Emma looks like a professional model in her photos. She LOVES to play ‘dress up’ for her camera and loves to pose for photographs. All the outfits are her own. She is another of many who melts when it comes to collecting high heeled shoes. Emma says she loves the added heights, and she can walk on them with such ease and effort that it looks like she is wearing a pair of her favorite summer tennis shoes.


Age 21
Height 5’2”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Emma’s face is absolutely stunning. She has a classical heart shaped face you just want to place in your hand and shower kisses all over. Her apple cheeks are a peachy-pink hue, and her eyes are a bright, beautiful happy teal-green hue that looks like pools of clear Caribbean water. They sparkle and do not miss anything that is going on around her. Her blonde hair changes often. She usually wears it how it is displayed in her current photographs shown here. She keeps it a natural golden blonde hue with highlights and lowlights, long and thick, streaming past her shoulders way past the middle of her back.

Emma keeps fit and maintains a slight glowing tan due to her enjoying fast walking or jogging in the early morning hours. She does not do this every morning, only on real cool mornings; just enough to keep her looking healthy with a bit of a tan. One of the things that Emma loves to do is create her own jewelry. She uses a various amount of different gemstones and materials in her one-of-a-kind custom jewelry to make earring, necklaces, bracelets, good luck charms, key chains and other things.

But her main job is getting all dolled up and meeting new beaus through us. She absolutely loves her job with us, that every time she is asked about her job, she ends up smile cheek to cheek, showing her perfect pearly whites.“I just love my work!” Emma admitted. “I have met so many interesting people!”

Emma is always excited when she gets news that a beau wants to take her out. “I’m on pins and needles every time!” Emma laughs. “It’s like I’m waiting for my senior prom date all over again!”

Emma tries to get as much information out as possible to look as best as she can for her potential date. She will get herself all dolled up and ready so within an hour Emma can transform herself into a beautiful goddess. She looks absolutely unreal. Her beauty lacks words. And when you see her in the flesh, do not be surprised when your job drops to the floor, too. She looks like a professional model, and then she spots you and gives you a world famous smiles, you will be down for the count. Emma is out of this world.

On top of all of this, Emma’s attitude of her looks, her beauty, and her body is very shy, appreciative of compliments, but very quiet about it. She truly has a heart of Gold. Emma loves to spend time outside, inside, planned plans or not. She likes to go out on a whim and also likes to places where there are reservations waiting for her. As you can see, she is a really easy going gal with a heart of Gold.

Emma truly has an amazing spirit and personality to go with her amazing face and figure. She is becoming more and more popular here in Las Vegas, and it really is no wonder why. Her tastes in the bedroom can go from classic romance to the very exotic and erotic. Emma is a very daring and open person when it comes to physical things behind closed doors. She will probably request something before you will get a chance to.

But don’t think she will make you feel out of control or nervous. Emma will make you feel so comfortable with her and very excited at the same time, you will feel like you are with an old friend and not feel awkward or nervous at all. The intention that Emma has is that you trust her one hundred per cent. She will make sure throughout the time you get to know her and she gets to know you that the two of you are going to have a wonderful time, and that the two of you are going to be able to trust each other completely.

And if one or the other feels nervous for some reason, we agree on a safety word to stop and talk out what the problem is so we always have fun without any kind of fear. Lots of fun and excitement is the goal! Emma has covered all the bases, so you will be happy and prepared. All you need to do is call and introduce yourself to her. You are going to have a wonderful time with Emma!

“I adore men,” Emma admits freely. “I love a sexy, powerful man. But I think sexy and powerful come in all sizes. I think handsome comes in all sizes too. I like all kinds of men. The male animal is the simpler of the two in our species, yes, but that’s not a bad thing. People say ‘men are simple’ as if that’s an insult, and I think that’s a mistake. All over the world, no matter what you are doing, what is considered better? For something to be complicated or for something to be simple? Without a doubt, in every other thing we do, say, believe, and try, we always call the simpler thing the better thing, because complicated leads to problems. You’ve probably seen that funny image where a guy is represented by a single on off switch on the front of a machine. The woman, by contrast, is this incredibly and hilariously complicated layout of switches and levers and buttons, and every guy knows this to be a true metaphor and every guy will laugh at it… unless it’s too close to the mark to be comfortable for him, because he’s in a relationship with somebody who just endlessly gives him grief. Me, I don’t see how you can treat a man like that. I think men should be appreciated for what they are. They are the engines that drive the world. It’s because of men that we have society. And I like being sexy for men. I like showing them how much I appreciate them. I think the old feminist way of crapping on men every chance they get is just a mistake. It doesn’t help anybody.”

Emma’s love of sexy costumes is one of the reasons she haunts the local lingerie shops. “I just enjoy trying on different kinds of underwear, different outfits. Every different set of lingerie is a chance to become a different, incredibly feminine woman. I adore being sexy like that. I like to picture a man’s eyes when he sees me in that outfit for the first time. That curious mixture of surprise and delight that every man has when he realizes he isn’t just looking at a woman in lingerie. He’s looking at a woman in lingerie who he gets to touch, and hold, and slowly undress. He’s looking at a woman in lingerie who is his for the taking.”

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