Meet this exotic, gorgeous beauty named Esmeralda. Although we don’t think she knows how to read a person’s palm or can tell a person’s future, she sure knows how to do plenty of other things to make a man smile a smile that can stretch over a million miles. However, this tall, five foot six inch, twenty five year old woman happens to be a purebred Brazilian with all the gorgeous physical benefits of being Brazilian that you would expect and envy. Although Esmeralda unfortunately lost her accent a long time ago (she came to the United States as a child), her body never forgot where her lineage came from, and it grew this sumptuous body into full bloom to match Esmerelda’s alluring face.


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So take a nice, long look, gentlemen, of nature’s work of physical perfection we call Esmeralda. Her face is round with a just a little hint of a heart shape to it. Her eyes almost look Egyptian, her eyes are beautiful brown, almost turning onyx at times, but she glances another way, they flicker to a beautiful gold color. Her eyebrows are immaculate, and her skin color, with no tinting necessary, is a literally a beautiful gold color. She sprinkles a tiny bit of tiny bit of dusty glitter on her skin she immediately looks like moving liquid gold.

Esmerelda’s hair is long, half way down her back and in various shades of blonde and light brown… many many different shades of gold surround her face. Esmerelda’s lips are touched with glossy pink lip paint.

In her photos she is wearing very little. Her skin is the star of her photos. Her tiny waist and strong, protruding hips that are very arousing sexually but also because of the way she uses them on the dance floor. Esmeralda uses her entire body whenever she does anything physical, and it shows. Her arms are super toned; her breasts are super perky and still a great size!

Besides being completely crazy about dancing, Esmeralda is a really down to earth person who appreciates all her friends and the people who share her life. Although she doesn’t intentionally bring attention to herself unless she is dancing, she keeps a low profile. She is crazy wild about turning her backyard into the best garden in the desert, and she loves to read about history. Looks can be very deceiving, can’t they?

But overall, Esmeralda can fit into that girl mold pretty simply. Her favorite color is sky blue. She loves going to the mall with her two best friends (who are also her roommates and fellow escorts as well). She is a sucker for anything with fake diamond or gemstones on them, and if there is something on offer that has a teacup poodle in a teacup, she will buy it. “I cannot believe I admitted this to you!” Esmerelda gushes.

Her favorite time of day is when she is getting up from her evening siesta and she gets a little flock of pre-jitter butterflies in her tummy. Whether or not she has a beau to accompany her to go out dancing, she always get a bit nervous. “I just want to dance and do my best. Dancing is my build-up to my ultimate passion.” Esmeralda explains. When I ask her to explain further, she winks and puts a finger to her mouth as if to say that it is a secret only one who goes out with her will find out the answer to. This beauty admits she loves to remain mysterious about certain things because she says it heightens certain pleasures. If you want to learn more about specific things about Esmerelda, the only way you are going to find out these answers is by calling her up and finding out if you will be able to schedule a date with this illustrious escort.

This girl may have many secrets and clues she’s holding close to her heart she just may want to reveal with you after she flirts with you and determines how much you really want it.

Perhaps you will have to show your stamina to Esmerelda on the dance floor when she shakes her hips and pushes into to you. I wonder how you would react to that. I wonder how she would want you to react in that situation. So many elusive possibilities… so many fantasies! And you have a decision in front of you. Does this gorgeous creature intrigue you enough that you want to get down to the bottom of her? I hope you find out what she’s hiding! I think she has a bag of gold behind all those tricky, sexy taunts. Go find out. Call her now.

“People have this expectation of Brazilian women,” explains Esmerelda. “I think in part that’s because so much of what you see about Brazil in popular entertainment is about porn, or about the beaches full of women (and even men) in thongs, or about the porn. Oh, I said porn twice, because there is so much of it!” She laughs as she goes on, “It’s possible that Brazilians have the perfect mix of features and skin tone. They’re sort of perpetually tan, and let’s face it, Brazilian women are often that perfect mix of dusky and sultry. Some of the soccer fans you see at the world cup every year, the ones from Brazil, they always seem to be some incredibly sexy women, and they’re not at all afraid to dress sexy and show off their bodies, to use their natural talents to support their country’s team. I admire that. I like that spirit.”

Esmerelda explains that her love of naps is actually something that borders on a hobby. “For anybody else, napping is just something they do when they get tired. But I’m actually kind of obsessed with getting enough sleep. I read once, a long time ago, that sleep is the single biggest factor in helping your body rejuvenate itself. In other words, if you get enough rest, if you spend enough time sleeping, you stay younger, longer. Another factor is hydration, so I make sure to drink enough water. But mostly I just relish sleep. I make sure that my bed is always comfortable, and I keep the mattress changed regularly so it doesn’t get old and lumpy like older mattresses do. I make sure that my room is always the ideal temperature, and I schedule plenty of time to sleep. It’s amazing how much of a difference getting proper rest can make when it comes to your daily attitude.”

That daily attitude is one of positivity, as Esmerelda explains it. “I strive always to approach each new day like the beautiful gift that it is,” she says. “How wonderful is it just to wake up and know that you have a new day, full of potential, to do things with? The day we stop being grateful for that is the day we don’t deserve each new day. I try always to keep a good attitude because that means I can get the most out of that daily potential.”