Radiant Christine is a bisexual woman who is very fond of napping and getting plenty of rest. She stays healthy and in shape because she knows it is her youth and beauty that men love most, and she is happy to give them what they want. She believes keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing in life.


Age 22
Height 5’22”
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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“There are going to be people who don’t want to hear this,” Christine says with a laugh, “but I think every escort will tell you that she has a relatively limited shelf life. We are only able to work this job for a few beautiful years, while we are at our peak of sexiness and desirability. This is one of the reasons I intend to party down as a Vegas escort until I can’t do it anymore. It simply isn’t that long. There’s a very specific reason for this, too. A woman is valued in our society for her youth and her beauty. She is only as good as her desirability to men. This sounds harsh, but it’s a fact, and there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t understand it, even if it’s only on an instinctive level.”

Christine goes on, “When a woman selects a man, there are a lot of judgments that go into that. I’m not talking about escorts, mind you. I’m not talking about professional entertainers, who select their men based on who books them and who accept those men without any difficulty. No, women in their personal lives, when they choose a man, especially as they start to get older, they will choose a man based on many factors. How attractive he is may be part of it, but there are a lot of other considerations. They look at how smart he is, how wealthy he is, and how powerful he is. Wealth and power are very significant aphrodisiacs for a lot of women. That’s why ugly politicians and old rich men can get young, beautiful women in the prime of their lives to be with them.”

By contrast, Christine says, men select their women according to a very specific set of criteria that does not vary by much. “Men want youth and beauty,” she says. “They desire young, attractive women, and they don’t care if those women have money or power. I mean, a man who is a gold-digger or con-artist might target a wealthy older woman, but the fact is, most men, when they’re really looking for sexual partners, they look for youth and beauty first, and all other factors just aren’t that important to them. That’s the world we live in, and that’s the reality of our lives. It doesn’t matter how politically incorrect you might think that is. This is just a fact. So there’s no point fighting it. Every woman should embrace that reality, and as long as she does, she won’t be romantically surprised.”

Given this reality, Christine believes in staying very healthy, and part of that is getting enough rest. “We are chronically sleep deprived as a people,” she explains. “Once, before the advent of artificial lighting, people pretty much went to bed when it got dark and then got up with the dawn. After all, what else did they have to do? Without artificial lights they couldn’t do much in the dark. But now in our society we push ourselves to get only a few hours of sleep a night. Most of us are slowly killing ourselves from lack of sleep. The key to a long, healthy life, though, is to get plenty of rest. The more you sleep, the better your brain ‘cleans’ itself, and the better you feel and think the next day. It’s also been proven that if you get tired during the day, taking a nap can make a real difference in helping you to feel better. The fact is, your body is a machine, and to keep that machine maintained properly, you’ve got to allow for plenty of down time.”

Alarms are the bane of modern existence, says Christine. “When you force yourself to wake up to an alarm,” she says, “you are denying your body the rest it is already telling you it needs. The way you know you are getting enough sleep is when you find yourself waking up on your own, and especially if you wake up around the same time every day. That means your body has found its rhythm. Whenever possible, you want to stick to this.”

So how does Christine reconcile her love of sleep with the party lifestyle of an escort? “I get plenty of rest on my off time to compensate,” she explains, “even if that means going for a few days of non-stop fun before I can catch up on my rest.”

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