Some men love to chase after the women that are nearly unattainable. And once they do get them, they seem to live on the fact that at any one fact, the girl they have they finally caught are like a slippery eel: At any moment they could slip from their fingers and that girl could be gone forever.We try to get a host of different beauties for all types, since not everyone likes a glass of ice water as their favorite drink. Not everyone likes a glass of orange juice. Hayden, in this scenario, is a more complicated drink. She’s like a hot peppermint cappuccino with whipped cream.That being said, this beauty is not for everyone, but we know she is definitely for all.


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Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas EscortLas Vegas Escort

Just from her looks, you can see that Hayden is a beauty. At only twenty-one years old, Hayden portrays a very confident demeanor with her very perfect body. Her tiny five foot, two inch frame commands attention, even without having high heels on or colorful clothes.Hayden can stretch over a leather chair in minimal clothing showing you her tanned, toned, beautiful body without an ounce of embarrassment, regret, or self-consciousness. Her oak hued eyes stay steady on the camera with a half-smile, revealing a tiny dimple on her cheek.She emanates the beauty of loving herself, but also emanates the feeling of that ‘she’s better than you,’ and that ‘she knows just how gorgeous she is.’

Love that or hate that a woman can pass that confidence across in a photograph, you make the decision. But not all men who are looking for a date for the evening wants to choose to spend an evening with someone who may look or act like a ‘high maintenance’ woman.But, believe it or not, there are people out there who LOVE women like that. There are men out in this world who crave to be with a high maintenance woman. Someone who goes on a date with him, and spends her time with him, and if he’s lucky, she’ll throw him a crumb or two of affection.Hayden has this act down pat. At age twenty-one, she is only worried about herself, how she looks, and if she goes out with someone, why they can give her to make her advance in life or how they can make her look better.

She is the epitome of the ‘High Maintenance’ woman. Hayden will look like the ultimate killer fox, she will only have eyes for you, but she will expect all the demands a High Maintenance woman does from her man.

If you have dated a ‘High Maintenance’ woman before, you know they will expect unbelievably outrageous and things from their man. If you haven’t dated one before, Hayden will give you a crash course.The main thing to remember throughout this date is that Hayden is not like this in real life. She is playing a part for the specific contentment when escorting men. This has nothing to do with sexual activity or sex of any kind.

If you find you do not like the ‘High Maintenance’ woman, please talk to Hayden in order to break the date wherever you are at during the course of the evening and she will explain what process will be next.

Continuing on through the night, however, past perhaps, some dinner and dancing, or a nice walk and a show, maybe then Hayden and you can make a turn back to your hotel.Perhaps this date can turn into an intimate discussion for two back into your hotel room. Hayden adores champagne and compliments. If there is attraction there, the magic will happen.

You will have a fun time with Hayden for sure. She is sharp witted and has a wickedly funny sense of humor. Being twenty-one, she still hasn’t developed a censor button on all she says, so she will say things that may not always be appropriate, but sometimes they will be awfully hilarious!Hayden is sweet underneath it all, and she is healthy and smart and her stamina means she can party and have fun until the break of dawn (and then immediately go out for breakfast)!She is someone that will challenge you on just about everything you say. Not because she disagrees with you, but probably only for the simply reason to get a rise out of you. But she will promise you that once you meet her, she will never ever forget her, and why would you ever wanna forget Hayden? She is literally one in a million!See if you are one of the men that can outlast and conquer a night with a ‘High Maintenance’ woman. She’s impatiently waiting for you to call her up… right… this… instant.

“It’s not a bad thing to be considered high maintenance,” Hayden points out. “It means you’re someone who takes care of yourself. It means you give a damn about how you present yourself, how you define yourself. It could extend to any part of your life. There’s how you dress, which could involve any amount of fashion and designer clothes. These don’t have to be expensive. They just have to be a certain way, look a certain way, regardless of what they cost you. Now look at a ‘low maintenance’ girl by comparison. She dresses like a slob because, hey, it doesn’t matter how she presents herself. She doesn’t have to look her best. She just has to exist, to get by, to be casual. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, men don’t line up around the block for casual. They don’t get super excited and even fight each other for the honor of being with someone who is just good enough. They get electric inside over someone who is high maintenance because if you take care of yourself, if you take meticulous care of your appearance and your manner and how you conduct yourself, then you will impress everyone around you. You will be seen as highly valuable and highly desirable. An attractive woman can look sexy even if she dresses like a slob, sure, because there’s a certain charm in that. But compare the high-maintenance girl in her perfectly tailored clothes and her upright demeanor to the slouching, casual, hot chick in jeans and a sweatshirt. The high-maintenance girl wins every time.”

Living the life has its advantages, as Hayden is quick to admit. “I never pass up a chance to have fun,” Hayden adds. “I knew this woman. She was kind of a mentor to me. She worked hard. She worked in an office for people who didn’t appreciate her. She worked lots of overtime. And every so often I would invite her to come out with us, to come party with us, to have fun. And always she was too busy. There was always more work to do and she couldn’t. And then one day, she was dead of a heart attack, which can happen to anybody. I felt sad, but worst of all, I felt sad for all the fun she never got to have, because she always put it off. I won’t ever do that.”