Let us introduce our beautiful escort Desiree, as close to a model of perfection that you can possibly get! This gorgeous twenty-nine year old woman is a native of New Orleans, and has decided to trade in one fantastic American city for another. Her svelte, trim body is full of curves that just won’t stop from beginning to end. She absolutely loves to swim and dance, and does not feel those are forms of exercise but luxuries of the body. In addition to that, Desiree loves Pilates and different forms of yoga to keep her body lithe and agile, so she is able to bend herself in many ways that would put younger women to shame.

Her body has curves to put Beyoncé to shame. She loves to show them off in flattering, but a little bit revealing, outfits that just show enough to make you want to see more. Desiree has an extraordinary tiny waist that a normal size man’s hands could almost meet when embracing her. Her physical form is truly incredibly.


Age 29
Height 5’4”
Hair Ebony
Ethnicity Mixed
Orientation Straight
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Las-Vegas-Escort-Desiree_6 Las-Vegas-Escort-Desiree_6
Las-Vegas-Escort-Desiree_6 Las-Vegas-Escort-Desiree_6

As for her face, Desiree is truly beautifully exotic looking. Her smoldering dark caramel eyes are slanted slightly with beautifully sculpted eyebrows. Her nose is small and perfectly proportioned for her face, along with her beautifully sculpted lips: Kissable and inviting. They look just as desirable with lipstick off as they do with it on.

Her chin and jaw and shaped are shaped firmly yet femininely, as are her cheekbones, and when Desiree laughs, she expresses a beautiful pure white smile and a set of dimples that completes her look to a T.

Desiree wears her chin-length hair in a loose, wavy bob that falls just beneath her chin, framing her face. Her signature color is virgin white as it compliments her light honey hued skin so well.

This gorgeous creature has won local beauty contest in her past but has also succeeded in obtaining the education she wanted. Fulfilling so many of her dreams, Desiree decided that Las Vegas was going to be her home where she could discover new adventures and excitement. Being naturally gifted, captivating and having a sensational personality, Desiree is quickly becoming one of the most popular escorts in Las Vegas.

Whatever you may want to do when you are here, all you have to do is suggest it to Desiree, and she will make the appropriate arrangements for it and you two will be good to go! You will never realize how fast time will go when you are spending it with Desiree! She can make anything you do seem like the best thing in the world, guaranteed!

Desiree loves to coo over what you may want to do later on in your time with her over some drinks in your hotel or some quiet spot in a restaurant or club. She loves to get things out in the open and talk a little naughty to you to see how you react to her flavor of approach.

She can sense right away if you are a bit uncomfortable or nervous, and will immediately do her best to put you at ease (remember the massages we mentioned earlier?). If you have something specific in mind you may want to do but aren’t quite sure how to bring it up, don’t worry, Desiree will manage to extract the information out of you without you feeling embarrassed or you are saying the wrong thing.

All our ladies are class acts even before we hire them, gentleman. We only employ escorts that stand out head and shoulders among the rest as being fun loving, sweet, understanding ladies that are kind as well as caring, but also hold themselves at a professional standing, remembering they are classy women, each and every one of them. Each woman is a high level of class and worth and she never forgets that. That’s why she loves what she does, and she loves meeting new people. Desiree is someone who will enjoy your company as much as you will enjoy yours. She will make your experience with her very personal and intimate, and you will create once in a lifetime memories with her you will keep close to you forever.

Everyone deserves a special fantasy to come true in their lifetime. This is your chance for yours to come true. There is no angel or devil or shoulder prodding you on. This is you.And Desiree is on the other end of the phone that you are staring down at. You know that you want to give her a ring and get the start of this one in a million, chance of a lifetime fantasy going. So do it for you. Do it just this once. Live your fantasy and call Desiree right this second.

“People tell me I look exotic,” says Desiree. “They’ll actually use that word in conversation with me, especially men. I don’t mind. I like the compliment. I think being told you are exotic is like being told you are unique. We all want to feel like there is something unique about us, something special. Nobody likes to think they can be replaced easily. And being exotic is one way to stand out from the crowd. I take it in stride. I’ve been unusual all my life. It has driven me to accomplish my goals in ways that I don’t think would have happened if I could just blend in and be like everybody else. But I am so comfortable in any social situation now. When you’ve faced challenges as a younger person, you get more and more confident. I have high confidence in everything I do. I love my job. I love men. I can’t say that this is what I would have predicted for myself a few years ago, but now that I know this is where the journey took me, I’m happy for what occurred along the way. But even if I wasn’t, there is no point in regretting what you can’t undo. You can only do the best with what you’ve been given, with the hand you’ve been dealt.”

One of Desiree’s favorite activities, in fact, is applying lipstick, which she has worked out into an erotic art form. “There is no more sensual part of your body than your luscious, full lips,” she says. “When a man watches you apply lipstick, he’s thinking certain things. He’s thinking about what it would feel like to touch your lips, with his own or with some other part of his body. He’s picturing how sensual you would be when you get close to him. Every little thing you do is like a clue, like a hint, about what’s going to happen when the two of you get together physically. So he’s watching your lips and he’s picturing them on his own body. What will they feel like when he’s pressed up against you? Men talk about whether they like a good rack or a good behind on a girl, but really, it’s the lips that tell the story. It’s the lips that do the seducing. Why do you think the first thing people do when they get together is kiss?

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