Brianna, the 22 year old blonde beauty is an adventurous person. She is open to new experiences and prefers taking it easy. This Las Vegas Escort is quite playful and knows the perfect tricks to seduce your senses. Call Brianna now and get ready to handle the heat. If it’s a blonde with perfect breasts that you’re looking for, then don’t even think about waiting any longer, give Brianna a call now and you will not regret it. Brianna loves to make her body move in ways that surprise some people. An avid gymnast when she was growing up, she decided to transfer all her talents to the world of escorts when she aggravated an old knee injury during the summer after she graduated from high school. With her honey blonde hair and incredible stamina, we at My Vegas Escort are sure glad she decided to bow out from gymnastics and use her body for the good of all men in the city.


Age 22
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
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A sweetheart by nature, Brianna will make any man coming for more. Brianna has been known to drive men crazy through experiences that many men have never had in their lifetime. From a trip out to the Nevada desert on four wheelers, to partying at a world famous Vegas pool party, to a sexy night in at your hotel room, Brianna is truly the Las Vegas escort that brings it all. There is no doubt that Brianna will offer an experience in your life that you will never forget and the only problem that you might face is wanting more. But that’s ok, because Brianna is absolutely always down for a good time, so just give her a call at a moment’s notice and she’ll be at your front door in 30 minutes or less. Imagine that! A super hot blonde bombshell with an amazing body ready for fun at a moment’s notice. You really can’t ask for much more than that!

If this is your first time to the Las Vegas area, or if this is your first time ever being involved in ordering a Las Vegas escort, don’t worry. May we suggest the beautiful Brianna? Brianna is an out of this world beautiful platinum blonde with a killer body along with a very caring disposition and an open heart that can make the most nervous and most feeling “fish-out-of-water” feel at ease in literally seconds.
Brianna is a very down-to-earth girl who prefers to take life easy, and not to make things over complicated. She loves to have fun and party, and things can be out of this world without having to convolute the waters by making up a bunch of perplexing plans.

This twenty-two college graduate is smart, sassy, sweetheart that can think of things to do on the fly if you want to spend some time out in Las Vegas. She can be a Tomboy, she loves riding 4-wheelers, cycles, and hiking. She can show you some of the best places to party on the strip, including the best gambling sports, best places to catch a show, best places to find some great drinks and some great adventures. And also, she knows where she can find a great friend to join your intimate party if your shyness has worn off permanently and you are excited to have another female join your intimate party.

Brianna does enjoy the fairer sex as you do. She would happily perform some of her tricks on the other girl in front of you, or do what you would like that is most erotic for you. Afterwards, when you two –or three- return back to the hotel room, that is when the real excitement begins. All the layers of shyness and hesitation will be peeled back along with each layer of clothing.
Each whisper of desire and each sentence of longing and fantasy will be spoken and the truth will be put out on the table and any embarrassment or hesitation will melt away and only true, unequivocal pure passion will be spilled and shared. Taken and given. Over and over again.

The experience you will feel and passion that will be undertaken between the two is something that will never be able to be replicated by anyone else in your life. This will be a once in a lifetime experience.
That doesn’t mean you can’t come back again and again and have another amazing experience with Brianna over and over, but the first time between you two will always be special forever.

When asked to pick what her favorite “tomboy” activity is, Brianna is undecided. “I enjoy riding four-wheelers so much,” she said. “There’s something about having that motor between your legs, that throbbing machine, as you power through the mud and the sand and whatever else. It makes you feel like you’re indestructible. And I guess that’s kind of dangerous, because machines like that, machines that go fast and carry you to new heights and make you feel strong, if you had an accident riding something like that, it could get pretty bad. I know what it’s like to get hurt and not be able to do what you want to do after that… but the feeling of freedom, of power, that you have before that point, it almost makes everything worth it. That was how I felt about doing gymnastics, too. You just get high on what is you’re doing, and you don’t feel like anything bad is ever going to happen. Then reality sits in.”

These days, Brianna has taken to hiking and cycling to get that rush, albeit at a slightly slower speed. “There is a joy to physical exercise,” she says. When I’m walking along a nature trail, the longer it is, the better. I like to see the world, be in touch with the earth. I like to feel the ground under the soles of my feet. I like to feel my muscles straining with exertion. And when I need to move a little faster, when I have to really push faster and harder, I get my bicycle and I start peddling for all I’m worth. I like to wear tight spandex cycling outfits, the kind that give anyone behind me an incredible view of my rear end. Then I just start going harder and harder, up the big hills, so that when I get to the top, I can pick up speed while coasting back down again. I love to feel the wind in my hair. I love to just thunder along like that, free as a bird. It’s a rush. It’s a really honest rush, better than any high you’ve experienced.”

Brianna is always down for a good time, too. “I will drop whatever I’m doing if someone tells me there’s a party to go to. We only live for so long. There is no excuse not to have a good time as much and as often as you can.”

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