Britt, aged 23, is blessed with good looks as well as a good height. Britt, the beautiful lass grew up in Southern California. She looks no less than a beach blonde babe. Britt is one of the most preferred Las Vegas Escorts. She knows how to have fun and can really spice up your moments. It’s no surprise that Britt was nominated one of the hottest escorts in Las Vegas in 2013 having an amazing body, perfect breasts, and beautiful face, pictures don’t do her justice. Britt has a serious fun loving streak that runs through her sexy little body. Always ready to head out on the town for a night of partying, black jack playing or chilling out by the pool, Britt is also up for simply kicking back in your hotel room and feeding you morsels from the room service dinner that you have sent up. Afterwards, the two of you can snuggle together and talk about the first thing that pops up.


Age 23
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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Britt is a fun loving Las Vegas escort voted sexiest escort in Las Vegas in 2013 due to her stunning and exotic beauty. Besides being one of the hottest women on the planet, Britt is a blast in a glass. It’s no question that when you pick up the phone and book a hot date with Britt that she’ll blow your socks off and you’ll end the day or night with an experience unlike no other and one that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. Putting a price on fun has never made more sense when it comes to hanging out with Britt. A professional masseuse by nature and a party animal the rest of the time, Britt brings adventure and excitement to a whole new level.

Proud to be one of the best Las Vegas escorts, which already is one of the most competitive markets in the world when it comes to escorts, Britt is proud to please her clients with whatever it is you have in mind (within limits) from sunset to the crack of dawn and beyond. If you can imagine it then Britt can do it (for the most part). When the sun is shining or the moon is glowing, Britt is ready for an amazing time. It’s the pleasure that you experience that brings joy to Britt, which is why she was nominated for one of the best escorts in Las Vegas for three years in a row. There’s no reason to wait any longer, pick up the phone and call Britt right now!

This is a Southern Californian native that decided to move up to Las Vegas, a city that suits her personality and her sensuous abilities so much better. This is Britt, a tall, statuesque beauty is almost too unbelievable for words. Her beauty almost surpasses… words. She is only twenty-three years old, but she is very well-known in Las Vegas, and is has quite a fan following. Britt stands out wherever she goes. Her tall, five foot six inch frame makes her a head-turner in a crowd when she puts on her stiletto heels, and her golden hair kissed by the sun tumbles and spirals down her back and doesn’t stop until it goes past her backbone! If she grows it any longer, we may be longing at a modern day Rapunzel!

Her facial features are almost cat-like. Her sky-blue eyes are very light and perfect shaped like a Siamese eyes. She has a long, elegant nose and a purse of lips that show perfect white teeth. It is so easy to see why Britt has been nominated for so many local awards in Las Vegas for her beauty; more importantly, we can see why she has been the winning recipient for so many!

As you can see from her stunning body, she takes care of it, and it gets the attention it deserves from the top level. She keeps it tanned, toned, and happy. It is limber and strong, so she can bend and stretch in ways that can deliver the ultimate pleasure to her and to her lucky friends she is playing with that day. Both her friends of male and female gender can agree that she can do things that no other escort can match, and her energy is everlasting!

One thing that is very, very important to Britt is making sure that your time with her is very well spent and you feel that you are having the time of your life. If you don’t feel you are, she is going to do everything she can and perform every act she has in her little bag of tricks until you cannot even form another word… or even stand on your own two legs without getting the jiggling jelly legs, and most of all you are there with a huge small of satisfaction on your face and looking as if you are in a dreamlike state gazing into Britt’s eyes wondering if you just experienced all that you just did. That is what Britt lives for. She wants to see you smile. Come on and give her a call so she can make you smile. Please?

“Being a professional masseuse certainly has its advantages,” says Britt. “It’s certainly one of the best ice-breakers there is. Consider this: You meet a guy for the first time. Like most guys, he works hard. He’s carrying a lot of tension in his shoulders, in his other muscles, all throughout his body. Now, like a lot of guys, he’s probably looking at a sexy body like mine and thinking about how much pleasure he would experience by being with me. He may even be thinking about that warm, relaxing afterglow, and how nice it would be to lie next to me after we’ve been with each other. But what he probably doesn’t realize is that you can simulate some of these feelings, stimulate them too, by massaging your partner.”

Britt is quick to point out that you have to really mean it; you can’t just go halfway. “Too many people try to give massages and they have no idea what they are doing. There was a sitcom I watched a long time ago that featured a character whose back rubs were so awful her boyfriend didn’t know how to tell her he hated them, and of course that led to lots of funny things happening. Well, a lot of people are almost that bad. You can’t just kind of push your hands at somebody and think you’re massaging them. Contact alone isn’t enough. You’ve got to know how to use force, but the right kind and amount of force, so that you can ease the tension in the muscles by giving them the therapy they need. You can’t do that half-heartedly. You’ve got to know what you’re doing.”

Britt is also matter-of-fact about how her height can intimidate others. “I know, I know, when you look like the typical Southern California girl, and you’re tall to boot, people are going to be intimidated. You wouldn’t believe how often that an attractive woman actually has trouble getting a man to approach her in a bar, because they actually look at her and think, ‘She’s out of my league. I’ll approach someone who is more accessible to me.’ I can’t tell you how often I’ve waited for a guy who I can tell has been watching me from down the bar, how often I’ve wanted him to actually just come up and say hi, because if he played his cards right, something might actually come of it.”

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