No, you do not have to adjust your eyesight. What you are looking at are not restored photographs of a famous fifties pin-up. What you are looking at is an absolute stunner who has picked up where the other pin-up has left off. This Babe is a gorgeous five foot three, all natural DD raven haired beauty that loves posing with whips and can handle a set of high heeled boots like nobody’s business.


Age 30
Height 5’3”
Hair Black
Ethnicity White
Orientation Straight
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Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort
Las Vegas Escort Las Vegas Escort

Bette loves leopard print and goes out her way to try and wear a piece somewhere on her person daily. (As you can see she has lots of sexy underwear and lingerie with leopard print.)At age thirty, Bette loves to model fetish clothing, and being a Bettie Page impersonator, but she appreciates being an escort more. She enjoys meeting new people and having an amazing time with new men she meets. She admits that, unlike Bettie Page, Bette absolutely loves to play with bondage in the bedroom for real. “She was purely about the posing.” Bette explains. “I wanted to try it. I found it really fun, and I have been exploring it and expanding out more and more each and every day. Bondage, I found, is really exciting.”

Bette is really eager to find some new people to share this new found fun with.By soaking up Bette’s gorgeous, luscious body, translucent skin, and impressive feminine attributes, we can’t help but daydream about the possibility of taking her over a knee and spanking her bottom. Sounds like quite a good time!

Aside from bondage, Bette does enjoy other things. She loves anything to do with water. She loves swimming, canoeing, surfing. If there is water involved, she is there.She loves to be out on the scene. Being a carbon copy of a pin-up, she loves the additional attention she receives because of this. Bette loves to go out with her friends to the clubs and the hot spots, but she is always waiting to get a call from a new friend (or maybe an old friend that has missed her charms!) so she can introduce them to an evening alone with her.

She is a very affectionate charmer. She is known to be quite talented with her tongue, and knows all the right spots to please a lover. In fact, she knows some hidden erogenous zones you may not even be aware of! Bette is always on top of finding out new trends and techniques to spice up adventures in the boudoir!

When Bette is on downtime, she finds sketching very relaxing. She will not admit she’s very good at it, but we will say she took some time and enrolled in a few art classes to learn how to express her creativity a bit more.She also found photography work, being the photographer instead of the model, fueled the fire to her creative spark as well.But what she enjoys most, Bette admits, is the big party with her beaus and her friends at the clubs and the events.

“Right now, this tiger cannot change her spots. I love this life I’m living!” Bette purrs! And who can blame her? With her perfect body, legs that just don’t quit, skin that looks so supple and moist, leopard clothing Bette looks like she is literally poured into, long silky hair streaming down her back and a perfect face is reflecting a crowd of many staring back at her. It is quite a life Bette is living at the moment.And you, too, could be sharing in this fantasy life Bette is enjoying at a very close and personal level! You are able to jump at the opportunity to go out and enjoy an unbelievably romantic and sensuous evening with this amazing woman we have been talking about.

Bette is quite popular, and her little black book’s pages are starting to get quite full, but we are sure she will have space for you. We know if you love a woman who keeps you on your toes, keeps you laughing, and keeps you in an quiet state of almost uncontainable arousal, she is a the kind of sassy, beautiful woman you want to have as your ideal escort. Las Vegas Escorts come in all shapes and sizes, in all colors and attitudes, and it is a conceivable though that there is an escort out there perfect for everyone. While everyone is out looking for the ideal escort, we are letting you know that Bette is ready to mold herself into as close of a model of perfection to your fantasy girl as she can get.

She has a wonderful personality. She really is a sweet, caring girl, and she will turn your world inside out, in a good way, of course. Give this little leopard a call and get ready to hear her roar.

Bette’s practiced eye comes out when she indulges in her love of taking pictures. “You see lots of people devoted to photography,” she says. “These days, any amateur with a smartphone and some filters can take some pretty good pictures. And the debate rages, with some people still saying that photography isn’t art. I have to admit that I think it is, and I get pretty annoyed when people claim it isn’t. Sure, anybody can take a decent picture these days because the equipment we use has gotten so good. You can pretty much just point our phone at stuff and okay pictures will come out of it. You can then adjust them later with filters to make you look like you are a lot more artistic than you really are, a lot more skilled. But there are technical aspects to real photography that mean not just anybody can do it right. And to me, if not everybody can do it, and if it takes real skill to do something, where the output is often very subjective the way photographs are, then I think that is indeed art. Sure, it’s different than painting something or sculpting something, but catching just the right moment in an artistic way isn’t the same as, say, news photography.”

When asked what that means, Bette explains, “A photojournalist who captures prize-winning photographs has to be at the right place at the right time. He’s catching actual news as it happens. Yes, he has to have a competent eye for composing a picture, but the composition in the photo is not necessarily artistic. Sometimes he’s just taking the photo as quickly as he can. What makes the photo important is the news event that it represents. There are some truly horrible images out there, images that may have a kind of stark, inhuman beauty to them, like the famous photo of that man being executed during Vietnam, or a little girl running from a napalm strike. But artistry in photographs isn’t about the news event. It’s about framing, capturing, and expressing through the right technical combination of light and filters an image that is truly aesthetically beautiful. The two are very different things and that means that, yes, photography can certainly be art, because art is anything that evokes passion in the viewer. A good photograph can certainly fire your passions, and make you feel emotions.”

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