This lovely lady is Cordelia Rose, our English Rose, but you can just call her Cordelia. As you may have guessed, this long legged beauty is originally from across the Atlantic. She is one of our long standing Allies; she is an Englander!.


Age 29
Height 5’6”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Cordelia came over to the States several years ago and made the decision that she loved it over here much more than over in England. She could not imagine leaving Las Vegas; she loves the city so much (we cannot fault her on that one). So this tall, five foot, six inch tall lovely decided to upgrade her beautiful photography skills and you can see by her beaming smile that she is sure happy about something!

Cordelia has very athletic, shapely long legs that meet up to a flat stomach and a near perfect bum (as the English Person says). Her breasts are closing in on a D, and her arms are very shapely along with her neck and back.

Cordelia’s face is very attractive; angular with beautifully proportioned features: cat-like eyes in a spectacular almost blue-white crystal hue, a long, pert nose and lips that are very sensuous and kissable. Cordelia sports a small diamond piercing below her lower lip in her chin (called a labret piercing).

Her natural very dark hair, Cordelia has opted to have a makeover and has gotten her hair dyed in an onyx (smoky black) hue, but when she gets out in the sun, you are able to see streaks of purple and dark blue that reveal themselves in the bright light. And when it is time for Cordelia to go out to her favorite clubs, bars, and hot spots, when she finds herself under black light, all those secret colors in her hair will become extremely illuminated for all to see, Cordelia paid extra for that cool service from her salon expert! “I guess right now I am going through a bit of a massive color change!” Cordelia laughed. “I don’t know why, but it’s just a little bit of fun, isn’t it!”

She is hooked on color. Cordelia is stocking up on all sorts of gorgeous pieces of lingerie and sexy nighties in different silks and satins so whatever kind of color a beau may want, she will have it in stock. (Most will have matching heels.) As of late, Cordelia stays fit by staying out in the clubs and dancing her heart out and sticking to the mineral water. She is an excellent dancer, and she doesn’t matter if she loves the song or not, she just enjoys moving her body.

Cordelia has admitted that dancing and sex, the physical movements, has kept her body fit and healthy, and those are two of her favorite activities and with her dancing, she’s really proven it. With sex, well, that’s up to others to find out. So, does Cordelia seem like someone you would like to know better? She really loves to have a good time and is always so happy to meet someone new. She is extraordinarily friendly and one of the easiest people to get along with.

Whatever you have in mind, she is ready to come along for the ride. She is ready to get in the co-pilot’s seat. All Cordelia asks is for an outline of what you would like ideally how the date would go. If you have absolutely no idea what to do after you give her a call, well, you know for a fact what her two favorite activities are, and that’s a good start to how to find what you should plan to do. Like our other Las Vegas escorts, Cordelia knows some great and special people who can give you some underground information on where some of the best parties may be going on and where some of the hottest people may be hanging out at. Las Vegas is a place to be explored and discovered, and it can be quite an aphrodisiac for couples as well.

We know Cordelia, with her ultra-trendy hair, her gorgeous smile, her appreciation of color and sparkles all over her body, her amazing attitude and personality, her appearance she prefers to keep different from everyone else’s, and that great big heart of Gold of hers makes her a woman you are lucky to meet.

You could have the absolute time of your life with her, and you can easy to tell just by looking at her. And another thing Cordelia wants to share with you: Cordelia has two little tattoos on her body, and she dares you to see if you can find them.Do you like challenges? She’s daring you to find those little tattoos of hers. Think you can? Alright! Call now and say you accept Cordelia’s challenge!

“Men love my English accent, it’s true,” says Cordelia. “There’s something about an English accent that speak of sophistication and class. And I can certainly be sophisticated and classy. But I also like being casual. When I think about the activities that I find fun, the things I do for enjoyment when I’m just out on my own time, they really don’t run to the formal. I like to curl up on the sofa with some tea on the end table and a good book. I like to go to the movies, or even better, stay home with my company for the night and just watch a movie on television. I’d rather order a pizza in than go out to a stuffy fancy restaurant… some of the time. The rest of the time, I absolutely do enjoy getting all dolled up, wearing my fanciest dress and my nicest jewelry, and going somewhere formal and sexy and fun. I like walking into a club and watching all the men there slowly turn to check me out. Some of them are there by themselves and they make no secret of their interest. They’re hoping they can find a way to talk to me, especially the way I’m filling out that little dress I’m wearing. And some of them are sneaking looks, hoping their ladies don’t catch them doing it.”

Cordelia knows that her success with the opposite sex has everything to do with her flat stomach and her perfect rear end. “I spend a lot of time admiring myself in the mirror,” she says. “It isn’t about being vain. I’m not obsessing over my appearance. Rather, when I look at myself naked in the mirror, or even better, when I stand in front of the mirror wearing lingerie and maybe even taking a few photos with my phone that I can send to special people in my life, I’m enjoying what I look like naked as much as I hope other people do. I don’t see why everyone else should get all the fun. I know I’m attractive. I know I’m sexy. I work hard to be the most attractive, sexiest person I can be. Why should only people who aren’t me get to experience the pleasure of my body? So I am sure to include myself in the list. It’s very like being on the door man’s list an exclusive club.”

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