Shapely Bridget is a dominant young lady who loves airplanes and air shows. She likes to keep a small window box garden and also likes to collect prints of famous pieces of art. She believes good taste is what separates people of real talent from the rest.


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“I’ve always been an air show girl,” Bridget explains. “It probably started in my very early childhood. I grew up in this tiny little town. My father ran a gas station and convenience store. Nearby, across this parking lot that I spent many happy hours playing in, there was a little airport, the kind of place where they have single engine planes, nothing bigger than that. And the airport was this nice little circuit of asphalt where you could ride a bike for hours. There wasn’t much traffic there, and of course you’d hear it if one of the Cessna planes was fired up. I don’t think I ever saw an airplane fly in or out of that little airport the entire time I played there as a child, although I’m sure it must have happened. My father took me there to ride my bike on the tarmac, especially when I was learning to ride a two-wheeled bike. And just like that, my love affair with planes was born.”

Bridget explains that one of her favorite things to do is to go to her local airport and watch the big planes take off and land. “It isn’t like a Wayne’s World movie thing,” she says. “I’m not close enough that the jets are deafening when they fly overhead. But they’re close enough that I can see every detail. I love to watch them take off and land. I love to see them just hanging there in the beautiful blue sky. And if I can go to an air show, and see synchronized flying or other stunts, I enjoy that so much more. It’s a chance to see all that airborne technology on display. Every time a jet or a plane or even a helicopter goes by, it reminds me of my childhood and of my father, and I get this warm feeling inside. It’s wonderful.”

Bridget’s love of gardening is part of her desire to be connected to growing things. “We don’t have enough life in the modern world,” she says. “Early human beings used to spend as much time out in nature as they did inside. Now we live in these sanitized and sterilized cities and suburbs that are just not connected to the ground and to the plant life around us. If you see a tree now and then you’re lucky, and green, growing spaces have been reduced to median strips. So I like to combat that urban isolation by growing a window box garden. In some ways I think this is even more challenging than a traditional garden.”

Bridget goes on, “You have to pick and choose when you grow in a small space like a window box. There’s a lot of judgment required. You have to look at how things are going to grow close to each other, too. You don’t want a plant to get crowded out because you chose wrong. The planning, and understanding all the options, helps me to concentrate and focus. I like to get truly in the moment once in a while, let all my external distractions go. Gardening is one way to do that. They say the way to relax and calm your mind is to choose something that you don’t have strong feelings about one way or another. That way you can truly shift into neutral. Well, I like my garden, but I don’t feel strongly about the few things I have to do to water and maintain it. So I do that, and I feel better about everything.”

Bridget has very strong feelings about what good taste is. “We talk about taste in men, or taste in food,” she says. “I think the one thing that separates a really good person from just other people is the taste we apply to the things we surround ourselves with. Every piece of art that you select, every item that you buy to decorate your home, reflects your personal taste. If you don’t have good taste, then everything you surround yourself with just becomes a liability. It becomes a waste of time and effort. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s terrible to be wasteful. I don’t like to waste time, because you never get any of it back, and I don’t like to waste anything else, because I want everything to serve my needs. Waste doesn’t do that. But meeting new, sexy men does. I guess that’s why I like my job as a Vegas Escort so much. I love it.”