Enticing Farrah loves nature and likes to get away from the city whenever she can. She is especially fond of bird watching and loves butterflies. She has traveled to multiple butterfly preserves. She also loves to sketch.


Age 24
Height 5’25”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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“What I love about butterflies,” Farrah explains, “is how transformative they are. I mean, sure, we all know the lifecycle of a butterfly. Maybe we even think about it when a pretty butterfly floats past us. That’s pretty rare in daily life, you know, unless you go out of your way to go to a preserve or a flower garden or someplace you’re likely to see them. They say the world and its weather are all screwed up these days, and I don’t honestly know if any of that is true, but I wonder about the butterflies. I hope they are okay. Anyway, a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar. These are cool and all, but they aren’t what we would call particularly attractive. It makes its chrysalis and then when it’s ready, it comes out a beautiful butterfly. I have always thought of that as a wonderful metaphor for the transformative process that is your life.”

Farrah goes on, “It isn’t an easy thing to become the person you were meant to be. We all face a lot of obstacles. Some of those obstacles are physical, like being born into a bad home or a bad neighborhood, or having bad parents. Some of those obstacles, though, the ones that really matter, are mental and emotional. We are all our own worst critics and it is our own inner voice that we take most seriously. That’s why positive self-talk is so important. You have to talk yourself up. You have to psych yourself up for the things you want to accomplish. If you think about it really hard, this makes perfect sense. Whenever you accomplish something hard, it’s because you told yourself that you thought you could do it. And when you fail, it’s because you couldn’t handle things, but only because that is what you believed.”

Bird watching is another activity that Farrah enjoys, and it is something that she can do for hours at a time. “Birds are so delicate and peaceful,” she says. “I love to see humming birds flitting about a feeder, for example. Even just feeding pigeons in the park can be fun. I know that people say pigeons might as well be rats with wings, but I have never seen them that way. Some of them can be really lovely, like an almost iridescent purple, and they make a very pleasant, soothing noise when they coo. We never take the time to look at things the way they should be. We don’t live in the moment. That could be taking the time to feed some pigeons or it could be something else. But nobody is responsible for what you miss out on compared to you. That’s your call and that’s your responsibility.”

When she’s not watching birds or butterflies, Farrah has been known to break out the pastels and start sketching. She also does charcoal sketches. “There’s something about a broad expanse of white paper that just makes me want to fill it with things that I see,” she says. “I can draw pretty much whatever I see and I like being able to translate what I observe into artistic interpretations. Being an artist means everything you put on paper is filtered. It’s filtered by your talent, it’s filtered by your eyes, and it’s filtered again when someone else sees it. It’s a tremendous responsibility to interpret the world. I think that is why we are so drawn to artist personalities. They interpret the world for us and they take on that massive responsibility.”

Farrah is not all deep thoughts and philosophy, however. “Part of me is just a good-old fashioned wild child who likes to get down and have fun,” she says. “You can’t spend the whole day in your head. You have to cut loose once in a while, and revel in the purely physical. Physical revelry is something I do pretty well. I’m a sexy, attractive girl, and I like to meet new people. I like to get close to the people I meet. Then it’s time to just embrace this party lifestyle. I’m a Vegas escort because I like fun, first and foremost. That’s the number one requirement for this job. You have to be fun, you have to be able to embrace fun, and you have to charge forward and take what you want.”

“I love this city,” Farrah explains, “but I also like to get away from it on occasion. I think having that pressure relief valve is very important. It’s also a great way to kind of reset and recalibrate.”

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