It is unfair that not everyone is created equal. But it is REALLY unfair that some are created even up and above everyone else so that the average person could even try to reach the heights of some of these people.What, or rather, who, am I referring to? I am referring to people like Erika, this twenty-four year old alluring creature that is posing in these striking photographs here.Erika is a five foot five inch tall, dark skinned, curvaceous stunner that has one hundred per cent Italian lineage pulsing through her veins. Her Italian heritage has blessed her with gorgeous natural curly onyx hair that falls halfway down her back, and also gave her lively, chestnut brown eyes with beautiful, well-groomed brows.


Age 24
Height 5’5”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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As you can see from all her photographs, Erika keeps her body in peak physical health. She loves to run and lift weights, so although she has a bit more of a defined muscle tone, she still has kept her beautiful curves that look amazing in and out of all types and styles of clothes. Erika loves to cook. That is one of her favorite passions. She is determined to recreate all of her family’s secret recipes from Sicily just to prove to her family that she can. She speaks Italian fluently as a second language, and later in life she would love to own her own vineyard. She has yet to decide whether or not she would like her vineyard here in the United States or back in Italy.

Her personality is very Italian. She is very passionate in all the things she endeavors. She speaks her mind directly and unequivocally. She is a wonderful listener, and she loves to laugh more than anything. Erika makes the most out of life. She is not a huge party girl. She is not one for the huge crowds and binge drinking, but if she is with a beau she will accompany him and enjoy herself with him. Erika actually admits she prefers a smaller, more concise outing. A smaller restaurant or a smaller event is much more to Erika’s liking. But she will attend whatever function you need or desire to go to. “My grandmother told me at a young age that I was an old soul trapped in a young body.” Erika laughs. Well, this old soul must be thanking the heavens for winning the jackpot on physical beauty. Although Erika wears very minimal make-up, her genetic make-up, take her eyes for instance, has the natural liner and huge lashes that makes her look like she has been in the make-up chair for an hour priming herself.

When it comes to dressing, Erika usually can be found wearing breezy sundresses when it is very hot around Sin City. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t own a variety of very special bras and lingerie that can cause a meltdown in other ways! And she does follow the fashion bible. For example: She does have the little black dress in her closet for going out and other emergencies as the bible states to have. She also has a pair of heels and some sparkly jewels to wear with it.

We asked Erika: What are the one thing potential beaus slip up on when they call ready to take you out? Her answer was a very surprising one. “They immediately think I want to go out to an Italian restaurant!” she exclaims, laughing. “I think that is so absolutely sweet and thoughtful. But I am Italian; I make my own food from family recipes almost every day of my life. But I think these men are nervous, and they just think right away: she’s Italian! Quick! Italian food! And when they ask me, I always graciously decline but follow up quickly with: ‘No, thank you. But Greek sounds scrumptious tonight!’” Okay, so potential callers, there is a free inside tip right there: Don’t suggest Italian food. (That is a really good tip, actually.)And as you can tell by how sweetly Erika stated this decline and handled this question, you get a glimpse of her personality and how kind she is. Let us assure you that she has a beautiful personality that matches how beautiful she is physically. And that is no easy task.

She is genuine, honest, fun, and always ready for a good time. This is another wonderful person who will do everything within her power to make sure you have a wonderful time when you are in Las Vegas and she is your escort. Life is to be shared; fun is to be enjoyed together. Erika would feel very flattered and honored if you chose her to be the lucky one to spend some time with you and have fun with you in Las Vegas. She wants you to call her.

“Staying fit requires an awful lot of dedication,” Erika explains, “because time is working against you. When you’re a child, you’re on the upswing, and every day shows that you have seemingly limitless potential. As your body grows, you get better, not worse. You become more coordinated. You become better able to use your body. The adult facets of you fill out and grow in. Awkward teenaged girls become incredibly sexy young women as they hit their late teens and early twenties. They grow into sexy women. And for a lot of girls, you can do that early on without a lot of effort. You’re sort of blessed with the gift of hotness, you know? But if you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t take steps, the passage of time works against you. Your body changes. It becomes harder and harder to keep your muscles toned, to keep those extra pounds off. And with each passing year, the battle you are fighting gets harder.”

Erika is frank about what this means for her fitness regimen. “I’m merciless to myself when I’m working out,” she says. “Staying fit, as much as I love it, it’s real work. So I set a grueling pace for myself, and I push myself, and I never let myself off the hook. Yes, it’s great to be toned and perfect, to have taut stomach muscles and one those perfectly round asses that looks like an upside-down heart shape, because men love that and the attention of men is always a great thing to have. But really, the reason I stay fit is less to get the attention of men with how sexy I can be, and more to keep myself healthy and fit so that as the years pass, I don’t become something I can’t recognize in the mirror. They say you can’t hold on to your young good looks forever. Well, I’ve got a long way to go before I get old, and I intend to have a lot of fun before I get there. I’m going to encase myself in the sexiest, tightest little black dress I can, and then I’m going to take the world by storm. Staying healthy and fit just makes sure that I can do this for as long as possible.”Erika goes on, “Being genuine and honest with yourself all the time is the only way to be.”

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