There are a lot of different names out in the world today. Some parents have named their children after cars, some have them after champagne. Some people have even named their kids after just natural things: Ferns, daisies, sky, sun and even colors (Sienna, Azure, Forrest, you get the drift).


Age 25
Height 5’3”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Well, meet our very attractive escort named after a nickname, or if you prefer, a noun. May we introduce to you: Darling. Darling comes to us from Pennsylvania, just one of four sisters in a tight knit family of beauties that all inherited their mother’s gorgeous looks and their father’s long, thick honey tinted brunette tresses.

Darling is the second oldest of the sisters, and a few years back after studying business in college, she decided to search for a more exciting town with more opportunities, and found her car heading straight towards Las Vegas.

She fell in love with our city in no time. And soon she found her calling and got in contact with us! As you can see by her photos, she has an absolutely beautiful face reminiscent of a film star. She has high; stunning cheekbones that lead to a pair of lips that form a perfect bee sting pout. She usually gives her lips a swipe of red lips gloss. That is all it needs for those kissable beauties to stand out. Darling has a pair of beautiful hazel green eyes that she enhances with classy makeup. And she is fortunate enough to have a pair of exotic shaped eyebrows that are thick enough for her to shape them any way she wishes. When it comes to clothing taste to cover her slender, petite body, she loves wearing thigh high stocking with ultra-high high heels. She has always wanted to be taller, and at 5’3”, she can wear six inches and own those heels like she is wearing a pair of her favorite sneakers.

With those heels, she loves to wear high skirts and dresses that make her thin legs look ultra-long, and with her ultra-small waist, she likes to promote it by wearing crop tops, small tank tops, bra tops and the likes. Darling has a tiny belly piercing she keeps in of a pink topaz that is in a shape of a heart. She says it brings her good luck. Darling loves to sing and dance in her spare time. She admits she’s not very good at it, but loves to do both. She says she will not sing in front of anyone, but she will dance in front of people. She can’t help herself; she enjoys going out to Las Vegas’ fun clubs and bars too much!

A pet peeve’s of Darling’s is a cell phone. She makes this clear to her friends and potential clients that may consider wanting to take her out. If you would like to take her out, please consider leaving the cell phone, mobile phone, tablet, or whatever electrical device rules your world home just the evening you are planning to spend with her. She would be so thankful if you did. (Please note that this is just a request of courtesy; you do not have to leave your cell phone or tablet if you do not want to.)

Darling considers herself to be a fine connoisseur of the restaurants in Las Vegas, so if there is something particular you are craving, just let her know and she can list more than a few that can make a fine menu for your choosing. In addition, Darling is a fine wine connoisseur as well as she spent some time touring the wine vineyards in California. (Her best friend’s father opened up his own vineyard there) so she has turned wine tasting into one of her favorite hobbies. When you two get back to being on your own; one on one time, it will be a nice time to spend some time listening to some music and letting the evening events pass and Darling and you get to focus strictly on each other.

Darling can be entertainingly unpredictable with her experts, so it is best to just let the music and your attraction lead you both down the path you agree upon is the best. You both will know when the moment is right and what path is going to be best. You two have gotten to know each other and gotten to be attracted to each other and know what you want to do with each other, so know this narrator can start closing the end to this chapter of sultry, sexy possibilities with this two ripe, willing, starry-eyed individuals and just remind the suitor that before this Darling can be yours, you have to call her up and ask her to get ready for you.

“Growing up in a big, close family had a profound effect on me,” admits Darling. “To this day, I get a little misty eyed when I consider people who don’t have a large family and therefore don’t have the kind of far-reaching support network that I take for granted. To me, family is everything. Family is the reason you go to bed at night and the reason you get up in the morning. No matter what you’re doing, it has a bearing on the people who love you. When you do well, they can be proud. When they do well, you can be proud of them. It’s like a mutual admiration society, you know? I don’t know how I would get through the day if I didn’t have those kinds of family ties. I think being close to the ones you love helps ground you and keep you operating with the proper perspective.”

Darling likens this to being an author without an editor. “I have a friend who publishes his own books, like a lot of people seem to do these days,” she says. “And he just writes what he wants and puts it out there for the whole world. He doesn’t answer to anybody. He’s his own person. Well that sounds good, right? The problem is that because he doesn’t answer to anybody like an editor, sometimes the things he does aren’t very good. They may have errors he didn’t catch, or he may have indulged in things that a good editor would tell him didn’t work. Well, that’s what having no family ties can be like. If you don’t have anybody sort of checking your progress and grounding you, you can kind of spin off into outer space. You just do what you think is right, but without feedback, you’re not going to be successful. You’re going to make the wrong choices. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be your own person, but you need that feedback loop. You need someone in your life who’ll tell you honestly that you shouldn’t do something you want to do, or that you’ve taken the wrong path. That’s the only way you’ll get back onto the right path again. And if you don’t have family members who can do that for you, you’ve got to be able to build strong friendships of people who are like family to you. It’s the only way.”

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