If you prefer a thinner, boyish, athletic type of body to meet your desires, trust us, Elsa is NOT for you! Now, if you are all about the softness, the curves, the rounded areas, and… did we mention the curves? Look no further than Elsa!


Age 28
Height 5’8”
Hair Platinum
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

This twenty-eight year old, fair skinned, Swedish beauty looks like she was born in the wrong era. Elsa seems like she should be in a soda shop in a boy sweater and a poodle skirt, hanging out with friends, sipping sodas and talking about Elvis. But it just so happens she did land in our decade, and we are so fortunate she did! Elsa knows she has the retro classic hourglass figure from the 1950’s; she is very happy and comfortable in her skin, and she loves the attention.

“I love the fact I can fill out these beautiful corsets and brassieres 100 % naturally. I am proud that I have curves and soft spots. I am not trying to become a size six. This shape is the shape I want, and that I am going to maintain. The great benefit of it is I have a lot of people who enjoy my shape as well.” Elsa says without a word of defense or boasting. And when you check out Elsa’s photographs, you can see how much she loves her natural beauty! Posing in her negligees and nighties, she loves the feeling of thigh high hose clipped and snapped on her garter belt; she loves taking poses from old film stars and reenacting them in her silky garments. Her beautiful emerald green eyes stay steady on the camera, confident and happy, with a glint of pure mischief behind them.

Her hair the same color as the late great Ms. Monroe is styled in the similar way, and her makeup is a nod to Jayne Mansfield. She is definitely a stunner! And just because Elsa has bigger curves than the other escorts, that doesn’t mean for a moment that she cannot wrap around her warm, soft flesh and give rapture so erotic it could quite possibly end the days of time! If you don’t believe us, you know what you have to do, try it yourself!

Elsa has studied music history in the past and has a real fondness for it. She loves to go out to listen to it, dance to it, and party to it. There’s nothing that Elsa would say no to doing, inside or outside of closed doors. She is very eager to please. She is attracted to both men and women, and can pleasure both very, very well. Elsa prides herself on it. Elsa is all up for some games and fun with her escorts (and we don’t mean just gambling). Toys…Truth or Dare…name the game and she’ll get ready to join in!

This girl is about as personable as you can get. She is outgoing, sexy, and unforgettable. She will spoil you rotten as well. Elsa will give you the best of all worlds that a man has entitlement too, and leave you feeling like the King of the World. When you part you ways from Elsa, you will immediately be planning the next time you will be able to come back and see her again. No one would blame you.

As you read this, and look at her gorgeous, sultry photographs, think about how fantastic it would be to be spending the evening with Elsa tonight! And now think what you are doing right now. Whatever you are doing, I bet it cannot compare to the option of Elsa.

We only get one shot in this world. It is up to us to make the most of it. To find the fantasies we are actually able to make come true. To find kindred souls we know we should allow in our life and they will enhance our lives and our memories for the better permanently. Sometimes we just have to trust our instincts and jump in and take a chance on something we really, really want. This is one of those times.

Trust your gut on how you feel about Elsa. What is it saying about her? It should be saying the truth about her. How sexy, appealing, and attractive she is. You should be feeling your heart beating faster, that tickle in your tummy knowing that this is something you want to do (make the call make the call make the call). Remember you only live once… don’t make Elsa wait. Call her now!

“I think what is appealing about a game like truth or dare,” says Elsa, “is that for a little while, you are giving up power over yourself. Those little acts of submission are part of the romantic dance that all couples engage in, of course. But with truth or dare, now you’re doing this with people who might be close to you, or they might be strangers. They might be people you want to get close to, too. When you play games like that, submission games, with someone who charges you sexually, now you’re basically giving in to fantasy. You’re wondering if at any minute that other person might ask you to do something you’re not prepared to do. And even better, you’re thinking about how much you’d like to be made to do certain things. I don’t know if there’s another thrill like it in the world, waiting for someone to dare you, and knowing that you’ve either got to reveal a piece of your innermost soul, your darkest secrets, if that’s what they asked, or you’ve got to do what they make you do. Some of the games of truth or dare I’ve engaged in have gotten very steamy very quickly. You have to choose your fellow game players pretty carefully, because you never know where it’s going to lead.”

When it comes to lingerie, Elsa is very specific about what gets her going. “My favorite piece of lingerie is corsets,” she says. “I like the feeling of a corset pressing against me. I mean, I also like how it makes me look, how it helps to frame my beautiful body and give anyone looking at me a glimpse, a tease, of what he could be enjoying. But I also like the elaborate design of corsets. I like lingerie that is very lacey and has lots and lots of ribbons and bows and ties and things. Corset strings, you know, that’s just one aspect of corsets. I like the outfit to be as complicated as possible, and I like to take my time putting it on. If I can make a man watch me put it on, slowly, that’s as sexy as him helping to remove it from me even more slowly. And inviting a man to do that, help you on with your lingerie so that he can also help peel you out of it later, that’s hot.”

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