Christina, the 21 year old Las Vegas Escort is known for her angelic beauty. Beautiful, slim, and outgoing by nature, her grace and ravishing charm can easily seduce your mind and body. You will certainly cherish each and every moment spent with Christina as she makes your night a memorable one. If it’s a sweet, petite, young, sexy, beautiful blonde babe that you’re looking for, then Christina is the Las Vegas escort for you. There’s no question that Christina is a super sexy 21 year old babe, but it’s beyond her looks that makes her so amazing. Just pick up the phone and give her a call right now to see what she’s all about.

There is one little request that Christina had when she joined our staff here at My Vegas Escort. Even though she identifies as being a bisexual, Christina has not really been able to explore that part of her sexuality in as much detail as she would like. For this reason, she wants to be the first in line for when a client requests that two women join him. Won’t you give her a call today and help make her dream come true?


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If a young hot blonde 21 year old babe is not enough, don’t worry because Christina comes with a lot more than a hot body and young features. Christina was born to please, which means that it doesn’t matter what you have in mind for your adventure with her because Christina doesn’t care, in fact, she is excited about new experiences, so bring it to the table and she’ll make sure to please.

Even though Christina is still a young sexy babe finishing college, that doesn’t mean that she lacks the experience necessary to please. Whether it’s a tumultuous voyage out to the river or desert within the outskirts of Sin City or a hot night in at your hotel room, Christina will knock your socks off with an amazing experience that you will never, ever forget. So don’t even think about waiting another moment, pick up your phone and call her right now!

Meet Christina, our angelic looking escort we have nicknamed ‘Our Artsy Angel.’ She is a young, twenty-one year-old fresh faced college student who splits her time creating passion in the flesh and then creating passion through the paintbrush. When this beauty is not in college pursuing her Fine Arts degree in ‘Painting,’ she is ready to show one of her beaus a fabulous night out in Las Vegas. Christina is naturally intuitive and interested about her beaus, but she has a great third sense of when she’s asked too many questions to someone who really doesn’t want to talk about himself for too much longer.

No worries to Christina! She can take a hint, and in seconds she can change her tune so all can feel comfortable. You see, it has been found people who are very talented in the creative field, they have found to be overly passionate about, well, almost everything they do. When Christina joined us, we found that rumor to be absolutely true. Christina is a very friendly, trusting, impassioned woman that puts herself into literally everything she does. From making a pot of coffee to creating a new work of art on canvas, she gives her all.

When she goes on dates, she states openly and honestly with her beaus, and she wants nothing more than to give her date the most unbelievable pleasure that she has learned and received from other lovers so that the pleasure she received can be passed on to others and more people can experience the unbelievable pleasure that is waiting out in the world be used. And being the type of girl she is, she loves all people of any sex, so women are more than welcome to partake on Christina’s love train!

Christina has a one in a million attitude, the kind of personality you wish everyone had. She makes every situation fun and exciting. She is up to everything, playing experiences as if she didn’t care what they were, so everyone is relaxed and at is. That’s the way life should be! Take for example, her photographs on the site for viewing. This is typical Christina. The photos of this absolutely gorgeous natural beauty were taken when she came back from her art classes one morning. She had paint spatters all over her. She forgot about the photo session. “Whoa! No worries! 10 minutes, I promise!” Christina laughed. Ten minutes, as promised, Christina ran down the stairs, with barely an ounce of makeup on (like she really needs it) you can see the transition of photographs from her hair.

She came down with mostly damp hair (note the honey blonde color) and a hairband in her playful, sexy underwear, and by the time she put on her artsy white pants her hair was almost completely dry (blonde highlights abound!) Christina just pours energy. Now don’t you want to taste some of the energy for your very own? I think you do. The number is right over there!

“A lot of people think of a Fine Arts degree as some kind of stuffy thing,” Christina tells us. “Like you spend all your time in the lofty ivory towers of education and you’re above everybody else, surrounded by equally stuffy professors in tweed jackets with leather elbow cuffs.” She laughs as she says this. “I mean, I suppose you could describe school that way, but that’s a pretty distorted view of it. But what I liked about the Fine Arts, what I will always like, is that I enjoy getting in touch with what speaks to people on an emotional level. Art is about passion. If a piece of art makes you feel something, really and truly makes you feel, it doesn’t matter what that feeling is. The feeling could be sadness and depression. It could be sexy and horny. It could be something that makes you happy. Art is something that fires you passions, and whatever direction that happens to go in, hey, that’s the direction it goes.”

Painting, specifically, is something Christina does to find herself. “I always feel so grounded when I’m painting,” she says. “It really helps me get in touch with myself, deep down to the heart of me. They say that Zen is when you stop thinking about the world around you, and about yourself, and just experience the moment. Well, painting forces you to let go of the rest of the world. You can’t feel sad, or happy, or angry. Yes, what you’re painting could make people feel those things. But while I’m painting, I don’t feel anything except the total obsession with the painting itself. It’s like while I’m working on that painting, I’ve become the canvas, and I’ve become the paints. I know all that sounds so weird, but that’s really what painting is like.”

Christina is a bit more down to earth when it comes to expressing her sensual side. “I think there’s nothing better in the world than to tongue-kiss another woman,” she explains, perking up as she captures it. “Women are so soft. We have that extra layer of fat that gives us rounded hips, right? Well that’s a woman’s whole body, curves and softness. I love to feel my tongue sliding against another woman’s tongue. Being bisexual isn’t a gimmick. It’s something I truly enjoy. I love to be with both women and men. That’s who I am.”