply ride every single chance she gets. Many of her clients has commented on how sleek and toned her legs are.


Age 28
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Take one look at Jen and it’s probably no surprise that you’ll agree that Jen stands as one of the hottest babes that you’ve ever seen in your life. The problem is, however, that pictures don’t even do Jen justice. It’s frightening to think that a woman could even possibly be hotter than the pictures of Jen because she’s already a ten out of ten. But beyond amazing natural beauty, this insatiable sexy brunette brings a lot more to the table than just gorgeous beauty.

Jen lives like the type of girl that enjoys bringing pleasure to others, and to herself of course, but she truly does love making others happy, which is why she loves being a top Vegas escort. It’s no question that when you spend even just a few minutes with Jen you feel something amazing unlike you’ve never felt before. Jen just makes you feel good because she’s happy and loves to laugh and of course loves having a good time. Pleasure is a top priority for Jen, both supporting herself and her clients. So there’s no question that you shouldn’t wait another moment to call Jen and setup a super sexy hot date right now!

Las Vegas is lucky to welcome one of New York’s special assets to its city! Jen has relocated her gorgeous self to our city, and we are more than happy to welcome her into our arms! This professional escort has taken her exquisite talent and skills from up North and brought them down to us, and we are so lucky to have her!

Jen is the embodiment of pure class and sophistication. Jen holds a college degree from a prestigious school in the North, but found what she loves to do is escort. She is someone you’d be proud to take to a business convention, show, or assembly then out to dinner, all the while gazing at her gorgeous smoky brown onyx eyes, knowing that you are privileged enough to bring her back to your hotel room with you.
Her skin is flawless, her beauty is classy. Her long, dark ember hair falls down her back in thick, straight lines. She carries herself with confidence, but keeps her attention on you, making you feel like you are the most important person in the room.

You can see through her clothes that her body is immaculate: long toned legs, perfect bottom, perfect top, flat stomach, slim arms. She takes pride in her appearance and physical beauty, but she is not one to flaunt herself. She believes less revealed is more out in public, but she shows a completely different side when she is behind closed doors with a beau.Jen loves conversation. Her voice is quiet but sensuous. Everything she says is captivating. When she has her eyes on you, you cannot take your attention off of her.

When her body is near yours and she begins exploring your body with her hands, fingers, and mouth, the sensation is beyond words. She knows how to please a person. When you are with Jen, you know you are with someone that is going to create amazing memories with you that are going to stay with you forever. You know you are going to discover moves, feelings, and peaks you have not experienced before with anyone else. It is a night that you will never forget.And if you are part of a couple, Jen welcomes it. She appreciates a couple who is in love and wants to invite a professional in the can show and inject more love into their relationship by giving them a bit of what they are missing. Make the move and contact Jen today. She will change your world forever.

“Riding a horse is a very sensual experience,” Jen explains. “When you’re on horseback, it’s like you’re getting a chance to commune with nature, to connect to it. You’re like a part of that horse. When I’m riding, I like to picture myself as a centaur, a creature that is half horse and half human. When you have that incredible beast between your legs, when you feel its muscles working, when you feel yourself carried around on it and feel the power pulsating through it and through you… I’ve had orgasms just riding horses. It’s an astounding way to experience life. It’s no wonder so many women enjoy equestrian sports. You’ll never be more in touch with your feminine side, with what gives you pleasure, then when you have a horse between your legs.”

Being incredibly toned is something Jen takes for granted. “I love the feeling of sculpting my body through exercise and good fitness,” she says. “But I am going to be completely honest. What I like is how that makes men look at me. When you know the second you show some skin, every guy who walks past you is going to try to look when you don’t see, or hope you don’t notice, or just go ahead and stare and not care if you know he’s looking… how can you not be intoxicated by that? Being toned, being healthy, being sexy, it makes you so powerful. It makes you the best version of yourself you can be.”

Jen admits that being meticulous about her grooming is also a full-time occupation. “I can’t leave the house until I’ve checked myself in the mirror,” she says. “I’ve got to know that everything is where it should be, that I’m looking my best. I want everyone I meet to be blown away by me. If that someone is an ex-boyfriend, I want him to be jealous of the whole world when he looks at my smoking hot body. And I want more than that. I want to be what he’s thinking about for the rest of the day. I want him to fantasize about me, to picture my body in compromising positions. I want him to tell his friends made up stories about us because he so badly wishes he could get with me that he’ll indulge in fantasies just to help make himself feel better. I admit it.”

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