This sexy vixen, gentlemen, will very easily bring you to your knees. Her gorgeous face, body, voice, and her long, long, legs (did I mention those legs!) will have you weeping and begging to her to let you back into her good graces even if you did not do a thing wrong). Look into those big brown eyes of her staring at you through each of her photographs and tell me she doesn’t already have you wanting her already? Some additional facts on this Canadian/Caucasian mix of alluring charm.

Her name is Brittany, and she is the tallest escort we have in our stable. She is an impressive five foot, eleven inches, and trust us, it is mostly in the long, womanly, shapely feminine leg department. Brittany has a model’s body. She is so curvaceous, but not a drop of fat on her in the wrong place. You can see Mother Nature has been especially kind to this Canadian beauty, because somewhere in her family tree she has African American blood, so she could enter the ‘World’s Perfect Butt’ contest and have a more than fair chance to win, and while she’s entering that, her Caucasian lineage allows her to enter the ‘World’s Most Perfect Pair of Boobs’ contest where she has the exact same odds there of winning. This babe has some serious perfection on her face and body.


Age 22
Height 5’11”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Canadian/Caucasian
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

In addition to that, Brittany tends to wear her hair in a dark brunette shade with loose curls a bit wild all around her face about shoulder length, and it looks great that way. She has hazel green eyes, as I mentioned before that are large and round, and beautiful eyebrows. She tends to wear her makeup minimal except for her lipstick; she likes to make a statement with those impressionable kissers.

Currently, Brittany is enrolled in college studying music and business. She is not sure what she wants to be, so she’s exploring options at the moment. She loves working as an escort because she is doing exactly what she would be doing otherwise but is “smart enough to get paid for it.”

She admits she a huge “lover of sex” and she is a tease and a half. She loves to cuddle, dance, flirt, get a beau so hot he’s ready to explode, and then leave him stranded for a while. Brittany likes to say she is performing a social experiment on the male species to see just how far to the edge of release he can really go before he really loses it. “Hey! It’s all for the greater good!” Brittany surmises. Along with her admitted shenanigans, Brittany loves to act coy, shy, she loves to play dress up games, tie up, games she’s made up herself… she will go to the edge with her fun and games. But if you deal with her with a strong and firm hand and perhaps a slight spanking over your knee, she will start behaving and listening to you very quickly.

Once you show Brittany you’re the boss, her running around playing pranks will soon end and she will delight you with her submissive, eager way she uses her fingers, tongue, and mouth… among other things, to put a big smile on your face. There are other things she does as well, but I don’t want to ruin ever surprise she may have planned for you! Deep down, Brittany is a bit of an actress. She will act high strung or a little out of this world sometimes, but that is all part of the act she plays. Her performance. She is really a terribly sweet woman from up in Canada that fell in love with Las Vegas and found some wonderful people here (us) and we are all one big happy family. Brittany is the jokester of the group, but please remember what she does is all in good fun. Nothing she ever does is intentionally malicious towards you. She wants you to have a fabulous time with her, because Brittany is honestly a caring escort, and she never wants to take anything too extreme. If she is ever taking a joke or prank too far, all you have to do is be honest with her and tell her: “Brittany, you are taking it a bit too far.” This is your night with Brittany, and she will please you in ways you won’t imagine. You have absolutely no idea how those long, beautiful legs can bend. She is almost like a contortionist! And the show she can but on for you! But it is one thing for me to just describe it in words and it is a completely other ball of wax to experience it all for yourself. It’s like me trying to explain to a starving man what the world’s best steak tastes like. So I am going to give you the best advice I could give anyone in the world right now:

Imagine those legs wrapped around your body in every way imaginable. Yes, they can. Call her now!

“I get teased for being Canadian sometimes, sure,” says Brittany, laughing. “You know the old jokes. Canada is America’s hat. Canada is America’s storage closet. Canada is like that little brother that follows America around and always wants to be in on what the cooler kids are doing. We laugh about it up in Canada because to some degree it’s sort of true. I mean, do any Americans follow Canadian politics? Of course they don’t. But we Canadians follow American politics, because what you do interests Canada, and the things that go on in the United States have some bearing on all of North America. We’ve pretty much given up on the whole America designation, of course. Some Canadians talk about ‘North America’ all the time. But honestly, we know that when people say ‘America,’ they’re talking about the United States. You’d have to be pretty silly to insist on trying to make the distinction that ‘North America’ includes both countries.”

Brittany explains that it’s like to cook for her man. “I enjoy cooking,” she says. “I mean, I’m not a gourmet or anything. But today there is such an interest in cooking, and you can learn a lot just from watching the shows and picking up things along the way. I like to tune in those cooking competitions, where different professional chefs from all over the country duke it out to see who is the better chef. I like to watch their different techniques, and the ideas they get for what they cook and how they cook it. You can learn a lot about what to do, and even what not to do, by watching those shows. And of course you get to have the fun of playing along, seeing how you would handle it, what you would make for specific challenges, and so on.”

The purpose of cooking for her man? To show him she cares, Brittany says. “I want my man to know that I’m willing to do the extra effort to please him,” she says. “So many women act like their men are being done a favor. They act like what they’ve got is plated in gold and any man should be falling over himself thanking them for their time. Well, why not look at it from the other way? Why not put in more effort pleasing the man, so that he can enjoy himself… and you can enjoy being enjoyed?”

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